Friday, April 29, 2016

Spotlight Friday: PraiseTheLord

A cut-rate Butterdezillion who prefers to outsource her conspiracies to other websites. She spends a lot of time on Infowars, Roger Stone (whose legit a lunatic), conspiracy radio, and esoteric conspiracy media to breathlessly report random anecdotes as proof of FEMA camps, Scalia's murder, fluoride, and secret vaccine additives. Sometimes with sources, sometimes just 'I heard.'
And birtherism. So much birtherism. She was an early Cruz birther, and now wonders what he's covering up with his suddenly undocumented past.

Her other big cause is voter fraud. Every primary that doesn't go for Trump is stolen. In fact, she speculates every election ever has been stolen!

Fluoride is just the beginning:
Too many sex-altering hormones in our water supply. (Seriously.)

Absolutely. There is fluoride, which is BAD FOR YOU.

AND all the sex type hormones thrown down the drain/toilet.

AND dont forget THE VACCINES. ————— recall the story how in Africa they accused this, said no no.

But it was PROVED AND ADMITTED — bad pharma putting anti sterility things in their vaccines.


[That is so that no one can figure out what they are doing, only the record keepers know WHAT particular drug bottle goes to WHERE]
anti sterility, or PRO sterility?
hmmm do you suppose our vaccines have the sterilizations in them too ?
There's an agenda, but who knows what it is:
You have to wonder - all the stuff *they* are putting in the water, and the vaccines, and food => GMOs. Aspertame and all those other names they give it.

We do know they have an agenda.

Fluoride - mercury - aspertame -
The super well sourced FEMA Boxcars:
FYI — I heard a story on radio: The person was reporting what he heard, and that was that someone had called in to a radio program, and said that they were walking thru deep woods and came across a spur railroad track, with some shackle box cars.

They went inside and looked around, seeing the shackles etc.

hmmmmmmmm not so good
Alas, since she chose to make this her sig, I can't find if she says much more on this.

Of course Scalia was murdered, but why did they make it so obvious?
Of course Scalia was murdered.

It would have been EASY to have it look OTHERWISE.

But they didn’t.

Why??? hmmm — Hint Hint
Zika Hoax! It's actually from pesticides!
Have you seen :

Thursday, February 11, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Zika HOAX exposed by South American doctors: Brain deformations caused by larvicide chemical linked to Monsanto; GM mosquitoes a ‘total failure’

(NaturalNews) Despite all the public hoopla, all the cases of microcephaly being discovered in Brazil have never been scientifically linked to the Zika virus. A group of doctors from South America are now saying the brain deformations the world is witnessing are caused by the mass fumigation of low-income Brazilian people with a chemical larvicide, not by mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

What we’re seeing with the brain deformations of children, in other words, is more like the history of thalidomide,
Well, that one wouldn't have shocked me, actually.

Bill Clinton's black bastard:
LOL! Oh man, wait till he brings out Juanita Broaddrick.

And wait till he brings out Bill’s halfrican SON.

I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!

[Read all about in Roger Stone’s new book exposing ALLLL]
Did Hillary DOUBLE assassinate Vince Foster?
Lost Rose law firm records; Mcdougal; White Water; 900 FBI records; Technology transfers to China; Hillary’s cattle futures; bimbo eruptions LoL; Vince Foster dead... on and on.

I just heard that a SECOND bullet hole was found in poor ol’ dead Vince.
In response to Obamacare being upheld: All the conspiracies!
Oh geez, and now we’re going to have to listen to Obama and the drive-bys gloat about this for weeks to come....Ugh.









and ALL THE REST ~~~ [ Let’s pick one a day, or one a week, and just bang on it. ]
Trig truther Andrew Sullivan should report on gay Obama
Does anyone know if Sullivan has expressed his opinion about Obama and his “friend” Reggie Love? I would bet he hasn’t and will not.

You are right. The sicko needs to get his head out of the toilet/sewer. Pick on the sicko gay bronco bamma and all his men.

BTW have you heard that oh-haha has a ‘disease’ - eewwwww
Roger Stone on anti-Trump protests:
Roger Stone says IT WAS HITLERY !
= = = = = = = = =

 Roger Stone Retweeted

Alex Jones ‏@RealAlexJones · 4h4 hours ago

Breaking: Anti-Trump Protest Funded and Directed by Hillary …


Roger Stone ‏@RogerJStoneJr · 4h4 hours ago

Live now with @RealAlexJones : …


Roger Stone ‏@RogerJStoneJr · 6h6 hours ago

Leftist Rich Guy Jonathan Lewis funding faux Sanders protesters at @realDonaldTrump Rallies at request of @HillaryClinton
Roger Stone on the dark secret of why the GOP picked Cleveland:
Why in the hell did the GOP ever pick a Democrat cesspool like Cleveland for its convention?

Roger Stone answered this on Infowars some weeks back.
I dont recall but probably for a dark reason.

I have it recorded and plan to listen to it again. Will report back.
Not to mention the Rubio Sex Scandal!
Blogger Charles Johnson has broken some major stories in the past year involving members of Congress having affairs, and helped release videos that were devastating to the abortion industry.

Now, he has the scoop on a major story that could be the end of Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) presidential campaign, which is already in bad shape.

