Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hillary's cabinet

Freepers are slow to pivot from Obama to Hillary as the greatest evil ever. They have loads of anti-Clinton conspiracies saved up, but the fresh daily rage they had at Obama has yet to manifest. But some Freepers still try.
Thus far, it's largely inchoate implications that Hillary will make America feminine, gay, and debauched in response to Hillary announcing her cabinet will be half women.

CriticalJ knows you can't find qualified women for anything:
That’s sexist.

She’s admitting that sex will be the determining factor instead of qualifications.
Vince Ferrer knows only women care about women in the cabinet:
This tells me that Hillary is concerned about the women’s vote, which was the demographic that was supposed to propel her to victory.
Made In The USA explains to everyone what a woman is:
Clinton is saying the critical qualification for her cabinet will be that of having a vagina. . .

She wants to be leader of the free world, commander in chief of a nuclear super-power. And this is her mindset. Not education, skill, experience, etc. Genitalia is her decision point.

She’s an idiot.
jbb247 is especially concerned with women defending us:
Half the males will be women too. We are going to get our ass kicked.
"Benghazi," xp38 explains.
If I was a male homo I would be a bit wary of the Hildebeest given her track record with Ambassador Stevens.
DivineMomentsOfTruth - women rule the world and it sucks!
Too many idiot women will vote for HildaBeast because she is a “woman”. They think women should rule the world.. I have news for them.. They already do and they blew it!
1Old Pro has not been paying attention to Hillary's primary campaign, I guess.
Hillary’s campaign will focus on these 3 things:

1) Vote For a Woman
2) Vote For a Woman
3) Vote For a Woman
DannyTN lays out the Freeper case against Hillary, and it's mostly that she's a woman, and vaguely corrupt, plus Vince Foster, twice.
She will also name a number of czars:

Czar of Office decor
Czar of home decor
Czar of FOIA delays
Czar of missing records (will make records disappear)
Czar of Bimbo intimidation
Czar of spying on European counterparts
Czar of Clinton Foundation solitations
Czar of insider trading
Czar of news distractions
Czar of political use of FBI records
Czar of mafia relations
Czar of Opposition reduction (aka Arkancide)
Czar of Park suicide investigations
Czar of White House turnover specialist (responsible for removing all items at end of term)
And many other to be announced.
onyx - rah rah Trump! meh.

HILLARY’s only cabinet is her CHINA cabinet and it’s going to remain that way!

M Kehoe makes the inevitable period joke:
What happens in a crisis with Russia if all the top advisors are having their periods?

Second-grader Vaquero just calls the cabinet gay:
Hillary Clinton: Half of my CabinetCloset will be women
Amazingly, detective calls the 1990s Clinton cabinet gay:
I don’t think Clinton’s Cabinet had a single married, heterosexual women.

I think they were all lesbians.

As is Hillary.
JBW1949, orgies?!
Can you imagine their cabinet orgies....errrrrrr...I mean meetings????
SERKIT is going to try to keep the Muslim thing going:
...and all the women will be lesbian Mohammedan sympathizers, and all the men gay.
Feminism destroyed America, and the world. Why not make it official?
Helicondelta is pivoting:
Hillary would be much worse than Obama.
PATRIOT1876 looks forwards to being persecuted yet not sexist like he is not racist:
Racism increased under Obama.

Sexism in the form of misandry will increase if Hilary wins.


  1. The group think can't come to a consensus on Boehner's comments about Cruz.

    1. Never has a country been so damaged over and over by a speaker of the House who capitulated a and groveled before Obama. Boehner is a despicable POC!!

      *Never* has a country been so damaged by a speaker of the house? Dennis Hastert paid people not to tell he sexually abused them. Freepers truly have some weird ideas about what actually damages a country.

  2. Donald Trump's building allegedly receives a white powder, Trump gets elevated to sainthood on par with Oskar Schindler.

    Can I get a Barf Alert?

    1. In the tradition of Freepers responding to stories like this...

      "False flag?!?"

    2. Clearly it was some lib who sent the powder, a "true" conservative wouldn't.....