Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Pix

The gayening of Cruz continues.
Yes, Freepers never whine or blame others!
Trolling is weak, but cute fonts.
By this analogy, toilets are only for sex...
Tubman is in good company. Freepers seem to compare every black woman with Aunt Esther. 
Another bad analogy. I guess Hillary only looks like a woman?
Every Freeper a noble lawman, pushed too far.
That girl seems pretty stoked to see Weird Al.
Better strawmen, pls. 
How much did Freepers spend on Romney? Newt? Palin? Freep itself?


  1. That 2nd to last one is basically Freepers saying, "I can't be racist. Some of my best friends are black!"

  2. saturday tags:


    cableguymn (We need a redneck in the white house....)

    Grampa Dave (I 'm just another low info/stupid & evil/vile/crazy Trump supporter wanting to select my candidate!!)

    Behind Liberal Lines (Obama loves America the way OJ loved Nicole)

    jneesy (I want my country back and Trump is gonna give it to me)

    Lazamataz (Islam is rabies. Anyone infected needs to be put down like a dog.)

    SampleMan (Feral Humans are the refuse of socialism.)

    1. I'm working on a monthly bit on taglines, so keep 'em coming!

  3. Ya'll need to get something going for
    yourselves. Don't obsess about "Freeper"
    stuff. There are THOUSANDS of them. - Go
    over & pick on D.U. where every other word
    is the "F" word & scrutinize them. Maybe
    ya'll can improve their vocabulary! - Oh.
    I almost forgot! Get ya'll a few pairs of
    ballet slippers & quit traipsing around on
    floors where your dogs have scooted their
    worm-infested butts! I'm wearing my BALLET
    SLIPPERS today; and I do not stand to profit
    off of BALLET SLIPPERS! Oh yeah! Lazamataz
    is one Freeper I encounter from time to time.
    He seems to be shallow. Love, TWINKIE

    1. 1) most folks here don't obsess, it's fun and interesting; a bit reality-TVish, but political.

      2) While picking on individual Freepers or posts may not be fair, over time you get a pretty good zeitgeist, and it's not pretty.
      For instance, the consensus about there being no moderate Muslims.

      3) Liberals have their partisans, to be sure. And they probably swear more. But Freepers seem to be effecting the GOP a lot more than DUers effect the DNC.

      Keep in keeping on, Twinkie.


    2. Has Laz offered or tried to "Hit it" with you twinkie?

    3. Twinkie sounds guilty. Laz would not hit it.

  4. I have to admit, Aunt Esther on the $10 bill made me chuckle ... I'd actually be OK with that.

  5. Oz. It is "affect", not "effect". Twinkie
    took spelling back when they had spelling
    bees & gave us words that weren't in the
    books they gave us to study. Ya'll are
    depending on Spellcheck too much. It will
    let you down every time! - Twinkie's
    trying & is probably "trying" as well.
    No. Liberals don't just swear "more". They
    cuss every other word and use the "F" word
    a lot. I'll get off your website blog soon
    as I'm just taking up space & not "getting"
    liberals. - IF there are actually any
    "moderate" Muslims; they're keeping their
    pieholes shut tight - & who can blame them?
    I don't agree with "kill all the Muslims".
    "Freepers" did not get that from Christ!
    I'm a Southerner. Great granddaddy fought on
    the Confederate side at Shiloh. Said it was
    "a MESS". My daddy fought the Nazis in WWII
    in Italy & Germany; felt sorry for the
    ordinary conscripted German soldier - but
    they were shooting at him & he shot back,
    all the way to Berlin & beyond. Life & other
    stuff makes you what you are. Many Freepers
    are old & been through the wringer. TWINKIE

    1. How fuck dare fuck you fuck say fuck liberals fuck swear fuck every fuck other fuck word fuck?

      That's just offensive.

    2. Your daddy fought all the way to Berlin and beyond. Was he one of those commie Soviets?


    3. You didn't mention ballet slippers, guys I don't think this is twinkie

    4. Well, you were as pleasant and odd as you are on Free Republic, Twinkie.
      You're wrong about the Muslims - I have a bunch of Muslim co workers and they're just normal folks.

      I don't swear a lot myself, but if I worried a lot about swearing, I would have missed Deadwood!

      I'll leave you by noting that the great thing about being human is that we can strive to rise above being just the sum of our experiences.

