Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The pivot is strong

Trump's recent flurry of liberal positions seems a clumsy pivot, if that's what it is - suddenly coming out for transgender choice in public restrooms, for taxes on the rich, and having his surrogates say Trump's wackiness is just for show. But it doesn't need to be very good yet - Freepers will stay with him no problem, and the GOP is desperately looking for an excuse to back him.

I say over and over again that nativism is the only true Freep principle. The number of actual fundamentalists is quite small. The rest will yell about all sorts of other stuff, but all of that is just tribal signaling that they will throw overboard when it is inconvenient.
But it is amusing to watch them rationalize their way into mainstream liberalism for Trump, even on the wedge issue of transgenders and bathrooms.

Jim Robinson spins on Trump's behalf:
Trump says leave it the way it is, ie, men use the men’s room women use the women’s room. No biggie.
His mind mad up, Jim Robinson will not hear any other facts!
Jim, respectfully, that isn’t what he said. He said let them use any bathroom they want to use.

I heard him say “leave it as it is.”
And Jim Robinson's still in purge mode:
Of course we should focus on the border. That is why his statement committing to a pathway to citizenship for illegals is so disgusting.

Liar. Bye.
cardinal4 cares only about three things, none of them social issues:
Islam, illegal immigration, and Federal and Supreme Court justices are my main requirements for the next POTUS. All the other stuff is just a distraction. I believe that addressing the former will take care of the latter..
Lakeshark raves about Trump's statement - not as bad as everyone says!
I read all the headlines earlier, and said that Trump had lost it.

Then I listened to the interview.

It was tiniest of gaffes, not worthy of attention, and what was reported was never true.

The GOPe/Cruz conglomerates are just as hard at work as Media Matters were.......they should be ashamed of themselves.
reaganaut sees to have some family issues:
There are more important things to worry about. I grew up in a gay town (Palm Springs) and in the gay culture because I had a gay father. I oppose homosexuality, but at the same time, I grew up with Trannies and them in the bathroom was never an issue it hasn’t been until a couple of months ago. Most went to the mens room, some went to the women’s no one cared. The libs have seen this as a weak spot to make us look like bigots and evil Christians and are driving a wedge.

There are bigger fish to fry. And I was never allowed in the bathroom unaccompanied.
double_down tells a story I'm a bit skeptical of:
Two people I know well have 11 & 12 year old boys being raised as girls. I feel terrible for these families as this is not what they expected when raising these kids. However, they are passionate about supporting their kids and have been lobbying our legislature for trans access to girls bathrooms and locker rooms. As a parent of a 12 year old girl, I am very opposed to these initiatives. It is an issue for me and will be for you when men start accessing the locker room where female members of your families change.
KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle thinks we need some perspective, and the coming apocalypse won't start in the bathroom:
Virulent Islamofascism spreading across the globe... both major political parties maniacally devoted towards transforming the United States into Mexico North, ASAP... the very concept of free speech going up in flames, across the length and breadth of a nation once fearlessly devoted to same...

"Potty rights" ain't even on my radar. Seriously.
KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle next explains how anyone criticizing Trump for this actual factual thing is being fooled by The Conspiracy:
The repeated image of poster after poster after poster hereabouts, undergoing the online equivalent of Grand Mal seizures over something as comparatively picayune as this -- while, even as we speak, the GOPe and the 'Rats are openly conspiring to transform this still-beautiful nation of ours into a Muslim-compliant quasi-Marxist "paradise," packed to the rafters with the cheapest possible Mexican slave labor --

serves to remind us, anew, that there's no sucker so easily shaken down and stripped as a gullible and willing one, ultimately. Like watching a crowd of credulous rubes being clumsily swindled by an inept Three Card Monte man, it's both amusing and depressing, in roughly equal measure.
mouse1 agrees - Hillary bad, all principles not so important:
Hillary waltz’s into the Whitehouse....Presto we are in hell.

Couldn’t say it better myself. Every election I am like chicken little screaming the “sky is falling” - “This is the most important election of our life times”. Well, this time it really is. Cruz/GOPe continue to fracture the party beyond repair. This will effect down ticket races, both national and local. Criminal Clinton will be the president. SCOTUS picks will be left of the left. We won’t have another chance to fix it. Millions of new American voters will ensure the Republicans never win again. Welcome to Hell!

