Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Cruz told Sean Hannity that he expected the GOP to come together should he become the nominee. Freepers disagree. JimRob lays low.

At this point, Cruz's steadfast ambition is throwing himself into the scorched earth meatgrinder of Trump's cult of personality. His own cult is suffering. I expect he'll be able to stay as Texas' Senator, but it'll take him a while to come back to national prominence. And that's if he stops now.

austinaero has decided Cruz is basically Romney:
That’s a tough one right there. Very tough. I would have to say he’s right due to the fact I would feel compelled to fight the Dem banner-bearer.

It wouldn’t be a vote I was proud of though. Kind of like Romney. Dang.
VanDeKoik also with the Romney.
Every time I read Cruz’s words, all I can hear is Romney’s voice speaking.
That's gotta sting.

ghosthost will write in:
the good thing about Trump supporters is- we can write. Give me a line and I will write in “Trump”.
I daresay lonestar is a Texan who donated to Cruz, but has now joined a different tribe:
Cruz won't get my vote.

I want my money back!
TigerClaws explains that Cruz needs to sell conservatives out for health insurance:
Cruz is delusional. The GOPe likely has a Cruz silver bullet (proof of a couple of the 5 or 8 affairs that we’ve seen referenced) and will tell him to step aside.

They funded his campaign, his wife works for Goldman Sachs and Ted has his health insurance through that job.

How difficult is it for them to tell Cruz, “Play ball with us or we will expose you, primary, your wife will lose her job, and your life will be over politically”?

Cruz is completely owned by the establishment.
usconservative is pissed that Cruz said Trump encourages violence at his rallies:
Not after blaming Trump for the violent actions of the protesters in Chicago you won't, Ted.


I'll sit home in November of Lyin' Ted is the nominee.
hsmomx3 has decided Cruz is a nasty guy:
He will not get mine...that’s for sure! What a snake he is!
HarleyLady27 is still weird and enthusiastic!!
Your not going to have to worry about it Teddy Baby, because your going down this week...it’s all over for you...

And if you were the last thing standing between me and death, I would choose death...CRUZ SUCKS!!!
BlackFemaleArmyCaptain is another whose cultish Trump support is hard to match:
Cruz will not get my vote.

Look at your nasty actions on FR. You are one of the reasons.
BlackFemaleArmyCaptain will even risk being banned from Freep:
Did Jim change the policy on Free Republic of kicking people off who refused to vote against Hillary?

Cruz will not get my vote.
dragnet2 also. Now I'm rooting for Cruz to get the nomination.
Did Jim change the policy on Free Republic of kicking people off who refused to vote against Hillary?

If that means voting for Cruz, then ya might as well have me "kicked off" too.
dragonblustar remembers that this is a site created to hate the Clintons:
We have to remember who Hillary is. Don't think I could take four years of The Cackle.
hillarys cankles finds Cruz more and more a Washington DC apparatchik every day:
Everyday that passes I find it harder and harder to see me being able to vote for this POS.

He is everything I hate about politicians. I know he’s better than Hillary but

Cruz is the very thing I despise about D.C.

grania has now realized how bad Cruz is:
Cruz's mask is off.

I could vote for Trump, Huckabee, or Santorum. That's about it.
stuck_in_new_orleans doesn't mince wordsL
Booger eating imbecile won’t be getting my vote
Wilderness Conservative rolls accelerationalist:
Cruz vs Hillary = holding nose and voting. Cruz vs Bernie = staying home and expecting tree of liberty getting watered sooner.
RedWhiteBlue wonders where JimRob and the zot-hammer is:
When a Cruz supporter on Free Republic states that they won’t vote for Trump if he gets the nomination, they get banned.

But here we have a whole thread of Trump supporters, one after another, saying they will not vote for Cruz if he gets the nomination, and absolutely nothing is done about it. The double standard is clear.
EQAndyBuzz wants to hedge his bets with JimRob.
like always, we are stealing defeat from the jaws of victory, then will spend the next 4 years blaming someone else for our own misplaced self righteousness. The only person who has it right is Our own leader, Jim. Either of these candidate should be President and we need to stop the infighting. But No.

