Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Colorado Caterwauling

Primaries are not a formal part of elections. Their main purpose is not to give people a voice in their candidates, but to get the party faithful to buy into the party's chosen candidate.

The Dems try to game the system with their (actually impotent, IMO) superdelegates, but they earn some legitimacy with a rather standardized set of proportional primaries and caucuses.
I have all sorts of unflattering theories, but for whatever reason the GOP is much more chaotic. You have caucuses, primaries, bound delegates, unbound delegates, winner-take-all, proportional, sorta proportional...

This has helped an hurt Trump, depending on the rules of a given state. But now he's losing momentum, so when Colorado changed their rules last year to switch to an impressively confusing caucus-to-choose-unbound-delegates system, Trump declared that his inability to navigate the chaos is due to unfairness and cheating by Cruz/the Establishment. In reality, the system is far too dumb to be unfair.

Trump has already been enjoying setting himself against the establishment, and this is largely more of the same. Freepers are pretty into it. Especially since the Freepers who are into Trump tend to be less on the rationalization and more on the bluster side of the crazy coin.

Balding_Eagle knows what to call this:
I’m amazed at how many Freepers are defending this tyranny by the CO GOP.

Actually, I’m amazed that any are.
cardinalbaseball thinks the Federal Government is involved somehow:
Yes, one could say this is the Republican party exercising the eminent domain option in delegate allocation.

I’m afraid for both Trump and Cruz that they will soon know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of government strong arming.
Sybeck1 knows who else followed rules!
I think the rules excuse was the one used at Nuremberg? Right?
Carry me back declares he's done with the GOP, with 2 exceptions that will no doubt grow to three come 2020.
I wont vote republican again in a presidential election. Its no loss anyway. Ghe Gop has always been a sham. I ll vote for Trump or Sessions, thats it.
As is the norm these days on Freep, there are a bunch of shorter threads fragmenting the subject. angelcindy's angry mixed metaphor is why I chose this one.

MarchonDC09122009 just throws up his hands, calls Cruz evil and preemptively blames the GOP for President Hillary:
I am disgusted by the GOP establishment with their killing off the Republican party as being the defacto conservative political choice.

And as for Cruz - although I had previously supported him, thinking him to be honest, ethical and constitutionally minded - I’ve had it with craven vote stealing dishonest stunts.

The GOP establishment Traitors are hell bent to put Hillary in office.
I mean, Freepers think McCain and Romney threw the elections to Obama, so this is unsurprising.

TonyM wishes Trump would go all in vigilante justice:
If I were Trump I would publish the names, home addresses, phone numbers, and a photo of every Colorado Republican who had anything to do with eliminating the need for a primary vote full page ads in every newspaper in the state and set up a web site with the information and urge everyone to contact them, preferably in person, to let the know how they feel about taking away their right to vote.


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  2. Megan Fox is pregnant with her third child

    Some freepers immediately confuse her with Megyn Kelly while others rush to the thread to announce to the world that they do not know who she is. There are a few other gems.

    PapaBear3625: She was very hot in her younger days

    ladyjane: There are just too many Megans, Meghans, Meygans, around. And they all look like floozies.

    DCBryan1: A mindless liberal with HERPES.....skank.

    txrefugee: All these liberal airheads living like sows in the pen are women no one would want their son to date, much less marry. You’d like your grandchildren to have better than that.

    ChildOfThe60s: I wouldn’t want a woman that stupid raising my kids. Don’t care how hot she is. Even if her middle name is Hoover.

    1. What ever happened to the idea of rewarding people for actually having babies that one of those Freepers mentioned?

      Oh that's right it's only for certain babies. WASP babies to be precise. The rest can go to hell and the Freepers would love to send them there.

      And all this talk about sluts and skanks and having the middle name Hoover--such a dignified demeanor from the self-proclaimed upstanding Christian conservatives.

      I could go on and on....