Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

DJ MacWoW's passive aggressive exile has not done much to cool down the Freep wars:
where are the conservatives?

We are "other places" until after November.
ronnie raygun is sure the EU was designed to fail by our gobalist overlords, though he doesn't specify what would accomplish:
All in the evil globalist scam, EU was created to fail by overwhelming the already overwhelmed system. All involved were convinced we can easily fail on our own or we can group together and have a better chance of survival after we have squandered everyone’s money.......enter the nail in thier coffin the dreamers uh refugees
Not a long-term thinker, JEDI4S wants Russia to take over Europe:
Let it die.

Let Russia pick up the pieces this time.

We have our own unwanted guests to deal with.
It's interesting comparing the fig leaf on their racism to the completely naked anti-Islamic bigotry like elcid1970:
We need more Islamophobia, lots more.

Every shovelbeard and every headbag wearer whose demeanor growls “We are not like you!” needs to feel the defiance of those they deem “infidels”.

“You may not be interested in jihad, but jihad is interested in you.” - just ask the San Bernardino survivors.
As with all death threats against people they want to die, euram is sure anti-Trump folks are making up their death threats:
It will be discovered that the “victims” sent the emails to themselves to get attention, and get to point fingers at Trump and his supporters. It sounds too much like the fake “hate-crimes” that spring up all the time, get reported, then disappear as it’s discovered that the “victim” faked the crime.
Beautiful_Gracious_Skies hopes Trump retaliates against all his opponents:
Go Trump!
Charge Fields!
Indict Hillary!
Repatriate Cruz!
Kibbutz Bernie!
proust wants retaliation against his own opponents:
Lotta comments removed on this thread. Hopefully its Zot season.
Thankful Freepers are mostly engineers and IT guys, and not many policy. Though a disturbing number of elementary school teachers... bakeneko was once a racist police officer.
During my years on the Chicago PD we had plenty of opportunities to chase some 19-20 year old kid 10 blocks.

When we bring him in, we ask, “so do you work?”

“No I’m on SSI Disability”.
It's well known that disability is being used tacitly to paper over the gap in our safety net Republican cuts have left.

Like many freepers, Yaelle stumbled onto empathy via personal experience. For her apostacy, she has to double down on hating some other group.
Personally, as a mom of two special needs kids and a daughter of two, one still alive, special needs (alzheimers) elderly parents, I believe our country should spend $ on those who can not help themselves.

I am for supportive state stipends to keep our helpless fed, safe, and happy, and even for a federal law regarding it.

That is where our social help in this country needs to go. I would not give ONE PENNY to anyone, not one service, to anyone not legally in this country. I might not even give any social service to mere residents, either. They have another country to go to. I would not allow family members from foreign lands to come and receive services. I wouldn’t give a lot of the corporate or farming tax breaks, I’d not try and keep evil world powers at bay with our money either.
Islander7 would like to minimize a national disaster that didn't happen to him:
Enough of the “Superstorm Sandy” crap. It was tropical storm for Pete’s sake.

50 years of democrat rule caused more of the damage than that poot in whirlwind.
Superpatriot steve8714 admits he hires illegals because they do the work Americans won't do:
As the owner of a temp staffing firm, I can tell you my customers want foreigners. Why? They arrive on time, do their jobs, aren’t always on the cell cussing out the baby mama, schedule doctor visits off time, no probation officer visits, no missed bus (all have cars)don’t expect to be supervisors first day in. They mostly don’t care if they’re e-Verified.

Blame the public schools for turning out product unwilling to work, or unable to work, for a market wage for entry level employees, and the welfare state for enabling it. Tan-Tar-A resort in the Ozarks used to staff seasonally from Jamaica.
As long as they're not Mexican looking!

Mechanicos wants Trump to start shooting Mexicans at our border:
“The President already has the authority to use Lethal force and gov people at the border.”

Within very limited constraints.

Are you suggesting that President Trump will deploy the military and start shooting anyone who comes across our “wall”?

Authority to repel invaders already exists.
Buckeye McFrog has the only kids he knows who are still conservative:
Just about every Millenial I know save my own kids is in the tank for Bernie.
Hey, SoothingDave, also Freepers!
You know who else believes everything is rigged against them?

Black Lives Matter.
Undecided 2012 wants Cleveland destroyed during the GOP convention, because it as become too black:
Cleveland, Ohio - a former American rust-belt city that was destroyed in the great Trump Riots of 2016.

hey, I’m a cruzer but there’s nothing trumpers could do that would take it further south. Cleveland used to be a great city but once steel left and the city was overrun with feral animals it became lost and that was years and years ago.
Tennessee Nana is pretty sure the era of Supreme Court porn evaluations was some kinda massive SCOTUS orgy:
Ted Cruz told the bizarre story of how he watched porn with Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Oh but don’t all Christians and Conservatives do that ???

No ???

Gee they must...

after all Rafael Edward Cruz is such an example of a Christian Conservative ...

The Cruz supporters said so...
A lot of Freepers joined tired&retired in positing that a recent meeting between Trump and Megyn Kelley was proof FOX secretly loved Trump:
The feud was necessary for strategy purposes.

The main stream networks hate Fox as Fox stole away most of their viewers. By Trump fighting Fox it opened the door to the other networks who otherwise would hate a Republican candidate. Very strategic move.
That they're trying to pull out of their persecution narrative is a sign of fear, IMO.

TontoKowalski goes even further, and predicts the GOP going all in on Trump any day now:
Yesterday was key. When Megan Kelly went to Trump Tower it was the signal that Ted Cruz is about to be dumped. Hard. The establishment is in ruins. They have no answer to this onslaught.

If the protest demonstration at Republican HQ in Denver is a big deal tomorrow, the establishment will surrender unconditionally in very short order.

The Republican Party is about to be remade. And not a moment too soon.
Not bothering to look up the numbers that prove him wrong, OrioleFan is sure Megyn Kelley's show has super-low ratings:
Megyn Kelly will say or do anything to keep the few viewers she has left. Fox should have canned her long ago.
No doubt super young Bobalu crows that soon Megyn's womb will no longer be fruitful, and then she'll be old:
bitter aging bimbo

Soon to be the dowager of FOX News.

No, it's not bleeding from wherever....she's getting too old for that now...

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