Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

This week made it ever more clear that Freepers have nothing but an unconsidered malice towards abortion, and rarely really think on the issue. Because this week brought out many and various off-the-wall positions against abortion.

You know, despite this blog an generally following a lot of politics, I never dream about it. GrandJediMasterYoda, on the other hand...
I actually had a dream last night, no kidding, where they held a press conference and announced Hillary was being charged with 250 counts of espionage and treason and the reporters all gasped, it was bizarre, and the guy announcing it started crying LOL! Hey you know, sometimes my dreams do come true LOL! Can you imagine if it did?
Drunken and swearing, poconopundit is voting for his Trump-daddy this election:
And don't misunderstand. The reason more evangelicals voted for Trump is probably because they trust a guy who's a little bit vulgar. He's real and not so politically correct. Besides, most Dads we grew up with swore more than a few times and maybe drank too much too.

Ah, but at least they were honest, caring, and hardworking Dads. And they saw to it that their sons got a basketball and a baseball mitt so they grew up normal, and in that way learned to socialize and get along with their school friends.

I vote for Dad this election.
Liz doesn't care what Trump says, she has faith Trump's actions will vindicate him:
It's a good thing we have Freepers available to tell us what Trump means.

It's going to be a VERY busy four years for you though.

Not to worry....actions speak louder than his words.
jonrick46 has faith Trump has gone forth and sins no more:
Trump has ended his cheating days. The future of his son is what he lives for. His run for the Presidency is for his son and America's future that he will live in. And, he has a fabulous woman to make sure it happens. "Barron needs somebody as a parent, so I am with him all the time...I like to be hands-on. I think it's very important," Melania said, explaining that she prefers to avoid relying on help from a traditional nanny.
Once again taking a comedy act as sage advice, CivilWarBrewing has gone full anti-man. Because it seems men have no agency; any loyalty is overridden by the penis.
An wise man once told me:

The Gun is good! The Penis is evil!

cartan is pretty sure America's lack of welfare is why our Muslims stay in line:
Muslims in Europe usually live on welfare. They do nothing all day long, hang out in mosques, enjoying beheading videos, and plotting jihad. They can’t do that in the US: They are too busy working.

In Europe, only the indigenous population has to work, only to have the government confiscate pretty much everything they make and distribute it among their slaughterers.
napscoordinator - exhibit 1 that the Trump problem will not go away with Trump.
Totally GOPe’s fault if a president Clinton happens. If the GOPe would have let the process go without interference and Trump didn’t win the nomination. Ok, but they have tried every trick in the book to stop trump. It’s unprecedented. Go trump!
donna - we're on the brink for sure this time!
The New World Order boys only have to win one more time and it’ll be over.
Georgia Girl 2 has decided the Georgia GOP is full of liberals:
Of course most of the GOP in Georgia are Democrats in different cloth...

So true. Georgia is Redstate RINO for the most part. We just seem to breed them.
In response to the Easter terrorist attack in Pakistan, baltimorepoet hopes America gets nuked, so we kill everyone in Pakistan, Christians included.
Unfortunately, I have had that same conclusion for a long time. It will take a few American cities reduced to radioactive ash and a few million Americans vaporized before this country wakes up.

And at that wake up point, we need to show no mercy. Leave a wide swath from Nigeria to Pakistan glowing. End them. That would also be a good time to assess the various internal traitors, to do a little “housecleaning” and take out the garbage.
drypowder immediately reaches for the tin foil when he hears of a gunman in the Capitol Visitors Center:
obozo and the DC ruling elite needed more reason to keep people out so they staged some gun fire. They will now build up security and likely build a huge wall because those in DC know the people are pissed off to the point of fuming and this will help to preempt any future backlash from the American people.
In response to the same event, SkyPilot is sure that maximizing civilian shootouts is vital to manliness:
“Shelter in Place”...what an emasculating phrase. The first time I heard that was during the Boston Marathon manhunt. Since then, it’s entered the vernacular.

