Wednesday, April 20, 2016

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Right Wing gravy train edition

Hillary’s actual words:
(1 ) “Where is the G*ddamn flag? I want the G*ddamn f*cking flag up every morning at f*cking sunrise.
From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244 Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day 1991.

(2) “F*ck off! It’s enough I have to see you sh*t-kickers every day! I’m not going to talk to you, too!! Just do your G*ddamn job and keep your mouth shut.”
From the book “America Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p.90; Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning. “

(3) “If you want to remain on this detail, get your f*cking ass over here and grab those bags!”
From the book “The First Partner” p. 259; Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident.

(4) “Stay the f*ck back, stay the f*ck back away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f*cking do as I say, Okay!!?”
From the book “Unlimited Access” by Clinton ’s FBI Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, p. 139; Hillary is screaming at her Secret Service detail.

(5) “Where’s the miserable c*ck s*cker?” (otherwise known as “Bill Clinton”)
From the book “The Truth about Hillary” by Edward Klein, p.5; Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer.

(6) “You f*cking idiot” From the book “Crossfire” ~p. 84 ; Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event.

(7) “Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those f*cking sunglasses! We need to go back!”
From the book “Dereliction of Duty” p. 71-72; Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while enroot to Air Force One.

(8) “Come on Bill, put your d*ck up! You can’t f*ck her here!!”
From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 243 ; Hillary to Gov. Bill Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female.

This ill-tempered, violent, loud-mouth, hateful, and abusive woman wants to be your next President and have total control as Commander and Chief of our military, the very military for which she has shown incredible disdain throughout her public life.

...and don’t forget her most vile comment, about Benghazi : “what difference at this point does it make?”
Pocket industry in painting Hillary as some kind of rage-demon provided by Ancesthntr ("The right to buy weapons is the right to be free." A. E. van Vogt)


  1. Enroot? Commander and Chief? Why are these copy-pastes jobs always done by illiterates?

    1. Do you mean "enroute"? We all misspell
      words from time to time. YOU don't
      want us "Freepers" to dissect YOUR
      stuff for misspelled words or poor
      grammar do you? TWINKIE

    2. We're supposed to believe "eight quotes from seven different books" from someone who does not know "en route" is two words, not one, and it's Commander-in-Chief, not Commander and Chief. Accuracy and spelling are part of someone's credibility, especially when they claim to be citing sources.

  2. I think Freepers would cheer if that first quote was said by Trump. Come to think of it, they would probably cheer if any of them were said by Trump, but especially that first one.

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    1. Oh. And there are probably thousands
      of "Freepers" who come and go on that
      site. Some can't spell "cat"; but do
      have pity. TWINKIE

    2. Can't tell you how much I'm in agreement with you! When Hostess declared bankruptcy I went into a huge funk. I'm sure your did as well, so we're fellow travelers in that respect. But when Twinkies were brought back from the brink of death, that was a heckuva day. I love how you announce to the world about your Twinkie love. Keep it up. You inspire me. HO-HOS!

    3. Your trolling is original. If it gives you joy, feel free continuing.

      But read the blog too, some of this stuff is just wack, but some of it is bad craziness.

    4. From the look of the writing, I think this is Gijin or however you spell it.