Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Polluted Muslim blood

PatR brings us this tale of pseudoscience.

A blog takes a BBC story that rural Pakistan has a problem with inbreeding and decides this applies to all Muslims.

Freepers, who for all their anti-intellectualism always eager to lean on the respectability of science for their fringe views, eagerly pile on to get as close as they can to blood libel:

sagar thinks this explains why Muslims are always raping:
Muslims are genetically inbred, so they subconsciously rape non-Muslim females and bring their offsprings into their communities — to diversify their genes. This is a documented historical fact. Muslims wage rape campaign and kidnap non-Muslim females. The rape campaign occurs from time to time. At this very moment, it is happening with ISIS.
tbw2 enjoy some pulp-anthropology that would also seem to apply to Christians:
Dowry practices have a lot to do with it. You have to pay for a bride unless she’s taken in conquest.
Marry a paternal first cousin, and the dowry is grandpa folding his money over and putting it back in his pocket.
Two cousins marrying each other’s sisters means no one has to pay dowry.
Talisker explains that this isn't Nazi propaganda, because they're demonizing a demon religion, not those nice Jews!
This is the kind of crap that the Germans spewed in ‘36.

I don’t need another reason to hate Islamic terrorists. I wish people would stop this kind of crap.

This isn't "crap," it's genetics, and it translates directly to actual birth defects and mental illness that serves to support the murderousness of Islam in a significant way.

The Germans in '36 were justifying the mass murder of the inbred, mentally deficient. This article is about the fact that inbred, mentally deficient Muslims are committing mass murder. Totally opposite conditions.
Talisker puts forth the argument that this reality is beyond question. FACTS!
"This culture" is over a billion people. Some are more virulent than others, but it's a belief held by all of them. That hardly fits the limited connotations of the word "clan"!

Call it stupid all you want, but its statistical, biological and Islamic reality is beyond question. What seems stupid is to challenge these FACTS. Who does that serve, and why? After all, its not like Muslims aren't actually ACTING inbred and mentally ill all over the world, right? I mean how many more people do they need to slaughter before you'll find this issue significant? How many more millions of female genitals do they need to cut out and throw into the garbage? And where else in the world do you find similar TOTALLY indefensible and maniacal behavior supported by a billion people?

You don't make any sense on this issue. They act insane, and this is PROOF they can be statistically verified as genetically insane. Deal with it.
Blood of Tyrants is sure everyone knows that all Muslims are inbred, but no one talks about it:
The elephant in the room.
Getting into the spirit of things, so long as we're demonizing people, 98ZJ USMC gotta swipe at libs:
No wonder LIbEralS like them so much.
JayVee read once that Saudis have bad night vision and bad memories. PROOF!
I remember seeing this somewhere else. (It might have been in FR) USAF instructors, in attempting to train Saudi pilots for night landings, found that many of their students had very poor night vision. The instructors also found that the Saudis seemed to have trouble retaining what was taught them, making it necessary to repeat instructions many times.
fhayek literally goes for the 'and they stank!' level of bigotry:
Does inbreeding lead to smelling funny? Because I never met a Muslim that didn’t smell funny.
FreeAtlanta makes up a whole new thing to hate Muslims with:
probably a ton of syphilis and other diseases from screwing with animals.
When the hate-based rumormongering begins, accusations of child rape are always on the way. Mariner delivers:
I had a Marine buddy that was in the first Gulf war.

They rescued almost as many young boys as prisoners they captured. Most went to the ships offshore to treat syphilis, and torn, infected rectums.

The boys related that they were just the current batch and that when they were grown they too could become Iraqi soldiers. Just like the pederasts that recruited them.

It's one very, very sick society.

Just sayin'.
annieokie likes this thinly-veiled racism, but wants it applied closer to home:
As if that is bad, it is worse in America with the inbreeding of the Blacks, which is much worse than 1st cousins if truth be known, imo.

The men, who never live anywhere but only "stays" are dropping their seeds on every corner of the neighborhood. I'm sure they don't know if perhaps that gal is his cousin/SISTER/AUNT/or even Grandmother.........I do believe they have become this feral.

It also explains their continual intellectual & mental decline in spite of all the advantages that have been given them.




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