Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trumpian tin foil

Trump says Obama should release the remaining classified bits of the 9/11 report. Freepers eagerly explain the secrets they know are contained therein, and that only someone pure of heart like Trump will reveal.

eyeamok is sure all of America cares about this:
You tell em Trump, now Loudly proclaim that YOU WILL RELEASE them forthwith on DAY 1, as soon as the Inauguration is over. LET THE CHIPS FALL!!!

Keep Hammering this issue Mr Trump, you will get a 10 point Boost, guaranteed.
CMailBag blames Obama:
When has Obama told truth about ANYTHING?
equaviator doesn't even bother blaming Obama:
It wasn’t Obama who decided this should be held secret from the American citizenry. It was another statistime ahole named Bush.

Yeah well, F-Obama anyways.
George from New England thinks whatever's in there is bad for Republicans:
I predict ...

The 9-11 reports are being held up and will be released when they can most negatively impact the Republicans in this election cycle. aka October surprise
RideForever thinks the Saudis are blackmailing us to keep whatever's in there quiet:
It is so “speculated” that the Saudis threaten economic Armageddon if they are released. King Hussein (Obama) indicated he will veto the bill to allow exposure of the pages.
I wouldn't be surprised if we're keeping stuff classified to keep from embarrassing our regrettable ally Saudi Arabia, but in Freep World, everything is overt.

ek_hornbeck finds evidence of a conspiracy that proves the GOPe are all Democrats:
George Bush hid it from America. Now Barack Obama is doing the same.

Does anything reflect the common goals of the Uniparty more clearly than issues like this?

Democrats and Republicans may have the occasional public school-yard brawl over minor issues to convince the yokels that they are different.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans still believe that the Democratic and Republican establishments are one another's mortal enemies and that the Republicans are on the side of the American people. They're not. The Republican and Democratic establishments are on exactly the same side, serving as one another's loyal opposition in a united front against the people they dupe.
Beautiful_Gracious_Skies agrees - and the conspiracy goes all the way back to juuuuust after Reagan left office:
Bush hides the truth for 7 years.
BHO hides the truth for 7 years.

The Uniparty on display.

And let’s not leave Clinton out of this equation. Return back to the Murrah buildings in the OK city bombing whose anniversary is today. Much unknown.

41’+ 42’ + 43’ + 44’ all complicit in hiding the truth.
Did someone mention Oklahoma City? IMR 4350's favorite conspiracy is go!
IIRC, it was about 2 1/2 years ago an ABC news producer let the cat out of the bag on SA involvement with the OKC bombing 21 years ago today.

What SA did was coordinated through the Clinton WH.

SA put out false intelligence before the OKC bombing so the Clinton adm. could spin the news to their advantage after the bombing.

If the Clinton adm. didn’t orchestrate the OKC bombing themselves they at least knew about the bombing somewhere around a year in advance.

If SA is involved with the 9/11 attack you can bet it was the Clintons that got them to do it.
I think dragnet2 is talking about illegal immigration, which Bush invented:
I have nothing but contempt for D.C. and the Bush dynasty.

The American landscape is littered with hundreds of thousands of American victims who have been robbed, knifed, raped, ran over, burglarized, shot, murdered, wounded and defrauded, which have been directly caused by decades of reckless loser leadership.

Not one single traitorous SOB in D.C. was ever held responsible, and all American got was 30 years of lip service lies from lying lawyer politicians. Then ya hear Bush was celebrating Cinco De Mayor every year.

LNV explains that everyone hates Trump because of the secrets he'll reveal:
I don’t buy for a minute that the main objection to Trump is he’ll stop the gravy train. He’ll stop some of it, and many donors wont be pleased, but there will be still be plenty of lobbyist jobs, plenty of bloviator jobs, plenty of consultant jobs, plenty of think tank jobs. Most people in DC will be fine. The biggest of the big players, however, may not, and the loss of their reputations may be the least of it.

