Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Felons don't deserve housing

An Investors Business Daily story about how HUD is trying to crack down on housing discrimination for felons? I knew there would be apocalyptic predictions, Obama blaming, and racism. But given the number of Freeper ex-cons, I expected a little pushback. But they didn't show; you'll have to settle for Freeper landlords sharing tips on how to not rent to blacks.

b4its2late thinks treating felons like they've paid their debt is giving them some giant benefit:
Total breakdown of the system. It seems crime does pay. What really is going on is what the Muslim stated when he got elected Fundamentally change America! This is what it is.

Yes, all part of his plan. And his approval ratings continue to get better.
cld51860 is all about that anti-Obama melodrama:
There can be no denial whatsoever that this administration is at war with us. On virtually every front. They will not be happy until all of our cities are third world crapholes. They want us living in fear and completely dependent on government.
reaganaut1 has a glimmer of why letting ex-felons have opportunities might be a good idea, but sticks to flogging the soft on crime BS:
The Democrats are the pro-criminal party, and the GOP should remind voters of that.

Convicts do need to live somewhere after they are released from prison. Let the landlords who think they can deal with such tenants do so.
Mere misinterpretation isn't doing it for headstamp 2. Time for dire predictions!
You will now be required to rent to convicted pedophiles.
George from New England smugs all over a Freeper who stumbled onto empathy through personal experience:
I know a guy that committed a felony ( non violent)when he was seventeen, did his time, went on to just work, make good money and pay taxes and have a family. He is forty now and still cannot rent an apartment in Texas.

That’s going a little overboard if you ask me. I would say after maybe ten years they should be given a chance. Lots of foolish kids straighten out.

By now you would think he’d own his own house !!
Trod Upon has decided regulation of landlords is a national tragedy that requires national purges:
So much for the concept of private property, tovarishchi. I’m afraid we’re going to have to round the leftists up and keep them in cages if national tragedy is to be averted.
I want the USA back knows this is all about race:
So minorities commit more crime than Whites. They admit it. And that’s why you will be forced to rent to them. And when they destroy your property, or assault normal people, you will be held responsible.

Welcome to 0bama’s world.
Defiant expects the race card to take down credit reports next:
I would imagine that an attack on use of credit reports would be next. Everyone knows those have a disparate impact, as some ethnic groups have a harder time paying bills on time than others. Hence, use of credit reports is racist.
uncitizen concern trolls that landlords are going to be forced to discriminate based on race:
This should make it even harder for good black people to find a place in a good neighborhood when landlords don’t want to risk not knowing.
Jewbacca discusses the illegal crap he pulls to keep the poors out in response to a post about a special price for tenants of proper pedigree:
I used to own properties for rent

At a time when the going rate was $600 I would advertise it for $800 - and if they could afford that they could surely afford $600, so I would tell the ‘real price’ to anyone I liked

it worked extremely well

I always make sure my properties don’t comply with Section 8 and ADA, so I am “ineligible” for gubmint assisted tenants (who you can’t turn away).

In a pinch, I take off all the light and electrical covers.
dfwgator has a solution for felons:
They need to live in prison for the rest of their lives.


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