Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This is how the world ends.

Via ay-nony-nony.

There has been an overflow of 'the latest Freep racist threads,' so I have to post this one lest the system melt down.
Freepers' enthusiastic sample bias about violent blacks continues with a story of a large brawl resulting in one death. One death is not generally worth reporting, but since it involves blacks you can count on the Drudge Report and Daily Mail to bring it to Freepers' attention. It gets pretty melodramatic.

IronJack really wants to shoot a black.
Knife in a reverse backhand grip. Cigarette in his mouth. Thuggin’ punk.

Two center mass and one in the melon for insurance.
Secret Agent Man wants to shoot lots of 'em:
And people wonder why one would want a high capacity auto.

And several extra mags.
IronJack has a whole badass fight scene choreographed.
Mash that cigarette into his face and the last thing he's going to be paying attention to is the knife, which you can then fold right into his own belly.

Stupid should hurt.
Feckless has a prison in his town, so why not be racist about it?
My town is 60% "Urban Utes" and Guacamolean gang members. Luckily they are already guests of the state.

If I had odds like that on the street I'd carry at least one KelTec PMR30 and extra mags.
PhiloBedo ain't wrong, but not for the reason he thinks:
I know this sounds racist, but I guessed the ethnicity of the perps before opening the article/thread. Is anyone surprised?
No one reports white violence where only one person dies, so I could guess too.

aquila48 doesn't get why only the daily mail can be counted on to bring you every black-on-black story it can:
This happened near AUGUSTA, GEORGIA (yes - in U.S.)

But we have to go to the British press to find out about it.

We have a “black” out on stories like this.

If you close your eyes, with just a bit of imagination you might think you’re witnessing a bunch of hyenas fighting in Africa.
Beagle8U found the names insufficiently whitebread.
They all seem to name their kids by picking random names from a Zimbabwe phone book.

I’m pretty sure they keep a stack of African phone books in every Hospital in America.

” Here...look through this and see if any of these names grab ya.” “Oh look...Chlamydia is a pretty name!”
Prince of Space knows white folks can also be violent:
There have not yet been crowds of that size or obvious weapons on display in regard to the redneck reality show people across the street from me. However, there were ambulances a couple of nights this week. Someone may have died.

We had a white trash family living next to us for 17 months. They went back to Ohio February 1st, leaving a trashed house and their cat, whom I’m now feeding. Classy people. The cops must have been on speed dial and the paramedics showed up a few times too. She had 6 kids with 3 different guys, 2 concurrent boyfriends during her stay, and her dad and step mother also lived there. It’s very peaceful around here again. :)
Tax-chick goes on an epic multi-post discussion of the white family bothering her. Freepers don't make the connection.
It’s in the street fairly often, but the numbers are usually 10 or fewer, and while there’s much evidence of alcohol and some of drugs, there haven’t been any weapons in sight (other than the 4th of July, when my own offspring were also involved with some exploits involving explosives).
Based on this one data point, Roccus goes back to making skin color the reason.
They have nice homes, expensive cars, expensive phones, nice clothes and are well fed. It still doesn’t matter.

It never does. "Poverty" is just an excuse.
Moonman62 blames Obama:
Obama wants every neighborhood to be like this.
cherry suspects incest:
is there any doubt that inbreeding is part of the problem?...first cousins probably shacking up together and they may not even know it....no wonder their offspring aren’t “right”...
kjam22 feels Biblical:
This is how the world ends.

I think so too....

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