Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Pix pt. II

At this point, I think every meme they've used against Obama has been applied to Cruz. Ayatolla Cruz must be next.
Strawmanning intensifies.  
Made by someone who has only distantly heard about women, but was offended by that hot/crazy graph on How I met your Mother.
Actually, not a bad look on him.
Everything is awful.
Even their optimistic scenario is mostly about bad things happening to people they don't like.
Trump makes haircuts happen.
Megyn lives rent-free in Freepers' heads.


  1. The daily JimRob affirmation that he needs to tell himself to absolutely sell out his own principles in order to win against a Democrat.


    1. FReepers are like a weird lovechild of True Movement Conservatives and Crazy

  2. FR down again? Not loading for me here.

  3. And, yet, Freepers still fail to realize that these mysterious outages only really occur during griftathons.....a fool and his money, I guess