Bathroom issues are just a distraction from what’s really important.
Behind the Blue Wall has a bigger problem - fears of gay men lusting after his penis in the bathroom:
Technically I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable with openly gay men in the men’s bathroom. I don’t see how you ban trannies from one bathroom or the other without also addressing that.
SubMareener is pretty sure any criticism of Trump is insanity:
They can’t stop themselves. It doesn’t matter what he actually said. Trump Derangement Syndrome is it full force!
arl295 spins all of Trump's other pivot attempts. He should not quit is day job:
NO one is freaking out, just showing trump showing his true colors. Dont forget about his comments on abortion and raising taxes on the rich, all in one day. The mask is coming off.

He said he was going to fix the carry over interest loop hole, something hedge fund managers won’t like, this affects the uber rich, not the 50K a year rich that Bernie and the rest of the liberal hate

As for abortion, the three exceptions are just that exceptions. I don’t know how I can force a woman to have a child she did not consent to creating. She was a victim and now the rapist forced her be a mother and he is now the biological father. I understand the 100% anti-abortion stance, but I also see the rape exception as well.
lodi90 just yells that Cruz is totally much much worse:
Cruz showed his “true colors” strutting about in his holier than thou pose while stuffing his pockets full of homo activist donor money. And you CRuzies care not one bit about the hypocrisy and lack of principle of that.

Cruz and his parrots don’t care one bit about North Carolina. Barely said a word about it until Trump did today. This is just another political hammer to hit Trump with. Transparent. This inauthenticity is exactly why Cruz is losing.
Feeling liberated, arl295 comes out for a rape exception to abortion:
When you force a woman to have the rapist's baby, you are giving a right to that woman's womb to the rapist, you are saying that it is his, he can procreate with her without her consent. That is what you are saying. You are saying woman are like animals and have no say in who they get to reproduce with. Sure the rapist might end up going to jail for many many years, but he did get to father a child with the victim without her consent. And you demand that she has his baby.
always up for double duty, Georgia Girl 2 spins AND minimizes:
I basically agree with Trump. He isn’t saying NC has no right to pass a law he’s saying he doesn’t know that its necessary as so far it has not caused big problems.

How many trannies have you seen in the ladies room lately? I have seen none. Have not seen any news reports of it either. Maybe it won’t ever be a big problem. If it is then you deal with it.
AllAmericanGirl44 takes the new party line - the world is falling apart, so the culture war no longer matters:
Hear about China blowing off a missile? How about Russia’s aggression? New tunnels found from mehico to San Diego?

But please, let’s all ring our hands over this non issue and turn into a gotcha. Pathetic
sphinx responds to all this foreign policy BS fearmongering with some transgender BS fearmongering:
I agree that bathrooms will be mostly a non-issue, which is why the left is trying to make this all about bathrooms to show how uptight conservatives are.

But it’s not just about bathrooms. Obama is insisting that showers and locker rooms be opened in middle and high schools, on pain of the school losing funding.

And sexually confused boys are now entitled to play on girls’ teams.

I’m waiting for a 17 year old coed to show up in college next fall and find she’s been assigned a woman with a penis as a roommate — and the college will send her to reeducation sessions if she complains, because after all it’s two girls rooming together so there’s nothing to see.


  1. I strongly suspect ya'll are making this
    stuff up! Most all I've seen on FR is
    one & two word replies, or else Laz
    hitting on this or that. - Ya'll need to
    get outside in the sunshine! Ya'll are
    losing ya'llses marbles! Imagining stuff!

  2. GATES OF VIENNA! Ya'll can thank
    the people of Vienna of a time long
    past. The "Mohammedans" had raided
    cities, killing ALL in the cities.
    advancement was halted at the GATES
    OF VIENNA by Christians not afraid to
    fight. - If you don't know your history,
    you are doomed to repeat it! - Think
    before you ridicule TWINKIE for target
    practice with her great-great
    grandfather's ancient SMITH & WESSON
    revolver. - Your ancestors had GUTS!
    They would NEVER have allowed the likes
    of Hillary Clinton to gather heavily
    ARMED security around her while she
    hypocritically demands YOU be disarmed!

