Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Target: Michelle Fields

The grabbing of Michelle Fields and subsequent political fallout from the hamfisted coverup may be the first chink in Trump's armor. Or at least it seems that way. Freepers do what they always do when the perceive someone has actually damaged an object of their worship - they attack. And when it's a woman, they get to get out some misogynistic jollies as well.

Here, Freepers explain away FOX doxxing Ms. Fields and forcing her to move out of her appartment due to the volume of threats she got.

GrandJediMasterYoda remembers when Trump had to move out of his house due to death threats:
“...opening her up to harassment.”

Wow how about that, Karma.
Williams knows the charges are false, which means she should have her life threatened:
Sure just because you make a national story by attempting to criminalize nothing, why should YOUR privacy be affected. I mean you should be able to lie and possibly destroy a presidential candidate, go on tv crying, promote your new book, and then kick back in your cozy apartment because reporters never bother anyone at home.
stockpirate knows what women who say things he doesn't like are!
Prostitutes like their number being out in the public, they get more business that way.
circlecity seems to think there are no rules in boxing:
IF she didn’t want to fight she shouldn’t have gotten into the ring.
GilGil has contempt for a woman who doesn't stick around in the fact of death threats:
What a little coward piece of road kill. She thought nothing of making Corey’s life hell. He did the right thing and faced the music. She has another bad hair day and runs away.

This woman is total trash.
Yay! SubMareener found an unflattering brunette from pop culture to compare brunette Fields to!
Now I know why Michelle Fields looked familiar! She looks like Zoe Barnes that female reporter in House of Cards who 'developed' Frank Underwood as a source.
donna manages to draw the broadest and dumbest generalization in the thread:
How can women (like those 16-female ‘conservative journalists’) survive in combat if they can't even survive a media scrum?
Videotapes bedamned, miss marmelstein is feeling like a truther:
Let’s watch this. At this point, given her history, I do not trust her.
As the Bible says, Aleya2Fairlie has no sympathy:
She who diggeth a pit shall fall therin” or something like that. I’m trying to find some sympathy for her......nope, can’t. How many times does this woman get caught lying before everybody knows her for what she is? It’s no longer open to doubt.
CAluvdubya takes offense at another poster's hypothetical:
Ok, what about you, would you like for your home address to be posted online for all the New Black Panthers to see. After you accused their leader of some wrong doing.
Now I am not comparing Trump and the NBP’s. Just using them as an example of giving your home address to the other side, of a legal action. Would that be okay? I personally would not release that kind of information regardless of who was involved. With possibly one caveat, I would be okay with releasing a suspected pedophile’s address, to either warn future or find past victims.

I don't care what you claim, this is equating Trump supporters to New Black Panthers! This is uncalled for.
dforest also with the 'she's a slut' attack:
I am sure every guy looking for a skank already have her phone number anyway.
Brookhaven invokes Alinsky and thus all bad tactics are liberal and thus fair game for conservatives to use against liberals like this Breitbart reporter:
He who lives by the Alinsky, shall die by the Alinsky.

Filing bogus charges to make their opponents lives miserable is a standard tactic for the left (see Sarah Palin and Scott Walker for examples).

Publishing personal data about people is also a standard tactic for the left (like when the left published the info for anyone that supported the prop-8 gay marriage ban).

I too hate that this is what our politics have come to, but (to used an old school yard line) she started it. She set the rules by deciding to fight using leftist rules.
Brookhaven would like to introduce Freepers to GamerGate:
This account has a definite Anita Sarkeesian / Brianna Wu / anti-GamerGate smell to it.

If you are not familiar with #GamerGate, THIS is the time to become familiar with it. It seems obvious (to me anyway) we’re entering a period where the left is starting to use anti-GamerGate tactics against us.

We need to become familiar (and start using) the tactics the #GamerGate people used, because:

1) the GamerGate people WON

2) the GamerGate people were the first group to not only successfully defend turn back a PC-left attack, but make gains against the PC-left.

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  1. God, this shit makes me want to doxx every single ones of these "people" and post it to /b. See how funny death threats are then. And I don't even like Michelle Fields.