Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Does dennisw realize how ironic he's being?
Feel to vent and micro-aggress. You are in Jim Robinsons's safe space
JimRed explains you can't be liberal and objective:
...he is reported to be liberal, but also fair and not an ideologue.

Impossible; mutually exclusive. Fair and non-ideolgic do not describe a liberal.
ghosthost starts with an amusingly off-the-wall hypothetical, and then it gets twisted:
Not to mention, since White women/girls are the gold standard of porn, the hoardes of the world watch it and think they can come over here, or to Europe and rape at will. The pornographers should be rounded up and burned alive. make a video out of it and I’ll watch. Over and over and over
ghosthost also blames abortion for immigration:
one of the reasons why we are being flooded with low-iq savages is because we were fed a load of crap about a woman’s right to choose. Of course it should be punishable. Having babies should be rewarded
WENDLE thinks 'stiff rape laws' mean there is no more rape:
This killing of unborn humans ( hillary’s term) is an abomination to God. All those complicit should be harsly punished to insure deterrence. With stiff rape laws , there is no excuse for un-wanted pregnancy. ZERO.
The Pope urges tolerance for gays. onedoug knows what that means!
Homosexual Pope.
Bruce Springsteen is boycotting North Carolina after their latest anti-gay bill. Westbrook knows what that means!
To bad....he likes the queers what can you say

With a name like Bruth, what can you expect?
SoFloFreeper is sure you can't understand being working class unless you are currently poor:
A real man of the people: makes MILLIONS more than the "working class" people he pretends to care about...
And finally (on this subject), West Texas Chuck claims to be the Ultimate Arbiter of Musical Quality:
Bruce Stinkweed is still out there running his lefty mouf, eh?

I did not know that. I can’t stand that twit. I have one of the most awesome music collections known to humankind, but I don’t have a single song that idjit wrote, performed on or had squat to do with.

Accident? Possibly, but I doubt it.
Spok explains the media covers up how all bad things are Democratic and all good things are Republican:
The MSM has conditioned leftist politicians to say and do anything, knowing all the harm they inflict will be blamed on Republicans. The second Obama leaves the White House, everything he has destloyed will be blamed on the new president, provided he is a Republican. The public will buy it.
Zeppo is pretty sure an anti-Cruz high school student has sealed her fate, because liberals are never successful, I guess?
Clearly Destiny Domeneck has a great destiny ahead of her.

As a minimum wage fast-food cashier, that is (until the combination of excessive minimum wage mandates and the advent of more-capable automated systems pushes her out of work).

Tough luck, Destiny... You ‘coulda been a contender’, if only you had had an open mind instead of being so determined to go through life as a know-nothing...
KTM rider saw some black people voting 8 years ago, and now things all elections are rigged:
I am now convinced the elections are rigged. I first became aware of it in 2008 when I personally witnessed 14 bussloads of blacks in LA California in a revolving line filling out "provisional ballots" that were being dispenesd and accepted by the county recorders office. Sheriffs officers stood watch over the crime as it occurred.

I reported it to Brietbart news but they ignored it.
W. finds the existence of government to be very Nazi-ish:
The way the minions of 0douchebag carry out his orders is frightening. Way too close to Himmler, Goebbels and the rest of Hitler’s bros, IMO.
Robe has a new twist on an old Obama conspiracy:
I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God.

Except Obama didn’t mouth those words at the swearing in...
OMG! I wonder which magic words Obama didn't say!

I know I post similar things every few months or so, but I can't get enough of HKMk23's repetitive and rage-belabored 'We were about to win in Vietnam' revisionist history:
Here’s the “what”: Korea to an extent, and Vietnam to the extreme, taught EVERYONE who was paying any attention at all that going to war is either an all-or-nothing commitment, or an unqualified disaster. You DO IT, or you DON’T. There can be NO half measures.

Our failure to COMMIT in Asia, and the resultant stupidity of sending guys in there anyway — those events taught every politically astute person of any intellectual capacity worth noting that NOBODY ought to EVER lend the left an ear when armed conflict is on the table. Or anything else, for that matter, but certainly when war is in the balance.

