Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Freepers love Tiananmen Square

Perhaps one of the most troublingly revealing thing about Trump is how he lauds strongman dictators' brutal tactics, though not the dictators themselves. Unlike a lot of the other BS he says, there's no real upside to endorsing such people, since even those who approve of those tactics have declared the leaders who use them wrong-bad-liberals.

Coming on the heels of praising Putin, Saddam Hussein, Assad, and the like, it is not super shocking that Trump did his usual "I'm not a fan, but it was awesome" endorsement of the Tienanmen Square massacre.

And at this point it is not too surprising that those Freepers that didn't enthusiastically endorse Communist brutality just decided to overlook this, Trump's only mistake.

dfwgator explains that the protesters were still Commie scum, so they kinda deserved it:
the protestors were still Communists who believed that workers should run the factories.
Fai Mao agrees - their calls for democratization were insufficient for them to deserve sympathy for being shot and jailed:
The protesters in Tienanmen square were not wanting a representative government but a less corrupt and oppressive socialist government. I applaud their stance as a step in the right direction but most of them did not have any idea what a free society looks like. Many of them wanted the government to do more for them not less. That was their idea of liberty

Trump’s statement about the PRC putting down a “riot” was wrong and he should be criticized for it. But what happened there should [not] be called a “pro-democracy” movement
Talisker explains who the real villain is to a Tienanmen Square dissident who condemned Trump's statement:
I think I can speak for all fellow exiled and imprisoned Chinese in condemning Trump," Wu'er wrote in a commentary posted on his official Facebook page. "I am not alone in appealing to the very same Americans who offered Chinese such as myself refuge when our own government deserted us to put aside partisan disputes and unite against Trump," the activist said.

What a shame that he suffered so much and yet learned nothing.

Hillary would roast you alive on a stick and serve you as an appetizer to the Chinese ambassador, you fool.
Deep in the kool-aid nowadays, Jim Robinson thinks Trump could totally have persuaded the dissident that the Chinese Government had some good points:
He should have offered them his mic and calmly debated them. His powers of persuasion would have won them over.
dp0622 realizes Trump was wrong, and might want to be a dictator, but is still voting for him:
i’ll only ask this once, then not bring it up again.

it did sound like he admired the crackdown. why?

NO ONE else admired the crackdown.

It’s kind of like saying he was against the Warsaw Uprising, but boy did the Germans show power in putting it down.

A lot of people died as a result of that failed Chinese revolution.

I’m with Trump now, and I just have to let that statement go.

God, please don’t let him be a dictator wanna be. Please.
dp0622 then has to fend off Freepers who come at him with their own version of facts:
Mr. Trump never actually used the word “riot”.

Something misunderstood in translation?

If what was previously posted is true, these knuckleheads are getting bent out of shape for no reason.
geez, the guy was wrong. He can be wrong.

he’s not God. He’s a man running for president.

i’ll let the statement go and move forward but how the #### are you guys justifying what he said?

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