Read more:

Breaking: NEW Marco Rubio Sex Scandal – EXPOSED! This Spells DOOM For His Campaign

Read more:

Lots of PICS.
Yay, Pope Francis!
I am looking at that picture of His sweet open smile - and it is morphing from: Let Us Pray - to - Let Us Prey !

Go get em’ , Holy Father !

(I noted in a previous thread that I read someplace that he was known to be an ___-kicker. Very nice when combined with his obvious deep humility.)
Screw Pope Francis, I'm one of those Catholic Protestants!
The Church is one thing - the Pope is another thing.

One can leave the Pope - so to speak - without leaving the Church.

No Pope, no matter how heretical, would make me leave the Sacraments, the Doctrine, the true teachings, on and on.

Did you have any Catholic instruction before you decided to leave ? And what did you *leave* ?!
Nonbirther? Troll!
As much as we dislike Obama it doesn’t change the fact that he was eligible to be president. “

aHa TROLL <==========================
How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore...
I remember reading that brown clown/black bastard was raised in an orphanage, whose HQ was in Connecticut. Until an ‘adult’ age ?

Would he have gotten a SSN that way, from CT ?
Also Cruz birther:
Has Creepy Teddy Cubanadian FINALLY released his PAPERS YET ?!

And just what do they tell us ?????
In fact, maybe Cruz is a citizen of nowhere?
Mother was American. And then she was Canadian - in order to vote there and open a business - like other Canadians.

And Sinator sCruz may not even be a citizen of ANYWHERE !

[We really would like him to release his papers so we could actually see the truth.]
Seriously, is Cruz a citizen?
Cruz is a U.S. citizen, no doubt

How exactly do we know that ?

We do know he is a prevaricator.
Cruz stole New Hampshire from Trump!
I heard that ONE PERSON enters ALL the votes into some program there in NH, for the final vote tally.

No one is allowed to see or watch. Transparency ?!

Someone once saw some papers after an election and there were all sorts of scratches writings cross outs mess. ??????????!
Rubio stole Minnesota from Trump!
Let us not forget how FoamBoy *won* MN :

Voter Fraud in Minnesota — discovered by very suspicious computer warriors who dug and dug and FOUND THINGS !
Ohio will get stolen from Trump!

GoPee, having VOTE FRAUD planned, is getting INTO TROUBLE with their programming due to Trump overwhelming number of votes. Their computer models cant handle it.

So if they screw up everything THAT WE CAN SEE <===

Back in 2012, Obama stole the election, and Congress was gonna set it right!
” There is NO WAY to change the outcome if this election. “

YOU ARE WRONG WRONG there, kiddo !

Go to this site. See what it is petitioning Congress to do. It is IN THE CONSTITUTION. And it has been DONE BEFORE.

>>> Petition for Recount on the 2012 Presidential Election
>>>>>>>24,678 Letters and Emails Sent So Far <<<<<

A few hours ago the count was around 20,000. A few hours before that it was about 16,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

People are doing it ! The site shows a running list of those who have just signed the petition there, and how long ago. The top starts with just seconds ago - and a whole of of them.

Is this even real, man?
When has there ever been an election that wasnt stolen?


  1. Conspiracy theory people have always intrigued me. What causes them to tick?

    Is it placing blame for their problems on an external source?

    Is it plain old paranoia?

    Is it desiring to make themselves appear to be sane in a world gone mad and therefore important?

    Or is it because they are, most likely, older people who don't recognize the world as the one they grew up in and what the "good old days" back when they were young and had everything going for them?

    1. Ya'll aren't going to come up with
      easy answers for individual "Freeper's" theories.
      Most of us don't have time to dream
      up "conspiracy theories". - Heck. I
      get a catalog periodically with all
      sorts of conspiracy theory pamphlets
      for sale - with all sorts of weird
      ideas, one totally refuting another.

      Yeah. We "Freepers" are probably most
      all long in the tooth. Never you mind,
      you'll one day be long in the teeth as
      well & wondering where the time went -
      if ya'll don't get up off your arses
      & get to doing something more
      productive than psychoanalyzing us

      Years ago, I was sneaking some time
      out to watch some soap opera or the
      other, "Days of our Lives" I think it
      was. - It would come on with the same
      opening - LIKE SANDS THROUGH THE
      LIVES!!! - One day, when I was in my
      20's and that came blaring on the tv.
      I switched off the tv, said to myself,
      "YOU are SO RIGHT!" , switched that
      squawk box off, got busy, and never
      wasted another bit of my time on
      Luke & Laura's wedding or any other
      soap crap. -

      OK. Back to the BALLET SLIPPERS. So
      comfy. . and again, one day you'll
      wake up old if you're lucky &
      blessed. Love, OLD & ANNOYING TWINKIE!

    2. Everybody needs at least one crazy old lady in their family to keep Thankgiving get-togethers interesting.

      Unfortunately, Praise the Lord ruins her fun craziness with an overdose of bitchiness added in.

      Unlike out sweet TWINKIE, who is just FUN CRAZY!

  2. So with regards to the FEMA boxcars, PraiseTheLord is basically saying that she heard that someone said that someone said that they saw the hidden tracks and the shackles in the trains.

    That is indisputable proof that you cannot refute, folks! Lol