The desperation is too strong and palpable for the loss of the gravy train that to be the real reason behind the huge push against Trump. There’s something much bigger underneath.
dragnet2 crows that Trump will blackmail everyone as President:
The DC directors of deceit understand if Trump gets elected he has direct access to the whole file cabinet. All the data, the intel reports, backgrounds, financials, internal memos, investigations you name it.

The White House comes with a fully equipped television studio. Trump will be able to take it to the people, take it to the press. Trump will be able to name names and rock the podium. Trump could do this in daily briefing, or weekly direct talks to the American people, explaining what these criminals have done.

Don’t let anyone tell you Trump will be powerless against the DC corrupt once he takes office. That is total BS.
Like many Freepers, Crimson Elephant's imagination is a sad place; sadder because he thinks it's reality:
When you see what is down the rabbit hole, it is rather depressing.


  1. If the Clinton adm. didn’t orchestrate the OKC bombing themselves they at least knew about the bombing somewhere around a year in advance.

    It's so telling that they can believe this about Clinton, but believing it about Bush and 9/11 is simply beyond the pale.

  2. Ozzy, pay attention to the Freeper named Music Man. He's been keeping a running tally of Cruz supporters that have been zotted. Something something footwear, ding dong bot.

    1. musicman is one of jimrob's freepathon team's favorite-sons, so he is untouchable.

      But, he sure loves that "Cruz as a gay male beefcake pin-up" pic so much that he posts it over and over ... so much so that he faps over it every day.

      Musicman, like so many freepers, is a self-hating homosexual.

    2. That's why I wasn't surprised when he became the self appointed tally man of the Cruz purge

  3. Check out this long, self-pitying, histrionic comment from The Toll regarding the increase in the rate of suicide among middle-aged white males:

    I fit this demographic. For me personally, the biggest single source of betrayal stems from White Women. I could care less about what any others have to say or what they think, but to me, white women are my mother, my sister, my wife and daughter. How did they come to hate me so much?

    They don’t even realize that they hate me. Here is a small but easily observable example of something that is terribly difficult to describe to people. Have you ever seen a season of Survivor in which the men break off from the others to discuss forming a “men’s alliance”? Have you ever seen a season were the women didn’t do that at some point?

    Now, I understand that this is a very small and petty thing to notice, but it’s deeper than that. This season when they did this one women said “I just want a women to win this thing”. I looked at my wife sitting next to me and simply asked “why”?

    Women have won Survivor many times. Why would it matter? Why are they at war with me? Why have they aloud themselves to believe the lie that I mean them harm or that I would chose to limit them? Have I not loved them my entire life?

    Why would women from my own tribe hold hatred for me in their hearts? Why is it that the men never even think to try and treat them in this manner?

    If the women of Europe don’t change this very same attitude they will soon be slaves. I see no reason why it wouldn’t happen here as well.

    I wash my hands of it all. I can’t convince them that I am not their enemy. Let it burn.

    85 posted on April 22, 2016 at 12:15:50 PM EDT by The Toll

    To summarize that rambling diatribe, he's basically saying that white women, including his own wife, sister, and daughter, have betrayed him because women tend to stick together (he cites a recent Survivor episode as "proof"), and this sort of "betrayal" is why white men kill themselves. He then says that since he can't convince the women that he's not their enemy, he's going to give up and "let it burn."

    He's so paranoid that he truly believes that all the closest female members of his family are plotting against him simply because he saw how the women formed an alliance on an episode of Survivor.

    The rampant paranoia he displays actually has me worried. I might be overreacting but this reads like a preamble to a murder-suicide, especially the "let it burn" part. I fear what he would do if he were to finally snap.

    1. what woman wouldn't be eternally happy and grateful with someone who calls himself "the toll"?

      "I'm here to tell ya, our nigras was happy --"

      "Till those beatnik college kids came down here stirrin' things up."

      "Before that, there wasn't anybody complainin'."

      (mississippi burning)

    2. Well when your marriage playbook reads like "put another log on the fire" you probably do deserve a conspiracy against you.

    3. I noticed he asked his wife "Why?" and never bothered to tell us what she replied, or whether she even agreed. So, he's going to burn down his whole life over what he imagines is going on in his wife's head. Cuckoo.

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