Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More White Privilege

This time, in addition to arguing white privileged is an attempt to destroy all whites, Freepers venture into the 'real' reasons blacks aren't successful, and whites are. As recently as Ferguson, they were still clinging to the fig leaf of 'culture not race.' For whatever reason, they don't bother as much with that anymore.

Brooklyn Attitude starts us with what used to be the racist but in denial Freeper line:
White privilege is the imaginary benefit supposedly bestowed only to whites that is used to rationalize the poor performance of blacks resulting from behaviors encouraged by their self destructive culture.
equaviator puts it a bit more pointedly
Seems like all that “White Privilege” comes down to is having a majority of the population being more intelligent and having more common sense than the rest. Who’s fault is that, I wonder?
A brief digression for IronJack, who discusses logical fallacies while using a strawman fallacy:
There's a term in Logic for an assertion that is so vague as to be unarguable. I don't recall what it is, but that's exactly what "white privilege" is -- by design.

There's also the logical fallacy of Circular Reasoning, by which you present an assertion that is itself supposed to constitute proof of the assertion. In other words, the simple fact that you make the accusation is sufficient to prove it. If you argue against "white privilege," it's only because you're imbued with ... you guessed it ... white privilege.

See how neatly that works out?
aquila48 explains that prejudices are all true:
It’s basically a premise grounded in reality that generally speaking when given a choice most people would rather interact with a white (or asian) person than a black.

In other word it’s another word for prejudice.

But prejudice doesn’t come out of nowhere - it’s founded on persistent and abundant experience,i.e. reality.

And it’s for that reason that despite all the anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action programs, it will not go away.
Jonty30 notes that whites are naturally resistant to Communism.
It’s because whites are in the way of the communist takeover of the entire political structure.
So Russians are...?

gdzla doesn't bother to think too hard:
One reason really. Jealousy.
knarf lays out the history.
In the 1600's, white people dominated all known technology and sciences of that time

In the 1700's, white people dominated all known technology and sciences of that time

In the 1800's, white people dominated all known technology and sciences of that time

and even in the 1900's, white people dominated all known technology and sciences of that time

You can point out a colored achievement here and there, but as a race, black people never did anything for humanity on any large scale

(All the Otis elevators were a monopoly and yes, DID benefit humanity ... but the subject is white privilege, not individual achievement(s) .. )
Yeah...whites only have the 1800s on. Otherwise, you need to check out what was happening in China, and Islam, and Mali among others.

jsanders2001 has a boring list, but I liked this one:
# 2 whites are too nice and tolerant these days after years of being fed PC, fairness for all no matter who tries harder, equality / affirmative action, etc... Maybe if we ‘d start throwing homos from the roofs and stoning people we’d get some respect again.
Clear envy of all that attention ISIS gets.

jsanders2001 also met a racist missionary who thinks African men are just naturally lazy:
I heard a missionary say one time that he noticed one glaring consistency that might explain why Africa has not progressed very far. He said that when he visited any village he noticed that the men always sat around while the women did all the chores. After thinking about it, he said it made perfect sense why they still lived in huts made of cow dungwould and women walk 10 miles for water but never dug wells. They were just lazy in general.
PATRIOT1876 mentions bad music, Walmart, having children, and rascals, as reasons why blacks fail:
When I see a black person sitting right in front of the door of Walmart playing fecal Section 8 ghetto “music” waiting for their 13 your kid in good health riding around inside on a rascal, I think
“Black Entitlement Attitude”.
armydawg505 knows whiteness is America:
There is a more simple answer to why whites are blamed for everything: Those doing the blaming hate America to the point of wanting her destroyed. The best way to do that is to destroy the dominant class, to demand radical changes in the most basic, proven norms and to foment discontent, radicalism and violence to get their way.
This I Wonder32460 bears the burden of the world's sins:
Yes, the privilege of being accused of being the cause behind all the evil in the world, all because of the of lack melatonin.
This I Wonder32460 is hilariously close to being correct:
I suppose it was white privilege that allowed whites to end slavery in the USA. Unfortunately it is not white privilege that allows slavery to exist nowadays elsewhere it the world.
This I Wonder32460 one last time, with Freep's favorite meme:
Who introduced the western world to the concept enslaving black people?
Chattel slavery, the extra nasty kind America practiced against the blacks, was all Europe, baby!

How long until CodeJockey's position is what all Freepers say?
Naw... It’s because (and everyone knows but no one can say it) the Caucasian race is genetically superior to the Negro race in terms of intellect and cognitive ability.

Sure there are dumb whites and brilliant blacks but those are at the extremes of the curve.