    5. "IF there are actually any
      "moderate" Muslims; they're keeping their
      pieholes shut tight" See, here's the problem: When grown people spend 5-10-20 years reading all their commentary from ONE single source, it's possible -- just possible -- that if there ARE moderate Muslims (or liberals, or anyone else) -- you are never going to hear about it, because you're sending Jim Robinson your money to hear echoed back to you what you already think.

      That being said -- I think you are under the misapprehension that those of us who comment here hate Freepers. I don't speak for everyone, but I don't hate anybody. I just think their more over-the-top inhabitants are at turns hilarious, kooky, internally conflicted, hypocritical, and all kinds of other crazy, and it's fun to analyze them. That's all. The main difference between me and the more extreme Freeper: I'm not plotting to shoot to kill every single thing on this Earth that I fear or do not understand. Peace, Twinkie. Keep reading here -- you might let some air into your chamber if you do.

  6. The irony of that last photo is probably lost on Freepers, did they donate to the freeper thon today?

    1. Less than one year left until our current long national nightmare is over!! January 20, 2017 can't get here soon enough.

      They just can't wait for President Hillary, can they?

    2. I'm split on my hope for freeperdom ...

      either Hillary wins and 20000 freepers have uncontrollable explosive diarrhea for days, or ...

      The Donald wins and within a month freepers find out he is more of a lefty than Hillary ever could be, and once again suffer spontaneous explosive diarrhea for his entire term.

    SLIPPERS. BALLET SLIPPERS! - See? (I put mine
    in the washer today & they washed okay.)
    If ya'll elect Hitler-y; ya'll can just choke
    on her & Billious. I'm old & probably on my
    way out of this mortal coil one of these days. Ya'll are the ones who have to live
    with the haggy urchin. - BALLET SLIPPERS!

    1. With Clinton II, even if I don't agree with something she does I have the compensation of watching: Rim, Oinks, DJMadCow, TheOldBag, EternalVillageidiot, GRENDLE, Lazmacaine and the rest spontaneously combusting every day.

      Both parties went into this as Monarchists. The only real choice they wanted on the table was Bush III vs. Clinton II. The Queen is going to ascend the throne because the likes of Freepers eliminated the King. I won't be voting for her, but anyone who pushed Trump or Cruz (you?) essentially already did.

      At least under Hillary you'll probably be able to use public rest rooms in your BALLET SLIPPERS! ;)

    2. "EternalVillageidiot" ...
      heh heh

  8. Today is Sunday & my BALLET SLIPPERS dried
    on the clothesline all day & overnight. I
    can't tell if they're really dry or not.
    They feel cold, so I'm still wearing my
    plastic hippie shoes with thin socks. -
    Ya'll are out of line with the Hitler-y
    stuff. Billious PROMISED her the Presidency
    for STANDING BY HER MAN in all his bad
    behavior. - Now to try to post this & get
    past all the "robot" hurdles on here. OK.
    So maybe Twinkie is a robot! Love,TWINKIE

  9. I cannot figure out whether this is pro-Nazi or anti-Nazi. What say you?

    1. To TWINKIE, it is anti-Nazi. Anytime
      a crowd gathers anywhere to WORSHIP a
      man; it's a FAIL. - My dad was a
      combat veteran of WWII in N. Africa,
      Italy & Germany. He had a great deal
      of sympathy for the ordinary German
      soldier; but no use for the Nazi
      officers. They mistreated their own
      soldiers serving under them (as
      observed from a distance via
      binoculars). A Nazi officer left his
      CO, Captain Theodore Noon, after
      shooting him in the neck, after
      STEALING his cigarettes while he
      lay severely wounded having his
      legs just about blown off by
      machine gun fire. If a man was so
      badly wounded that he was not going
      to fight you any more, they had a
      code of honor that you did not kill
      him if you didn't have to - at least
      the American soldiers did, & whether
      Hitler knew it or not, the ordinary
      conscripted German soldier also did.
      The Nazi officers did not. - OK.
      I will not mention BALLET SLIPPERS
      any more. I am wearing mine right now
      as they finally got dry. I will say,
      you men would be seen as "sensitive"
      if you would wear them around the
      house. - The plumber is coming today.
      I wonder if he will be wearing his
      BALLET SLIPPERS. - twinkie, no