Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Pix

Nihilism, beyond even Trump.
Still calling Al Gore a Nazi in 2016.
It's funny how they keep making Romney the mastermind.
It's only a few Freepers, but they are enthusiastic about the meme.
Has he been every superhero yet?
And Cruz will now rotate through every supervillain that Obama once was.
Lets give that horrendous Trump-Batman a bit more love. Especially since Freepers have been really stoked to post it all the time. Can they be so blind? Yes, yes they can.
Wow, this is a bad 'shop, but well chosen source. Anyone recognize the creepy, creepy original?
This is just some kind of weird...
2008. This is where we begin.
Just because it hasn't actually happened doesn't keep Freepers from imagining it and getting outraged. Those that remain disloyal to Trump, that is...


  1. ME. Always without a spoon when I need
    one! - For some reason, this song sticks.

    Great big gobs of greasy, grimy gopher
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    Ya'll are OBSESSING again! GIT BUSY!
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    1. Thanks. I always wondered what perks Rim gave the worker grelves manning the scamathon threads. Now I know. Free BALLET SLIPPERS.

      You should try and get him to spring for a semester at "Lads from Lagos U". Get some proper grifting chops under your belt. The current shtick is older than the "Miriam Abacha" script and a whole lot less convincing.

  2. Of course they had to pick the batsuit with nipples....

  3. The American Reprobate Mind

    The secular reprobate mind is filled with violence, moral relativism and lawlessness designs and its actions have ravished this nation since the 60's beyond all recognition of what the founding fathers envisioned.

    Violence: Love of guns and endless wars of choice. Moral relativism: Carpet bombing civilians and use of excessive force against minorities, while weeping over granite monuments to the Ten Commandments and Jesus. Lawlessness: Militias who are basically collections of overgrown undereducated babies who don't think the rules apply to them.

    I could go on and on, but I don't need to.

    1. They have enough projection to open a multi-plex

    2. That whole article is just a convoluted way of saying "You kids get off my lawn!"

  4. So none of it really mattered, all those years of "true conservatism" meant nothing. Trump's rise at Free Republic has proven that they were liars all along.

    1. they lie only to themselves.

      after trump's loss, they'll consign him to the same memory-hole as romney, and in 2020 gush over america's last white hope, a real deal named ted cruz.

    2. And in 2020, no matter who is the candidate, Donald Trump will be appearing in all those denigrating photo-shops they currently made for Cruz, Romney, and McCain

  5. "has he been every superhero yet?"

    i suspect even the black widow will get her turn ...

    1. Maybe even Ant Man.

      Then again, how can Trump's hands get any smaller?

  6. finally! scientific proof of the soul:"Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg"

    lotsa woo-woo and lotsa fun on this thread ...

    null and void: "According to Scientology dogma, the soul has no mass.

    The 21 grams is the weight of the mind, the accumulated mental image pictures from the life just left.

    How heavy a burden will you or I carry when we leave?"

    tired&retired: "The soul has mass, especially if it is a fearful, angry one.

    The purpose of religion is to help people decrease the mass and/or purify the soul. Consciousness has mass. I feel people’s thoughts as physical tangible objects. It’s easy to prove as I can stand several feet from a person and knock them over merely by touching the traumatic memories stored in their soul. The body exists in the soul, not the other way around."

    rangeHoof: "It would be more helpful if it were a little bell tone. No more pregnancy tests. No more lying to partners. Just a loud “ping” when sperm meets egg, two if there are twins.

    Maybe as they continue to modify DNA, they will invent this."

    1. Are they as reverent toward Mexican and Muslim bell-ringing, light-flashing, tone-sounding sperm and egg sounds? Enquiring minds want to know. Especially the queer Mexican and Muslim egg-sperm lights and sounds.

  7. Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely

    Sniggering Freepers go through the stages of anger, blaming, denial, deflection.

    They're terrified that their taxes might go up by a few bucks, but they're just fine with leaving their kids on a dead planet.

  8. Your BALLET SLIPPERS will keep you ON YOUR
    TOES! - (This "election" stuff is getting
    really TIRESOME!) IF Bill does not get that
    election won for Hitler-y, what will she do?
    Any guesses to hazard about that? - So far,
    their "Clinton Legacy" that was to be has
    just been a big bust. It was to be Billious
    first for 8 yrs., then Gore next for another
    8 yrs., then Hillary for 8 yrs. for a total
    of 24 yrs. of the Clinton legacy. Now, I
    guess Chelsea is on the fast track to be
    El Presidente.

    We will need our BALLET SLIPPERS so we can
    be comfy. :o) Love, TWINKIE KIND

    1. Welcome TWINKIE! One of our newest and most loyal readers/contributors!

  9. "Mein Kampost" is... wow, freeperfection.

    1. They're so very punny.

    2. Is it "puny" or is it "punny"? We all
      need spelling lessons from time to
      time. Of course, you probably meant

      OK. Well, I realize this is probably
      not a loyal statement to make on a
      blog such as this BUTT; ya'll need to
      concentrate on something else & get
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      Except in New York & a few other
      locales in the U.S.

      On another note, BALLET SLIPPERS!!
      A word to the wise. Need I say more?
      TWINKIE KING (I misspelled my own
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  10. Ya'll are falling down on ya'llses jobs!
    Not many posted on this blog because of the
    photos, I guess. :o(

    I'm disappointed at how ya'll are not living
    up to ya'llses duties as "Freeper" critics.
    Ya'll are slipping!

    Thousands of "Freeper" posts are slipping
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      I only get this malady on THIS blog.

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    3. I know google is a liberal tool, but if you get an account, blogspot assumes your non-robotness.

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  11. Ok. I give up, what the hell is "ballet slippers" supposed to mean?

    1. It's "ballet slippers ARE" - & it
      means GIT A PAIR OR BE SQUARE!

      That pretty much sums it up. Only
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      Love, TWINKIE KING

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Are you insulting my grammar? Because when you use a phrase as a singular noun (in this case, ballet slippers, thus my use of quotation marks to make this clear) it becomes singular. Therefore, you use "is" instead of "are".

      Thanks for the answer, though, I guess.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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