I can tell you today what is going to happen. Trump won’t get 1237, both Cruz and Trump will be passed over for a Kacish/Rubio ticket, we will stay home, Hillary will win and we will spend the next 8 years blaming everyone else but ourselves. Especially when Trump/Cruz ticket was a guaranteed win and instead of embracing it, we picked a fight with ourselves.

One last thing, if that scenario happens, we can kiss FR goodbye because more than likely it will be a rat executive, legislative and judiciary and every law that protects we the people will be turned on its head, including the second amendment.
MaxFlint's hatred for Clinton sees him through:
I'll vote for whoever can beat Hillary. If that's Cruz I vote for Cruz. Don't have a lot of confidence in Cruz's ability to win, but if he's the nominee he gets my vote. The same goes for Ryan, Romney, Bush, Kasich, Paul, Walker or Christie. Not that I expect any of them to be nominated. I still think Trump either gets the majority of delegates or makes a deal to flip enough to win.
I don't buy the horseshoe theory, but Kenny calling Hillary just like the GOP sounds basically like a Sanders supporter:
There’s no difference between Hillary and establishment, our Republican majorities in House and Senate should have taught us that. Same crap, same speed, no difference.
GBA can't vote Cruz for birther reasons:
He's not eligible.

Rationalize it however you feel the need to, but Cruz is a naturalized citizen: he was born in Canada(!) to a father who wasn't an American citizen when Ted was born.

Therefore, voting for Cruz for POTUS is, by definition, not upholding and defending the Constitution.

When The Toll is coming off as the reasonable one compared to the rest of the thread...
If Ted has the most votes FROM THE VOTERS to be the nominee, I would be more than happy to support him.

Brokered or Contested? HELL NO!
DoughtyOne finds the very idea of Trump losing to mean the GOP cheated:
The only way Trump doesn’t get the 1237 delegates is by GOPe treachery.

If Ted thinks I’m rewarding that, he is even more of an idiot than I thought. And I think he’s a first class idiot.
DoughtyOne explains that all the votes Trump is losing is because the GOP colluded:
If Trump doesn’t get the delegates, it’s because the GOPe colluded with the other candidates to prevent it.

The GOPe is the opposition. They have allowed Obama to do everything he wanted.

Think I’m going to vote for another of their operatives?
Trump-a-licious is gonna go further than just no supporting a non-Trump nominee:
I am voting straight democratic ticket if Trump wins the majority of either votes or delegate and doesn’t get the nomination, and that includes local and state elections for a long time to come.
dforest explains that Trump is a movement, and if you let that symbol die it's all over.
People behind Trump want the establishment replaced. They know we will lose our sovereignty and vote if the GOPe manages to foist one of theirs on us.

You see, it isn’t all about Trump, the man, never has been, it is a movement.

This isn’t an average election in the hearts and minds of these people.

The movement goes down and it is over because they will know the GOPe has won again and this last chance is over.

No way will people jump on board to actually vote for their demise because they know that is exactly what will happen.
virginia9000 also thinks Cruz has Been Exposed:
Lyin Ted has been thoroughly exposed for the Terrible Deceiver that he is and will never get my vote. Never! He is the GOPe puppet now as well as the Globalist, Neocon that we all know him to be...Never Ever Lyin Ted for POTUS!
dmz does not have much faith in Freeper declarations:
There will be plenty of clear consciences for the following 4 or 8 years.

Or as has happened in every election cycle since I’ve been a freeper (class of 2001) that most of those saying they will sit will pull the lever for the one with R next to their name.
I dunno. Once a Freeper calls Cruz The Hated Romney, that's a hard thing to come back from.


  1. "...and every law that protects we the people will be turned on its head, including the second amendment."

    Almost forget the Second Amendment there. In case you didn't get the fact that he said every law.

    I like how tacking on that last phrase is supposed to make his statement even more righteous/unassailable.

    Have to hit the right buttons I guess to get the message across.

  2. Even on a site full of assholes, "Trump-a-licious" ups the asshole ante just for his screen name.

  3. Poor 2nddivisionvet, he's become a ghost of himself. Used to be open about being a Cruz donation bundler now he keeps his head down.

  4. HarleyLady27 is still weird and enthusiastic!!

    Never heard of anyone named Harley being weird.