Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

The latest missive from Jim Robinson on the True Freeper position on Cruz v. Trump:
I’ve already stated that Cruz has lost it fair and square and should step aside for the sake of the country. If his continued efforts at thievery split and destroy the party, we’ll be saddled by Hillary or burned by Bernie.
A unanimous Supreme Court decision about voting leads MichaelCorleone to decide that Scalia was the only True Constitutionalist on the Court:
I notice how cavalier they are about throwing the Constitution and rule of law down the sewer.

I guess without judge Scalia gone, the way is clear to finish off what’s left of this once great Republic.
Gay marriage makes Jacquerie quite sure we're like one justice away from Maoism:
Right of center? Last June alone, scotus overturned thousands of years of western civilization with its fag marriage opinion.

Give the libs a couple more judges and its reeducation camp time for every freeper.

Elections have become sideshows.
CaptainAmiigaf is also ramping up the 'this could be the last election' crisis mentality:
All “DENIERS are to be sent to re-education camps in the vast American NorthWestern forested areas. Beside class room time they will work felling the vast forests, which will be converted to lumber for the use of “BOTH”.
“BOTH”, the Bureau Of The Homeless, will oversee the building of adequate housing for the nations downtrodden homeless millions. The construction of this FREE housing will jump start an economic revival of the country as a whole.

Who could argue against such a humanitarian program?

(PLEASE don’t agree with this post—PLEASE)
It started with Bill Clinton, but I've noticed that for Freepers like kara37, people they don't like are not only clearly gay, but also sickly:
would explain his weird quivering lower lip.

It's not just his lip, his legs and hands shake too. He looks like he has Parkinson's. It is actually pretty severe. I am surprised it hasn't been mentioned.

I watched him shaking like crazy when he was sitting down for that town hall. I think that is why he got up right away and kept walking back and forth. I told my husband that is trying to hide it.
Jewbacca is still thinking Hillary won't make it:
’The nominee will be Paul Ryan.’

The president will be Hillary Cli[n]ton.

Correction: it will be Joe Biden.

Clinton is going down.
meatloaf is also keeping hope alive:
I’m surprised that some people still don’t know that Hillary lost the FBI lottery. Especially since the news this past weekend about the legal maneuvering points to the fact she knows and is running scared.

Hillary won’t make it to the convention. Sanders continues to out raise her money wise. At some point once the interviews start in at least May (Judicial Watch) or earlier with the FBI, the media will not be able to cover up the racketeering charges.

While the media has confused the public about the mishandling of classified information, the public will understand the bribery, money laundering and tax evasion.

She’s dead.
They say that one of the reasons Lyndon Johnson was such an effective Senator was that he never let his wishes dictate his predictions.

livius is pretty sure that Obama has destroyed the Democratic party by fighting for things they wanted. This also created Trump:
There was a very good article you might enjoy by Daniel Henninger is this morning’s WSJ, entitled “Obama’s Greatest Triumph.” It says, essentially, that Obama killed politics in DC by simply ignoring even his own party and the legislature and doing whatever he wanted to do. The Dems kept their heads down - since many of the things he did were things with which they would agree anyway - but were essentially disempowered by his toxic presidency. (That’s one of the reasons they had literally no candidates lined up except for two last-generation losers, sanders and Clinton.)

