Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Freepers ambivalent about Cleveland riots

Roger Stone has moved beyond vague calls for violence to an actual specific plan to threaten violence: "Send a digital photo of the delegate who betrayed us, with photos of their family to The Forbes Group, so that we can expose them as traitors nationally on social media."

Freepers, even those that support Trump, are suddenly split when confronted with a concrete plan to turn to the ammo box they love to wax on about.

McGruff will only settle for voting to be public. Like it already is:
Sorry I’m not trusting anyone at their word anymore. I want to see their votes. Everyones.
ConservativeWarrior is pretty sure threatening delegate's families is about like Cruz lobbying them:
Trump supporters are now threatening delegates and their families. Exactly how does that help him in the eyes of the average American voter.

When Cruz goes after delegates he didn’t win, he’s “just following the rules.”

When it’s suggested that Trump try to keep his pledged delegates loyal to him, he’s “encouraging violence.”

Got it!

You Cruz supporters are a sad, pathetic lot. Can’t wait for Ted to disappear from this race. Can’t happen soon enough.
Non-Trump supporter xzins's gut is offended:
It’s wrong to camp in front of someone’s home. Just my gut sense of honor. Families are not the problem, and any thought that families might be threatened would be met by me with absolute repudiation of anyone who came up with such a plan.

I abhor it in others. I abhor it here.
GOPJ seems to think the GOP is an arm of the US Government:
How would the Supreme Court feel about ‘rules’ that rob citizens of their votes?
TXSearcher knows threats are what liberals do:
I have no problem with protesting........but threatening people, for not falling in line with their agenda, is what the socialists/communists know, the people who are the true antithesis of a free Republic?

"the enemy?"..........."traitors?"........."act of war?"

Something isn't right with the Trump evidenced with a comment recently on FR from a person who said they were willing to kill or die for Trump.

Trump needs to get ahead of this by publicly disassociating himself from anyone promoting this type of garbage.
IrishBrigade wonders if maybe false flag:
the inclusion of the last paragraph in the posted document causes me to think there is some chicanery afoot here..
grania thinks Cruz's shenanigans mean it's time for violence:
The situation has changed. Cruz’s ground game has folks signing up to be Trump delegates when their plan is to vote for Cruz second ballot if he gets that far. A person should not say they’re a Trump delegate if they at the onset have another candidate they prefer.
grania explains that she trusts Trump so much that if he says violence is OK, she's down:
do you think that you changing your mind was independent of Trump changing his mind, or is your definition of what is right and wrong whatever Trump has most recently said?

To a considerable degree, my opinion is based on trust that Trump will make good decisions as the situation evolves.
jackal7163 is also all in:
As opposed to the treasonous attempt to thwart the will of the people? Hell yeah there should be a price to pay! You want to steal the election, be prepared to face the consequences. We are not going to take this quietly.
CA Conservative calls a fellow Freeper on his bluster:
No one says you have to take it quietly - make all the noise you want. But if it turns to threatening opponents with physical violence or actual violence and destruction of property, I hope they shoot them down in the streets.
Mase even notes that Freepers throwing around treason is hyperbole:
Treasonous? Where were you in 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, 1976, 1972, 1968, 1964 and on and on.

This treason you speak of has been going on since before Trump was born. But now, because he complains and blames others for his inability to understand the process, or care enough to participate, all of a sudden it's treason.

Hyperbole much?


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