Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

little jeremiah refuses to believe:
Who knows. A pervert quoting him is one thing, I’d like to hear more from him.
P-Marlowe has a new one for what the mark of the beast is:
Support for the LGBT agenda is THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Just look and see what happens to anyone who doesn't take that mark.
smokingfrog explains why people are scum:
Robots won’t spit on your food or refuse to serve you if you’re a cop either.
thoughtomator blows right past the satire:
Mexican 'exploitation movie' suggests Trump will hunt, kill illegal border crossers

That’s actually the federal government’s lawful duty, as politically incorrect as it may be to say so.
Forced sterilization, is there any problem it can't solve? RideForever doesn't think so!
Not kill. Surgical removal of 1 testicle or hysterectomy. Changes motivation factor and dramatically reduces cost of enforcement once the word gets out.
SeekAndFind...just wow:
RE: Ben Carson also thinks the pyramids in Egypt were used to store food.

I’ve heard worse — like global catastrophe because of climate change caused by my driving a regular automobile and turning my air con full blast during a 100 degree summer day.
Trump-a-licious really has no idea how much the electoral college helps Republicans:
I’m all for it, the electoral college is screwing us, large cities dominate and they’re totally liberal, 95% of the country is being ruled by big city liberals from big crappy states like California, chuck the stupid college and let’s have a true democracy, mob rule, I’ll take that over this freaking mess we have now.
meadsjn - America became Communist under George W. Bush:
The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

That was accomplished when the neo-cons became the GOP establishment. They were the Trotsky wing of the communist Democrat party. Then they were the GOP-e.

Now, We the People are taking back our party and our country.
golux is shocked at what Trump hath wrought:
Over 3000 lives lost for oil...OIL that is under our feet, enough to supply our Country for a long, long time, this is what this Iraqi war was all over...

Free Republic sure has changed.
Da Coyote has a clever idea:
1. Get lots of Trump stickers.
2. Place them on liberal’s cars.
3. Enjoy the damage done by liberals to liberals.
I haven't even seen any stories on Free Republic on vandalism of Trump voter's cars, he just assumes.

kearnyirish2 continues to argue that everyone knows liberal policies are bad, but are afraid of being called racist. Luckily, minorities hate women:
I posted months ago that the whole feigned outrage about Trump’s “racism” and “sexism” was designed to do exactly this; they forced his support underground with pure BS.

The left has become so accustomed to winning everything because nobody would stand up to their token Obama (again, using allegations of racism); they can’t hide the miserable state of the country anymore, and there are no protected racial minorities in this race to insulate their candidates. Hillary tried to use the gender card, but the unassimilated ethnic minorities that form the muscle of the Bolsheviks hate white women as much as they hate white men - so they don’t defend her.
DesertRhino loves workplace violence when it's partisan:
Imagine the terror involved in losing one’s job coupled with the inability to find another due to being UN-PC. The left acts conservatives talk.

Such things have historically lead to defensive violence.
for-q-clinton demands naked shots:
A lot of transgender men dressed as woman look good - you would not know. Like this;


Need naked shots to determine if they are men or women. Remember they can use the locker rooms and walk around naked too! So even if they dress like a woman when they walk around naked...could you tell they were men? If so they have to use the men’s room.

If they don’t like it they can find a private stall somewhere. Why should we all suffer because of these few individuals?
EQAndyBuzz suddenly decides social issues don't matter.
I think the question that needs to be asked is, are social issues the most important part of this election cycle? I think it needs to be part of the platform, but illegal immigration, protecting our borders and fixing the global problems Obama caused are 1,2,3, on the list.
More on Freepers suddenly urging compromise on moral absolutes tomorrow.

amnestynone is all about a spite tax on the rich:
I used to agree on here with most of you guys about cutting taxes on everybody but especially the rich. But, as we get nothing but treachery, duplicity and fecklessness from the country club elite I changed my mind and think they should pay more.

The more we lower their taxes it seems like the more they want to spend(big government is big business)so the less they pay the more they want to spend. I thought it would be the other way around that they would then be motivated to cut government spending so they could keep their lower taxes.

The last straw came over immigration. They want to bring in more Democrat voters just so they could have cheap labor. Seems their is a connection. The more they want to “work with the Democrats to get things done”. The less they care about cutting waste in government.

But, even that the MSM (the corporate media) just smears us to death. If that is the way it is going to be that is another reason to raise their taxes.

If they want to do something about these three issues then I would accept considering tax cuts on them, but not until then.

No one here does not think that rich Democrats should and deserve to pay higher taxes. But, given the treachery, duplicity and fecklessness of rich Republicans they should pay them as well.
First, the rich spending more of their money is a good thing - it's the dubious principle behind trickle down Reaganomics.
Second, the last time I heard 'corporate media' was on Daily Kos.
Finally, I liked the 'of course rich Democrats should pay more taxes!'

Principles are for suckers!


  1. Donald Trump, and his top campaign managers, know full well they are making all the fat and stupids bend over backwards to excuse his every progressive move.

    The biggest "Anti-Freeper" on the internet is the Donald himself.

    Littlejeremiah isn't going to have enough buckets to save all her diarrhea (which she admits to doing for some weirdo religious reason) after Trump starts showing his true self.

  2. I don't recognize ANY of the "Freepers" ya'll
    are quoting! Are ya'll just making up screen
    names to represent your idea of "Freepers".
    This is worse than my BALLETSLIPPERS! I am
    horrified!! TWINKIEBOT

    1. Click on the links on the names of these "Freepers;" they take you to the post on Free Republic that's being quoted.

      I wonder what it says that you have managed to stay blind to the Madness around you!


  3. I do know that ya'll made up a name for
    "Lazamataz" - you called him "Lazmacaine"
    & that is not correct. I don't have time
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    ya'll are making fun of "Freepers" because
    ya'll are just jealous. (What gets me are
    the one word replies on there. Lazamacaine
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    lot of new "Freepers" *could* possibly be
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    get Hitler-y NOT elected. (I have very
    generously offered her the advice to get
    RICOLA cough drops for that troublesome
    cough she has; but she evidently thinks
    TWINKIE is all wet!! In the meantime,
    think BALLET SLIPPERS! They'll never, never,
    never, never let you down! TWINKIEBOT
    P.S. Not blind; just busy dealing with

    1. Well...bye.....

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      I am, as Hitler-y once said, TARD!

    3. 0/10 would not read again/recommend opus

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      KITTY-KATS? - I knew it!! - It's ALL
      about YOU! First, last & always! -

  4. "Why should we all suffer because of these few individuals?"

    every time a transperson hits a public potty, a freeper angel drowns ...