  3. Please don't stop posting, Twinkie. Your off-topic diatribes are very entertaining.

    1. TWINKIE is fast losing patience with
      trying to tell the TRUTH to people who
      REFUSE to listen. - We have not been
      taught the history of the Saracens &
      their ruthless marches of Jihad. I'm
      not intentionally diatribing. It's
      just too difficult to tell a story in
      a word of two. - I am old & was raised
      by people who STOOD; and when they did
      all they could - they were left standing - bloodied, but unbowed. It
      is serious & NOT off-topic. NOT REALLY! - TWINKIE

    2. Saracens were the Crusades, Siege of Vienna was the Ottoman Empire (several centuries later) and it was a Polish King who pulled the Austro-Hungarian Empire out of the fire on that occasion.

      You forgot to mention Charles Martel vs. Umayyad Caliphate at Tours/Poitiers several centuries before the Crusades.

      Anyone with a passable education knows all this, just like the know about the (far more successful) genocide of the American people by unwashed hordes of white, (nominally) Christian immigrants.

      The only difference between homicidal Islamic Jihad against infidels and Freeper genocide fantasies regarding Mexicans is that Freeper bigotry is (thankfully) surpassed by Freeper cowardice.

    3. Since YOU already KNOW IT ALL; why
      bother to defend myself against Lib
      allegations of "Freeper" bigotry &
      "Freeper" cowardice. - You fancy
      yourself "educated" & so far above
      the likes of "OLD TWINKIE" that
      there's nothing anybody can tell you.
      We didn't study all that world history when I was in school. More's
      the pity; but I do think I've enough
      common sense to come in out of the
      rain before my nose turns up where it
      rains into my nostrils & drowns me.
      Hitler-y can try to take my guns FROM
      & this country is still fairly young.
      If the American Indians had stuck
      together instead of scalping &
      killing each other; the white man
      could not have driven them anywhere.
      I will not apologize for the white
      man's success in North America. (My
      ancestors were Cherokees on both side
      of my parents. One, a Cherokee woman
      named Mary Ottertail who married my
      great,great,great,great,great grand-
      father down in the Indian Territory.
      He was a Scots/Irish trapper & they
      continued to live the frontier life
      well into the last century. On Dad's
      side of it, those ancestors had a
      plantation & slaves down in Indian
      Territory also. My great,great,great,
      great,great grandfather married a
      Cherokee Indian girl & his mother
      pitched a fit. His father gave him
      his inheritance in gold & they came
      up the Tennessee River by riverboat
      & settled on the river at Perryville.
      I always wondered why I had a vague
      feeling of uneasiness deep down in
      "polite society". . but; I've somehow
      managed to contribute to society; I
      reckon. TWINKIEBOT

    4. If we come off as condescending, it's not on purpose. We just note that religious wars are not a big thing in the modern era, and people bringing them up again have an agenda.

      Cool story about your ancestry. Mine is
      Hungarian and Irish, among other things.

      America can have started in sin and become something great. Acknowledging that is a sign of maturity, not of weakness.

    5. Feel free to apologize for the bigotry. The cowardice is a redeeming feature in context.

      As for your ancestry, there was no genocide because a couple of your ancestors rescued some genetic fragments by having babies with local girls? Got it.

      The ubiquitous presence of Christianity in the Americas has nothing to do with spreading religious ideology by the sword (or gun) though. That was the beatific intervention of the Holy Spirit. Not remotely comparable to a Muslim Jihad. Got that too.

      Oh yes, and American Evangelical Missionaries spreading lethal diseases to uncontacted tribes in the Amazon never happened. They were deep cover Muslim operatives in disguise. Besides, better to die young after baptism rather than live a full life as a heathen. No question about that.

      Now, about that bridge I've got for sale: it would make a terrific gun rack....

    6. Sarcasm sucks boulders! - It
      conveys not smartness, rather
      smart-ass-ness. TWINKIE

    7. Dismissing facts because of the alleged negative character (or even the BALLET SLIPPERS) of the person presenting said facts may be standard practice in FR discourse, but the rest of the planet classes it as the logical fallacy known as "ad hominem".

      Addressing an opposing position with: "Well bye" translates for anyone but a Freeper as: "I just realized my position is indefensible". That's why Rim has zero credibility. His bigotry, racism, grifting, hypocrisy, intellectual cowardice and general ignorance would be irrelevant if he actually managed to be "right" (meaning "correct" rather than "wingnut").

      That's why you'll never be zotted over here. Ozy might be wrong from time to time but I don't see him ever filing for Chapter Z Intellectual Bankruptcy.

  4. "Well, this time it really is."

    in freeper gulch ... when has it not?