They also use the expression “Run! Hide! Fight!” In that order. The fight was only inserted to avoid embarrassment of the first two terms.
I've said before that conservatives can't be funny. But Trump has changed so much...jeffersondem beings in some strong satire:
While historically I've not seen eye-to-eye with Trump on gun control, Planned Parenthood, funding Democrat campaigns, eminent domain, creating a strong economy by building gambling empires, manufacturing in Red China, admiring Putin, impeaching Bush, keeping Saddam Hussein in power, expedited return of illegal immigrants to the U.S., socialized medicine, or New York City values - Trump is starting to win me over with his recent wholesome temperament. And the welcoming attitude of his supporters makes it hard to say anything bad about Trump.
"recent wholesome temperament" made me grin, at least.

combat_boots knows only one thing: Clintons murder all the time:
You never know, but we do know that if the Clintons don’t get what they want, they kill.
Tennessee Nana blames Mormons for not passing an unconstitutional abortion ban:
The way I see it, a pro-life governor certainly doesn’t have the authority to ban abortions by decree, and most likely does not have the support in the legislature to do so either.

except the legislature in Utah is controlled by the Mormon religion...

if the Mormons wanted legislation to ban abortions to pass it would...
blueunicorn6 thinks abortion makes every woman a Queen:
Queens have the power of live and death over other people.

Abortion gives women the power of life and death over other people.

Yes, I know that men play a part in a pregnancy.

But men do not have the government sanctioned power of life and death over other people.

Is it any wonder that Hillary acts like she’s our queen?

We have millions of queens in our country.
mjp doesn't buy that America wasn't white man's land all along.
The United States was in fact stolen from the Native Americans.

The arbitrary collectivistic claims of savage tribes of hunter gatherers are not legitimate claims to economic ownership of private property
ConservativeDude has added Kasich to the list of people Freepers don't like and are therefore gay:
Apparently, Kasich has a weekly dinner meeting with friends who happen to be gay, and lived with a gay man for years while serving in Congress. Is this all usual behavior for a married, straight male?”

Oh, no, perfectly normal.....
RoosterRedux agrees with the gay diagnosis. Wonder what he looks like?
Kasich's wife is a knockout. No way she would hook up with him unless he was gay and promised to sleep in another bedroom.

Kasich looks like a ninja turtle...not an attractive human being.
wardaddy chimes in, of course, with some deep understanding of the DC dating scene:
Kasich was single in DC from 94-97

Just saying

I never lived there but I had friends

I’d come down from Manhattan on the Metroliner and party on weekends in late 80s

If you couldn’t meet a woman at a bar or club in Adams Morgan or Georgetown then you were a homo

I bet it’s even easier today

Most male govt office guys are meek today.....worse even than then

Even an average guy looks Fabio in contrast
Iron Munro takes Freeper Obama pardon masturbation to a whole new level:
The paperwork for him to pre-emptively pardon 1.5 billion muslims for terrorist crimes planned but not yet committed will be enormous.
reviled downesdad with the other preemptive hatefest:
Just wait, his lame duck Christmas vacation will dwarf ALL the vacations he has taken so far.
llevrok's town has a drug problem. Blames liberals.
My small town in Washington state is awash in heroin. The two towns next door, that do not have “progressive” city councils, are not. The streets are relatively clean and free of mega vagrants.

By the way, I live in the showcase for the state, our state’s crapital, Olympia.

The war on drugs is now the war on us.
kiryandil thinks Fatal Attraction was a documentary about how some women are:
She sounds like a bunny boiler

Oh, yeah!

Watching her interviews with the Queen of the Bunny Boilers, sMegma Kelly of FAUXNews, is downright scary.

I heard that the old fossil Cokey Roberts joined the Fields bunny boiler brigade.
Last week's crazy overflowed it's banks to such an extent that I don't expect to get to Freepers' incandescent sexist rage at Michelle Fields until Wed(ish), but this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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  3. The Gun is good! The Penis is evil!

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