  1. So many freepers are losers in their real lives, they need someone to blame for their own failings.

    On the other hand, a minority of freepers appear to be quite successful, at least in terms of career if not personal relationships.
    Their racism is worse, because it's inbred.

    1. Too many easy "answers" on "Freepers"
      coming from ya'll. We're Southerners
      born & bred. Not inbred. - My dad &
      his brothers & sisters grew up in a
      rural community. Their nearest
      neighbors was a NEGRO family. They
      visited & were playmates with these
      kids. The father allowed the kids to
      ride their horse together. I don't
      know if they worked the farm together;
      but I do know that the ordinary man
      back then worked like a dog to feed
      his family - black or white. Ya'll
      have "easy" automatic answers to
      everything, as well as quick
      "recognition" of "losers". Do you
      ever look in the mirror and wonder?
      I'd hazard a guess you do and that's
      partly what's wrong with YOU!

    2. And here come TWINKIE with the age-old freeper excuse ...
      "I can't be racist, I knew a black person once!"

    3. If "y'all rode horses and worked the fields together," why do you still think you're superior even though you and the "Negroes" you know are still poor?

    4. YOU don't know jack about what I
      "think". The term "Negroes" is an
      honorable designation. Just about
      everyone is "poor" now if you
      compare us to Hussein & Michelle &
      their outrageously expensive "wagu"
      steaks. It's not filling him
      out any; he looks as wormy as a
      rotten apple. Maybe he needs to eat
      a bit of the diatomaceous earth to
      get shed of those parasites that are
      keeping him so emaciated. No. I did
      not actually know many Negroes
      growing up. Our schools weren't
      integrated until a couple of years
      after I graduated high school.
      Our son dated a Jamaican/Scotish
      woman in university. We didn't pitch
      a fit about that. Fang's parents
      pitched the fit & it was really
      beyond the pale. (The woman also
      graduated from the same university
      our son did; and a teaching position
      was created especially for her after
      she graduated.) - Let me know when
      ya'll are secure enough to get
      yourselves a pair or two of BALLET
      SLIPPERS. THEN you will have arrived!
      Love, TWINKIE KING

  2. "Those doing the blaming hate America to the point of wanting her destroyed. The best way to do that is to destroy the dominant class, to demand radical changes in the most basic, proven norms and to foment discontent, radicalism and violence to get their way."

    which explains conservatives' every reaction to both obama's presidency and the fact that demographics are moving them out of the dominant class ...

    but trump will make america great again!

  3. Check out this comment regarding the increase in suicide risk for middle-aged white males (there are at least four threads on this topic):

    If they really are that distraught, then these sad people really should go postal first.

    Take out the faculty meeting at a nearby liberal college.

    Then kill themselves.

    20 posted on April 26, 2016 at 11:59:10 AM EDT by BenLurkin (The above is not a statement of fact. It is either satire or opinion. Or both.)

    Here's the link to the thread:

    Yes, this poster is straight-up advocating for the mass murder of innocents who are of different political persuasion. He is promoting the idea of hopeless conservatives "taking out" a faculty lounge in a blaze of glory before killing themselves.

    Seriously, these lunatics need to be watched very closely.

    1. as well.

      Had that saved for Monday myself.

    2. Wow. Simply stunning. It's amazing how it seems he won't do it himself. He wants somebody else to do his dirty work for him.

      We're now at a point where Freepers are openly advocating for murder-suicide plots and nobody there even bats an eye. It's very disturbing. I identify myself politically as a conservative and this is incredibly distressing to me. They are completely surrendering to despair and existential angst and giving in to their basest and primal desires. It is evil, plain and simple.

    3. I suppose ya'll would call me a
      "Freeper"; but I don't hang on that
      website 24/7. I work & clean my own
      house, cook, and do all the stuff a
      person who hangs on some website all
      the time would not do because their
      butts are welded to their office
      chairs. There are, I suspect,
      literally THOUSANDS of "Freepers".
      So far, I haven't read any of them
      advocating "murder-suicide plots".
      If I did, I'd tell them they are
      all wet & to GIT A LIFE. The same
      thing I tell ya'll. Get out into the
      sunshine & fresh air. These computer
      screens are messing with people's
      minds! - OH! And do get yourselves
      into those BALLET SLIPPERS & also
      NATURAL FIBER CLOTHES. Real leather
      shoes are intended for wearing. This
      polyester/acrylic stuff is hard on
      the human body. Fig leaves don't
      hold up too good either. Even the
      Good Lord provided Adam & Eve with
      animal skins for their warm and
      durable clothing. Love,TWINKIE

  4. A pretty awesome tagline:
    Envisioning (4.13.15 - That awkward moment in history when 53 million racists became sexists...)