Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Cruz Purge

It was a close call between this and Trump's apostacy on transgenders, but we've seen Freepers twist themselves in support of universal healthcare, so that can wait until Tuesday. But holy crap are the threads on that already looking amazing.

But this here is also amazing. It's now official - after New York, Jim Rob declared Trump the nominee, and that any who do not support him are supporting Hillary.

It doesn't take a lot of zots. A few examples are made, and a few more throw themselves on the fire. All the other anti-Trump folks keep their heads down when they're not showering their monarch with praise. Then it's just party time, as all bask in the glow of a tribe, purified once again into a safe space.

Jim Robinson is quick to hand out the zot to those who waver:
Trump’s an embarrassment. I think I’ll sit this one out.

Well, bye.
Jim Robinson explains that the freedom in Free Republic means the freedom to praise Trump:
Jim, in your comments “freedom” seems to be the theme. You ask that we unite and pray in defense of our freedoms by supporting Donald Trump. Yet, the very thing you are asking many to do, is what has been denied to those on Free Reoublic who felt they had the “freedom” to express logical, truthful debate regarding Trumps electability, as well as his flaws. Now, inorder to remain on FR, a site where many of us have prayed together, shared personal triumphs and griefs and counted on for many years, the only options are, remaining silent or leave. Doesn’t sound like a “FreeRepublic” to me.

Yup, it’s a fight for freedom against the treasonous democrats AND the turncoat GOPe which Cruz is now part of. You’re either with us or against us in this fight. If you’re fighting against us, you can do it elsewhere.
Jim Robinson reminds us we've always been at war with Cruz:
My goals and positions have not changed one iota. However, to survive as a nation we must defeat Hillary first.
It's been the tacit policy for a while, but Jim Robinson is totally fine with images that rip Cruz:
I implore you to crack down on images or terms that mock any of our candidates. That will go a LONG way toward healing our differences.

You have a decision to make.
BigEdLB gets in line:
Thank you Webmaster!
Elpasser jumps on the fire:
Well I’m not joining the Trump clown parade. I mean, what stand has the man EVER taken for conservatism in his life?

Good luck & good bye.
zzeeman kisses ass as he responds to a Freeper going out in a blaze of glory:
You have become a chicken shit son-of-a-bitch! You KNOW that don’t you?

What a nasty disrespectful thing to say in public to the man that has been a gracious host for so many years!
nathanbedford plaintively asks for concrete rules:
This is your forum and you can do with it as you please, that is not at issue. However, decency requires that those of us who have committed to support the Republican nominee, including Donald Trump, should be advised of the parameters of free speech on Free Republic.
catnipman is hopeful the zots will be reversed once people learn humility before Jim:
Is Jim giving them a 1 week time out or banned for good?

Only Jim can say for sure, but I’m guessing a timeout for most given that I’ve seen him let people back here recently after they posted some amazingly obnoxious opuses.
the_individual2014 knows it has begun:
I see some accounts have already been suspended for people are leaving, I guess we have reached the point of no return, if that’s the case Trump all the way.
wardaddy is thrilled:

This is yuge day on this forum

Hell im that boy on Animal House when the playboy bunny flies in the window

Well not that happy

But really happy

The worm is turning everywhere

We’re going to really get to see what he can do
ROCKLOBSTER lets another Freeper know to be careful:
Trump is to the left of Romney.

To ride the one.
CodeToad is excuted that all who disagree with him will soon learn:
See you, Jim, thanks for 15 years. Good luck putting it back together in the future.

It will actually be hilarious to watch everyone like you eat crow and try to claim they were never against Trump after he does Make American Great Again.
Such a wonderful purge moves ConservativeWarrior to (claim to) give to the Freepathon
Out with the old, in with the new. Donors, that is.

I’ve been a FReeloader on this site since joining, but am finally going to provide $upport.

My decision is entirely in response to Jim Robinson’s common sense support of the best, most viable candidate in a position to turn this country around. Thank you, Jim.

Trump now. “Ideal conservative” next round.
QuinqueViae2 wants a more proactive purge of all naysayers:
If you do not believe Trump can defeat Hillary then you are a traitor who should be zotted.

Also craving more, Defiant also wants posting pro-Cruz materials to be a zotting offense:
Jim, you can do a lot to begin the process of uniting behind the presumptive nominee by being a lot tougher on the cruz spammers, of which there are several. At least one has confirmed he is a bundler for Cruz, and does nothing but repeat Cruz talking points. At some point, and hopefully this is it, enough ìs enough.
manc is pretty sure many of the zotted are sinister agents:
About time that troll went. He supported Romney and think was only here to cause trouble between two groups of voters.
stephenjohnbanker agrees - many who disagree are sleeper trolls!
StephenJohnBanker, PA Engineer and others have theorized about this and have caught a few sleeper trolls that suddenly reared up out of nowhere, and when called out, vociferously protested in outrage, and then mysteriously slinked off and assumed a lower profile.

Yep. There is no other plausible explanation for it. We were catching 2 or 3 per day a few weeks ago. They usually had no writing on their home page, and no state mentioned.
lodi90 explains that NeverTrump is bullying while NeverCruz is noble:
Just as principled as all the Trumpkins who swore to sit out or go third party if Cruz gets the nomination. At least I am not threatening to vote for the Dems, like a lot of Trumpkins are.

Sorry, there is ZERO equivalence between bullying Cruz blacklists and a heavily financed Never Trump campaign vs. whatever a few Trumpers said on the internet.

Frankly, I don’t care what Cruzers do. History will be their judge. Right now the only thing that matters is beating Hillary and stopping the invasion.
reaganaut wants names!
Anyone keeping track of the zots?
proust just revels:
handing out Zots like candy!
US_MilitaryRules has no idea how confession works:
This thread is like a confessional! They post their opinion and ZOT!
"I love bile and hatred," Luircin explains:
since Jim has made it clear what we may or may not say regarding Trump and Cruz - I’ll self censor my remarks before he zots me for my conservative ideals.

You mad, bro?

Look. All insults aside, yes, it’s fun to indulge in rancor and bile and hatred. I think I’ve surfed FR more this year than I have for the last 8 combined.


  1. "Thank you Webmaster!"

    Webmaster and webserf

  2. They need a "safe word."

    How about "Benghazi!!"

  3. I've gotta admit, I don't have the patience to wade through a 1300+ comment thread.

    I did go through the first 8 or so pages, scanning for ZOT graphics, and bigun is the only victim I spotted.

    Have the Freepers stopped waving their scalps around via gifs of cats + lightning? How much actual zotting is going on?

    If I have to read 100 Freeper comments to get to one ZOT that doesn't have a bunch of graphical signals, ain't worth it. Very few Freepers are THAT articulate.

    1. "TheOldLady" was the freeper who usually exulted in zots with all the kitty graphics and all ...
      then one day she just said she was going to quit doing it, no explanation, just that she was no longer going to do all the celebrations over zots like she did for years.

      I'd like to think that maybe she got a conscience or something, but reading her recent posts, she's just as "harpy"ish as ever.

    2. I think she said it was too much work.

  4. Freepers scream bloody murder on election night when a network calls the race for a candidate when there's only 20% of the precincts in (at least whennits not 'their' candidate).

    Trump isnt 100% guaranteed to hit the required 1235 delegates needed to stop a brokered convention, yet their calling him presumptive, a term reserved for the candidate who passes the delegate threshold before the convention.

    Don't get me wrong, Trump is my ideal GOP nominee, as he should be theost toxic candidate possible, and hopefully destroy their chances at winning in November.

    1. Hmmm.... Tough call. Personally I lean towards Cruz. His delusional, theocratic pretensions might well be more electorally poisonous than Trump's (equally) delusional, nativist populism. Still a toss up between a rattlesnake and a puffer fish of course.

  5. Purges are my favorite time at FR.

  6. Purges are my favorite time at FR.

  7. "My goals and positions have not changed one iota. However, to survive as a nation we must defeat Hillary first."

    I think he needs to look up the definitions "positions" and "change."

    In fact, supporting Trump runs absolutely contrary to his positions on many things. I choose not to label them here for the sake of brevity.

  8. I haven't been particularly active at that site for years, in large part because I've always felt the owner was an insecure old codger who didn't want a forum but rather an echo chamber. While I suspected he was a complete hypocrite, now I know.

    I had known that his bootlickers were many and criticizing almost anything on that site would cause many of them to run and hide behind his skirt, but it got worse after I was banned today.

    Asimov wrote that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. If it's the first course of action (as in, I have no facts to dispute your statement, so I'll just ban you), I'm not sure what that means.

    1. violence is the first refuge of the omnipotent.

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