Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tubman on the $20

Andrew Jackson was a legendary asshole, so despite his picture on the 20 is pretty badass I just assume have him out of my wallet. Freepers reflexively hate this because it's Obama, and because the replacement ends the streak of white males on our bills.

But in this thread anon found, we get the usual knee-jerk lamentations of America dying cut with an amusing digression into the Real Andrew Jackson - evil Democrat, or early Freeper?

lilypad is gonna be confused now:
I’m sorry but that bill looks like African currency.
arthurus knows putting women on your money makes you weak:
The de facto feminization of the society is becoming de jure. A feminine culture cannot withstand a powerful masculine culture, There are two such straining at the leash, China and Islam. Which of them will be America’s future?
a fool in paradise is one of many Freepers pushing for the obvious:
Anything to keep Reagan from getting on US currency in the next 50 years.
tanknetter - Jackson bad, maybe we can use him against the Democrats!
Jackson was the Democrat who gave us the Trail of Tears.

I have no problem offloading him from currency. It just needs to be repeated loudly and often that he was a Democrat.
RainMan - no Jackson good, because debt bad!
Jackson was a D back when being a D did not mean leftist whacko. Quite possibly the most conservative president ever ... the only one to ever completely retire the US Debt during his tenure.
Zuse - Jackson bad...and sorta Muslim?
Andrew Jackson was a white man who owned black slaves.

Just like the model of the perfect man, Moehammed.
Sam Gamgee - Jackson good, because AUDIT THE FED!
Jackson is one of my favorite Presidents and he saved America from banking interests. We lost in the end to the secret bankster meetings on Jeckyl Island in 1913.
DJ Taylor explains that Jackson's genocide was needed to save the Indians from the inevitable worse genocide that would have just happened:
President Andrew Jackson's relocation of the Cherokee Tribe probably saved them from extinction. In this day and age of "Diversity is a Strength," we fail to remember relations between different races in this country hasn't always been as tolerant it is today in this country. If you look at world history you'll learn that no country with a diverse population of different races, languages, and religion has long survived.

Countries don’t naturally form with diverse populations, and when in the past they’ve occurred it’s usually been as a result of armed conquest. These unnaturally formed countries have either melded together into a single population made up of one mixed race with one language and one religion or they’ve come apart, and they’ve usually come apart with extreme violence. The longer these diverse populations were forced to coexist with one another without mixing and becoming one, the more the hatred grew among them and the more violently they broke apart, but break apart they did, or genocide has settled the issue once and for all.

No, if Andrew Jackson hadn't moved the Cherokee people to a safe area, they, in all likelihood, would have perished one and all.
x gets greedy, and tries for both Jackson bad, AND Democrats bad for abandoning him...
It's a slap in the face of what the Democratic Party was for a century and a half. The country can take Jackson or leave him -- I can live without him -- but he was always central to the party. Obama, Sanders, and both Clintons have spoken at Jefferson-Jackson Day dinners, right down to this year.

But the party has repudiated its old base, just as Hillary Clinton abandoned the coal miners.
There not being an official design yet, Cicero assumes zerohedge's mockup is reality, and decides to boycott frowny 20s.
When I go to the bank to get cash, I usually get 20s and 5s. But the more I look at that, the more I think I don’t want the damn thing in my pocket. I don’t mind Harriet Tubman, but I DO mind that particular picture of her. I don’t want someone scowling at me from inside my pocket.
ZULU wants a black chick he can fap to. He pushes some deep cuts to find conservatives, too!
IF they wanted a black woman, they should have used Harris Falkner or Deneen Borelli!!!! Turman is one ugly broad!!
Because Obama has a hand in all things, morphing libertarian knows Hamilton was only spared because Obama loved that hippity hop musical:
The Play Hamilton is Imam Obama’s favorite. He will leave Hamilton alone.
And now a randomly super wrong fact from Vic S:
Hamilton was born in the Carribean. He couldn’t be President back then because “Natural Born Citizen” had a much different meaning. There were even some people that thought Jackson’s mother was Canadian and he shouldn’t qualify as “Natural Born.” What a long way we’ve come since then...
TexasFreeper2009 argues Harriet Tubman didn't do anything really worth commemorating, and should be forgotten entirely:
Good grief !

Isn’t is bad enough they are diluting the learning of real history with this affirmative action tripe?

Students of history used to learn about the greatest leaders in world history, the events, war, and leaders which shaped the world we live in today.

But now it’s the above plus and Harriet Tubman! (because she was black and we couldn’t find or think of anyone else the right color who did anything)

Give me a break, Alexander the Great, Ceasar, Genghis Khan, Nero, King George the III, Queen Elizabeth, Gandhi, Lincoln, Churchill, Stalin, Hilter, and .... Harriet Tubman? !!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! On a historical scale Harriet Tubman’s life was about as important as the lady at church who runs the library!

If I were black ... I would be INSULTED this is the best they could come up with !
In an impressive turn of revisionism, SkyDancer argues that Tubman wasn't even heroic at all:
Never helped free slaves - only slaves she did help were her own relatives and some that she knew very well. Perhaps maybe thirty in total. The highest reward offered for her was $100. Maybe she should have been put on a hundred dollar bill instead.
Iron Munro does the usual Freeper trick of replacing a boring story with some nice juicy imaginary liberal oppression:
Will they soon replace George Washington on the $1 with Hillarious Klinton and Abe Lincoln on the $5 bill with Moochie Obama or Al Sharpton?
terycarl reminds us blacks be dumb:
If you went to virtually any heavily black or Democrat area in this country, virtually no one would be able to identify Tubman. She was a great civil rights activist and instrumental in the underground railroad but her own people basically don’t know who she was because they are not highly educated in American history.
3boysdad's pledge might be more convincing if he was sure which bill we're talking about...
I will accept nothing but Hamilton’s from here on out!


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  3. Great entry. You are truly doing God's work with this blog. Thank you for reading FR so I don't have to.

  4. Great entry. You are truly doing God's work with this blog. Thank you for reading FR so I don't have to.

  5. God, I hope I'm not coming across like a know it all (fake degree) Freeper here, but what I love most about history (and why I ended up with a B.A. in it) are the small stories. The relatable people, or the stories about "great" figures that make them relatable. And college level education on the subject has drifted more and more on that direction5.It's not about PC, it's about making it come alive.

    On another subject I really hope that the spelling was supposed to be funny? "Moehammed" I mean it's still offensive, but at this point willful ignorance really bugs me more than the expected racism from Free Republic.