The GOP, on the other hand, didn’t know how to respond, because this went way beyond parties and was almost a structural assault. They split into factions, which is one of the reasons we had a number of good young candidates - but so many of them, and each trying to distinguish his faction, that they shot each other down and we ended up with one potential candidate who is not even a Republican
Somehow this election has lead TontoKowalski to decide that Democrats are just like Republicans:
This election has done a lot to open my eyes. I'm seeing very little difference between most Republicans and most Democrats. Some differences on the extreme edges, but most are one big lump, not working to advance my interests. It's getting harder to make the effort.
LaRueLaDue does not like a country where people disagree with him:
I doubt that we will ever be able to cleanse the filth that the Klintoons and the Obunghole poured on this country. It might just be better to burn it down and start over with a smaller country, limited to those who really believe in the Constitution, and are willing to enforce and abide its full application.
Verginius Rufus has an interpretation for Germany's security precautions for Obama's visit:
Maybe Obama just doesn’t like the sight of white people. Now that his Presidency is drawing to a close he doesn’t need to conceal it.
SkyPilot keeps it Manichean:
Felons. Invaders. Criminals. Democrats. Liberals.
They are all in the same category: evil.
jessduntno seems to misunderstand the coy Freeper question "are we there yet," since he doesn't seem to have shot anyone:
Are we there yet?

A unanimous Supreme Court ruled ... illegal immigrants and other non-citizens ... shooting down a challenge by Texas residents ...

Unknowing Marxist GBA argues that the real war is by rich people against the poor:
If you wanted to wage and win a long-term war against US, you'd wouldn't bother with all of that bombing and shooting US to death stuff.

That's just being silly and, really, why be one of those who don't learn from history and all of that?

No, if you're smart, you'd just sit on the sidelines and slowly buy US corporation by corporation, Congressperson by Congressperson.

Then, from a position of ownership, you can do with US as you please.

Because then we won't be US anymore. Our US will have been redefined into Them.

And, "here" we are... "Are we there, yet?"
As ais declared by a few Freepers every April, Mmmike is at least pretending to avoid paying taxes:
Well, if there was any doubt previously, this proves income tax resistance is legitimate.
napscoordinator is really far into the #NeverCruz:
37 percent of republicans won’t vote for Cruz if he’s the nominee. God bless each and every one of those patriots! They even said that on Fox News tonight. Charles said trump Americans will not vote for Cruz. That was awesome TV watching tonight. So proud.
GraceG thinks America could compete with the huge population of workers in Asia if only we'd end all these pesky regulations that keep our workers from killing themselves:
Normally I am against Huge tariffs, however, i think we need to start at home...

If we started Removing our own internal TARIFFs called Domestic Overregulation and Overtaxation and we could start making widgets here, employing people here to make stuff than can sent out to countries that china is currently sending crap too.

We could even open up rare-earth mining which means we could supply our domestic industries with rare earths and even send material to Japan and S. Korea..... But that would require the EPA stop over regulation...

I would be okay with a minor increase in Tariffs, but we would HAVE TO reduce our OWN INTERNAL TARIFFS simultaneously.
Mr. Jeeves prefers a unifying shadowy conspiracy to the messy bumbling reality:
As President, Hillary would make exactly as many decisions on her own as Obama has: zero. The puppeteers are simply changing out a newer model for an older one, to please the nostalgic among the audience. :)
heights may want to check with Charlie Sheen about who uses prostitutes and why:
Unlike your butt ugly candidate, Trump doesn’t need Prostitutes.


  1. How can these fuckheads resist income tax when for most of them their pittance of a social security income won't get taxed.

    Also, and I see this bullshit on the left a lot too, manufacturing jobs are fucking not coming back. They're gone, it's fucking over.

    So Tesla builds a big battery factory. It's largely automated, and it's workforce will largely be college educated. Nationwide will on employ a couple thousand workers.

    Google by their own count employs less than 35,000. Kodak had over 140,000 at their peak. How big must have been the auto industry. Automated factories with a college educated workforce could pop up, but factories employing thousands and thousand of high school educated workers? That's a fucking dream.

    Politicians can keep saying that changing a few of their favored policies will bring back all these jobs, and voters can keep fucking thinking that it's not bullshit. It's bullshit. Large scale high educated manufacturing is done in this fucking country. Maybe forty years of republican mississippi style education and poverty will make us so stupid and poor that the philippines and indonesia outsource their manufacturing to us, but it's fucking over.


  2. godammit, I can't figure out to edit the comment, by Tesla will ONLY employ a couple thousand, and I meant high school educated manufacturing is done.