Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bleeding Cleaveland

There are delegate shenanigans, and Trump threatening riots. Now as Trump's odds of winning on the first ballot are dropping, there's a call for Trump supporters to protest to come to Cleveland. As Roger Stone put it, "Ride to the sound of the guns."

This is basically everything Freepers want - armed insurrection against the tyrannical forces of The Establishment. Well, no black people or Muslims to shoot, I suppose. But will they actually get off their butts? Only time will tell.

poconopundit is into it:
Ride to the Sound of the Guns! On to Cleveland.
kempster is gonna be there:
I will drive from Detroit.
Rome2000 is gonna right wing organize!
Good excuse to visit my uncle.

And right wing organize.
CreviceTool has a crew, yo.
My crew will be there.
A new Freeper, a Republican lawyer, notes that convention rules allow these shenanigans. little jeremiah calls him out for being a troll:
Yes, I have been paid by political parties, but only for my professional legal work. No traditional campaign work, nor policy matters.

Most “political” legal work was when Dem-Libs would try to use the courts to achieve something that they had failed to do legislatively. Other work involved Conservative parties being sued by individual libs.

All the political work for political parties was never more than 5 percent of my work, but it always seemed to be an emergency half way through the Superbowl or more likely the Masters.

One reason I loved pinning the ears back of those young, snot-nosed Dem lawyers back was because they would wait until the Dallas Cowboys were behind but recovering to request an emergency hearing!

Oh, so you are a paid political operative troll. You’re even admitting it.

I certainly won’t waste my precious human life reading your droppings anymore.
WENDLE is suuuper into Trump:
This is fun to watch. The establishment republic rats hate them both. They are slithering like snakes to steal the eggs of the Eagle. I am hearing that THOUSANDS of trumpeters are going to Cleveland to RAISE LIVING HELL. Among them are armies of motorcycle guys ( THEY HATE REPUBLIC RATS!!) This is going to make “Only Black lives matter” look like a church service. I think all races are pissed. Blacks are breaking out of the spider web of the communist left. Hispanics that are not criminals or illegal entry aliens are pissed! I think what Trump told Rinse Penis is “look boy, You jack asses are not whipping me easy. You better check your back because this is WAR” Donald Trump is the greatest American since George Washington.
Another Freeper tries to engage the deranged rant. WENDLE sticks to his guns!
I know you’re excited about your man, but there are many, many military, political and other leadership figures whose legacies will never be surpassed by the likes of Trump.

So, let’s do keep with a modicum of reality here.

No Sir. No one has sacrificed for the good of the nation . No one.
Note that WENDLE doesn't say whether he'll be in Cleveland.


  1. Ah, let me wade through ...

    1) Roger Stone has been quite the rabblerouser lately ...
    Chances of him personally riding to the sound of the guns? zero.

    2) "Well, no black people or muslims to shoot ..."
    OK, this is Cleveland, there are going to be plenty of black people there, especially outside of the arena where the freepers are going to be. Oops ... guess they won't be staying around there.

    3) CreviceTool ... yeah I bet he and his "crew" have plenty of tools for their crevices, ha ha.
    Really, who would choose that for a user name?

    4) Self described fat and toothless little jeremiah has admitted on several occasions she hasn't voted for a president in decades, so, really, she's just worthless all the way around.
    However, it appears she and perennially unemployed "manc" have started a new on-line romance over their hope for a new Putin to take over America.

    5) WENDLE hears thousands of motorcycle guys are going to Cleveland to protest?
    More like a few dozen rascal scooter riders hiding in the nearest hotel bar.

  2. I'm sure it would break Freepers hearts to know that most of these 1% motorcycle guys are non white or probably can't vote due to felonies.