Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Pix Pt. I

Become that clearly immoral slattern? Freepers say no!
I love this. The two wings of 'libtards' and 'RINOS,' the weird perspective, the sword not actually connecting to the dragon, the clearly inserted later anti-Cruz bit.
This is a well known liberal meme; they just added the 'GOP Big Donor Elite' label, as if that makes this better. Strange times.
See, Cruz is Cuban...
It always comes back to the wife. It's amazing to see Freepers treating Cruz with all their anti-liberal tactics.
Trump's yelling about the GOP's rules being unfair is helping him now.
Isn't that actor like Freeper levels of conservative?
This...doesn't cut the way Freepers think it does.


  1. This ... DOES cut EXACTLY as "Freepers"
    think for any intelligent person. Bernie
    was a lounge lizard until he got some
    sort of a job at 40 yrs. of age. - Trump
    looked nice in his military school
    uniform & is hitting the right notes with
    a lot of ordinary people.

    1. "lounge lizard"

      "sort of a job"

      Do you see the problem any intelligent person would have with your post?

    2. Trump in his "Avoid The Draft" uniform.

    3. So -- pretending to be a soldier, and echoing back to people the words they want to hear > actually sticking your neck out for your beliefs. Got it.

    4. The public at large likes civil rights protesters, and doesn't like rich people coasting through troubled times on a cushion of money, so...

  2. Hillary Clinton should hire these Freepers for her campaign. They're doing a great job of making the Republican candidates look bad.

  3. The "PC Muslim Marxist Media" image has unimaginatively replaced the Jews. How are they not able to see through this?

    1. They really don't like Jews anyway.Israel is the enemy of their enemy, and it has to fall for their quaint little Bible prophecy to 'come true' so that's the only reason they pay Israel and Jews any lip service.

    2. Christ is going to return to this
      earth. Probably soon the mess it's
      in. In that day, His feet shall touch
      down upon the Mount of Olives. He is
      now a King of Kings & He will return
      & this time He won't be the "meek &
      lowly Jesus" but will ride a white
      horse leading the armies of Heaven.
      The sword He wields is the Word of
      God, mightier than any two-edged
      sword. - WE don't like Jews YOU say.
      We pay the "Jews" more than lip
      service. God has not forsaken His
      people. We pray for the Peace of

    3. Why bother, when you already know what's supposed to happen? Waste of time, if you ask me.

    4. I bother to pray for the Peace of
      Jerusalem because right now her
      enemies surround her with demands of
      "death to Israel", as well as screams
      & shrieks of "death to US". TWINKIE

  4. Changing subjects. Ya'll MUST get yourselves
    a pair of BALLET SLIPPERS to wear around the
    house. - I've a pair & wear them all the time. The plastic houseshoes I had were
    drying out my feet, causing them to crack
    & hurt. - The ballet slippers are all
    leather soles & lined with silk & cotton.
    They are also tough as whit leather since
    they have to hold up to rigorous sessions
    of practice & performance. You can get them
    in black & white & maybe some other colors.
    I got black & want a pair of white ones for
    summer. My feet are doing better and not
    splitting & cracking. - TWINKIE TRUE

    1. . . On the ballet slippers. It is
      the closest thing to going barefoot
      without actually walking around on
      a dirty floor (here at least!) where
      the animals are scooting their rumps
      around & probably leaving worm eggs!

    2. . . You can't wear the ballet
      slippers outside very much. Gravels
      & stuff stick through the thin soles
      & are painful. So mostly inside; but
      that's where we stay mostly.