Hell, we’d have mopped up in BOTH of those places had we just got solid commitment to get in, get DONE, and get out. Top brass in North Vietnam admitted years afterward that the Tet Offensive was their last hurrah. Had we stuck in there after that assault we’d have broken their back; they had nothing left to throw at us after that. But, NOOOooooo, we had a steaming pantload of handwringing domestic leftist pukes we thought we had to listen to and appease. And we did. And we left. And we lost; allowing our own cabal of aggrieved leftists to make the call to throw victory into the jaws of defeat.


But for the American political left, we’d have STAYED in Vietnam past Tet, we’d have discovered then what we only learned many moons afterward; we’d have succeeded instead of failing, and the lives we lost over there would have been worth losing, because we’d have WON, and a whole nation of people would be FREE, today.

...AND those on the right who listened to them.

Fear not, though. Fear not.

EVERYONE responsible WILL get their due; their just reward awaits. There IS an eternal flaming Hell, and EVERY corner of it is PLENTY hot enough.
In the same line, but EVEN BETTER, is dsc's explanation that all our Asian adventurism was being won by Republicans and being lost be Democrats (including 'that commie pig Trumanovich!')
we didn’t just “leave.” Nixon’s program of Vietnamization, preparing the ARVN to defeat the north, had succeeded. All they needed from us was materiel. It was that—beans, band-aids, and bullets—that Kennedy and his cabal of traitors denied them, breaking the solemn word of the United States of America for no reason other than the lust to do evil.

“BTW, my dad and uncle served there; my dad a former Marine pilot and my uncle a chopper pilot.”

Don’t disgrace them further by claiming that their sacrifices were meaningless.

“As for Korea, we did stop China and the Norks from taking over the whole country.”

If that commie pig Trumanovich hadn’t been betraying humanity from the Kremlin on the Potomac, they wouldn’t have gotten any of it.
rlmorel heard Sec. State Kerry was visiting Iraq, so he had to get his crazy in:
He is likely there to shore up things with ISIS and their ability to fight.
HLPhat thinks our rampant gayness is gonna destroy America any day now:
I think now it is about delaying the collapse.

It think it’s about surviving the Due Penalty for their perversions described in Romans chapter 1.

Nature always rules, eventually.
Buckeye McFrog is ready for a Big War:
1775 - Lexington and Concord
1861 - Fort Sumpter
1944 - Normandy
2016 - Cleveland, Ohio
Witness a common Freeper ritual, where Syncro makes up facts that everyone knows but no one talks about because of political correctness:
The high incidence of homosexual rape in the military is not reported but it is rampant all through the different branches.

It would be homophobic to report it.
tophat9000 thinks the GOP's one reason to exist is propping up illegal immigration and free trade:
truth is I’ll tell you right now if Trump hadn’t started out made hardcore statement about the illegals the GOPe probably be going with him.....

the statements about illegals and trade... they believe Trump means exactly what he says on those... that’s what driving the establishment nuts.....

that’s money....

The DC establishment uniparty is more afraid of Trump then they are socialist Bernie Sanders....
Rome2000 has one requirement for President - not a lawyer:


Of course, Back in 2011, Rome2000 had a completely different requirement for President - only veterans:
The Romneys are cowards and snake oil salesmen.

Its unconscionable that they en mass have forsworn fighting this nations foreign wars, and he should be disqualified for national office based on that alone.


  1. "they wouldn’t have gotten any of it"... if it weren't for those meddling k-liberals!

  2. Having babies should be rewarded

    Even if you're black?

    1. How would this be rewarded? With medical care, paid time off to support family bonding and education for children.

      Can't be, that would be socialism.

      Can't see how the Freepers would reward having children without some form of public system involved.

      Oh yeah, WASP only.

  3. Wow. Word arrives re: Trump being shut out in favor of Cruz by the party in Colorado. Apparently people haven't been keeping up with developments there until now (including Trumps staff).

    Dogfight over the relative brilliance, corruption and/or crookedness of Trump and Cruz ensues: