Wednesday, April 27, 2016

White Privilege

The Cruz Purge is indeed amazing, but it's about the same as it was when I covered it last week. It has also largely consumed Free Republic, so today a pair of posts about Freepers trying (well, not trying) to wrap their heads around white privilege. -----------------------------------
I'm a white middle-class dude, and I haven't had it super easy personally. But I buy the whole privilege thing because, having gone to school in STEM in the early 2000s, literally every female colleague I met had some story about obvious expectations for them to drop out. My black friends don't talk about their stories like that, but the idea that they have them doesn't shock me.

Freepers, of course, proudly embrace their inability to understand that merely because you have a headwind doesn't mean that you cannot go fast, or that starting without a headwind doesn't guarantee success.

But the most interesting thing about Freepers discussion of white privilege is it's incoherence. You have freepers yelling about affirmative action, Freepers yelling about whites being oppressed by media, Freepers (a majority nowadays) claiming whites are superior, Freepers arguing that the concept of race is Communist, Freepers claiming that racial privileged is a ridiculous concept.
No one objects to another Freeper contradicting them, because this isn't about coming up with a viable alternate narrative, it's just naked chest-thumping tribalism. And if your ten minutes of hate doesn't agree with mine, who cares so long as we seem to hate the same thing.

First reply, ConservativeMind offers this contentless "No, You!"
Do blacks reject black privilege?
And of course, Ultima hauls out this well-debunked canard:
The term “racism” was invented by communists. Leon Trotsky was one of the first to use it. When whites engage in favoritism toward other whites (and therefore discrimination against non-whites), itls called "racism". When other groups engage in favoritism, it's called "ethnic solidarity". When you buy into these word games, it's called being a useful idiot.

Racist is an interesting word, after all who are the real racists? A person that loves their race, is proud of all it's accomplishments, wants to live with their own kind and preserve their heritage? Or is a racist someone that is trying to destroy someone’s heritage through mass foreign immigration, diversity, multiculturalism and race mixing?
A_perfect_lady agrees - social justice is communism!
White Privilege is just the new code word for capitalism. To “reject” it you have to vote for socialism.
And because one fraught analogy is never enough, A_perfect_lady also thinks social justice is jihadism:
In the New Religion of Progressivism, Whiteness is Original Sin. You are born guilty. You have to pay tithes and indulgences in order to be forgiven. And even then your forgiveness is temporary. You have to keep paying and keep paying. It’s actually like dhimmitude. No wonder liberals defend Islam. It’s a system they recognize and understand.
AEMILIUS PAULUS, of course, just goes straight White Supremacist:
Greatness warrants privilege.
White privilege is a commie lib myth being pimped by a bunch of rich white college kiddies who have bought into the communist progrmming performed on them by their Marxist professors. The best way to not fall prey to this myth is to cut back on the alcohol and receational drugs.
circlecity knows the real problem is that nonwhites don't like to work:
White privilege is a myth manufactured to rationalize minority dysfunction. The only conceivable white privilege is a work ethic.
SZonian mixes up misunderstanding for denial:
What freaking privilege? I started working at 14 and to date have never taken government money nor ever had anyone give me anything. Everything I have cake through sacrifice, education and working my butt off for the last 40+ years.

According to the “researchers”, you’re in denial.

This is the crux of their claims...just because you were born WHITE, you have rec’d privileges. Your actual life experiences/history have no bearing according to their narrative.
Oh, jeez. I hate it when Freepers like SZonian explain how they've poisoned their kids:
Our son will face the same challenges.

I have “taught” him that he is a “racist” no matter how he behaves or what he believes because the leftists have deemed him so simply because he was born white. I have done so in order that he will have the coping mechanisms in place so that he can face these challenges head on.

He understands what I have done and my motives for doing so. I want him to be able to adapt to the challenges and to never submit to this drivel.
Loving him some drama, BenLurkin thinks explaining what privilege is mean The Killing Fields are next:
As a remedy, the researchers suggest "privilege reduction efforts" focus on convincing or educating advantaged group members about privilege, and also on "reducing the feelings of self-threat this information induces."

Pol Pot would love these "researchers"

They sound like something straight out of The Killing Fields
stubernx98 is back on the Supremacy bandwagon, with a sop to Asians to show his racial essentialism isn't really racist!
“The Bell Curve” It's white superiority. Asians have higher IQ’s than Caucasians, so what about that. Asian privilege?
al baby wants you to know whites are the real victims:
Yes we are privlaged to pay for un white peoples cell phones flat screens food and lotto tickets
tje agrees - the real racists are minorities!
“White privilege” was invented so non-whites could justify their bigotry against whites.. It’s really just as simple as that.
meadsjn redefines whites so as to not let any victimhood go to people he doesn't like:
Keep pushing, you commie pissants. Your time will come.

There is no "white privilege". If white people survive and prosper, it is primarily because they study and work their butts off. As it should be for people of all colors.

Liberal parasites don't count as white people.
HamiltonJay seems willing to think on the issue, but then derails in taking the exact opposite of a Chris Rock sketch:
Simple fact is, successful people do successful things, and unsuccessful people tend to do unsuccessful things.... there are more whites in poverty than blacks ... are those white poor somehow privileged? Nope, they largely did things unsuccessful people do.... white privilege is just a garbage term to try to make folks feel guilty.

Even Chris Rock talks about WEALTH vs RICH...

Behaviors, not skin color are what determine outcome... yes some folks get dealt a lucky hand and others a lesser hand, but you play the hand you are dealt and do it smart, you will wind up okay. Sure Racism exists, but the idea that institutional racism keeps blacks down is horse excrement. There are racists in this world, always will be, but this idea that this is some how Jim Crow 1920s keeping a brother down is nonsense.
Poor Chris Rock gets quoted more by Freepers than any black this side of Sowell.

Ohioan seems to think racism has never been a thing. And then he provides the purest partisanship I've ever had the pleasure of reading:
Multi-generational achievement is not "privilege." Calling it such, in a variety of Leftist "newspeak," is not an argument for anything. It is pathetic that anyone would accord this respectability.

Of course, anyone experienced in the propaganda techniques of the Left will recognize the long-standing pattern of arguing not from the context of reality; but by the tactic of oft repeated assertions, reinforced by mislabeling anyone who challenges the assertions. This has been the tactic applied to achieve all of the great "breakthroughs" of the Left since at least the beginning of the 20th Century.
"Since 1900, liberals always win by cleverly only repeating lies!"

Jan_Sobieski would like to blame women for the bondage of the white man:
Robert Bork wrote in “Slouching Towards Gamorrah” that feminism is behind much of this nonsense. Women who hate God and their God-Given role cannot destroy God, so they go after the closest thing, white Consevative males. Sweden is where we are headed

SMARTY is the epitome of looking for some group to blame for his life:
I think of my ‘white privilege’ each and EVERY time (multiple times DAILY) that my boss kicks s*&t in my face... JUST because she CAN!

I am SOOOOO privileged!!!
riri is such a committed racist, he keeps track of who writes programming languages:
Why shouldn't there be white privilege? For cripes sake, it was white men who built everything and continue to build everything.

Nearly every coding language was "built" by white men. Two exceptions Ruby (Japanese) and php (Jewish).

I am so tired of seeing white men beat down.
DiogenesLamp has dog-whistle-whistle envy:
Usage of the term "White Privilege" is a dog-whistle hate attack against whites.
pierrem15 thinks white might makes right:
After 400 years, by 1918 every part of the Earth's surface was controlled by Europeans or the descendants of European settlers with the following exceptions:

Turkey, China, Japan, Ethiopia, Thailand and Antarctica.

It does give one a bit of a superiority complex.
central_va explains how College admissions and Hollywood have conspired to oppress his whiteness:
How can any white male, who has been discriminated against his whole life due to AA, been ridiculed in TV’s , movies and commercials possibly feel privileged? Moreover the white male has been socially stigmatized as either rich dude or a supremacist and as such feel privileged? Most white males are tax paying citizens, retired or in jail. Those are the only two possibilities.
Maverick68 is sure people complaining about racism don't really mean it:
The fact is NO ONE really cares about racism, it has simply become a tool used by people who don’t want to accept their shortcomings and to use against “whitey” in an effort to control .
Crucial may be surprised to learn that being white is a protected legal class:
Whites themselves have become an oppressed legal class. I’m just trying to spread the word because I’m convinced of it.
kearnyirish2 will finish the post off with some awesome anecdotes about the militant laziness of nonwhites:
I’ve noticed in my experiences that some low-information blacks regard ANY form of work as slavery. I see it most often in those whose children have grown and moved on, the former welfare sows are a nightmare for anyone who has to work with (or supervise) them. Many people hate their jobs; these cases hate the very concept of work. They are forced into the workplace at nearly forty years old, and they resent it; they have no job (or social) skills, and pine for the days when they could spend years in the same set of pajamas 24/7, year-round.


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  2. Most white males are tax paying citizens, retired or in jail. Those are the only two possibilities.

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    1. Ozy did you ever see this?

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    Since it ended I've read "great job DougtyOne!" Great job?? Really? What statistically-significant prediction do you think you're making when supporting another candidate would get you banned?!

    Retardacy at its finest.

    1. 's not over yet; I think tomorrow is the last day.

      But yeah, a post-mortem would be a great idea.