Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Vermont Lt

I don't get this guy. He's a 1998 Freeper with a lot of Freeper views and conspiratorial theories, but he's got an independent streak. So Obama is working with Iran, but Zimmerman was in the wrong when he shot Trayvonn Martin. The left insists all criticism of Obama is racist, but Bristol Palin is a hypocrite. Hillary Clinton is a massive fatass, but the Confederate Flag doesn't belong on the statehouse.

We're like the USSR right before the collapse:
Our system is so decrepit and corrupt we are closer to the USSR in 1989. The difference is that no one expected the USSR to fall apart in front of their eyes. We are watching our “empire” decay around us.
Millennials don't whine that much?!
They don’t whine any more than we did as kids.

I have two of them. They are growing up fine.

I like making fun of them though. Snowflakes.
The San Bernardino shoulda dissed Obama - Muslim style
All they need to do is sit down, take off their shoes, and turn the soles of the shoes towards him as he speaks.

He will know what they mean.

Silent, yet very insulting without threatening.
The Confederate Battle Flag belongs in a museum?!
It a flag from another country.

It belongs in the cemeteries of that countries soldiers.

Private property displays are up to the owner.

But we don’t fly the colors of foreign countries here in the U.S. I was in Boston this weekend. The Union Jack was not flying on Beacon Hill.
Weight Watchers is the place for hard truths.
I was once in a weight watches meeting and I had to listen to these fat women bitching because their doctor had written down that they were “obese.” After listening to the fattie snowflakes for five minutes, I raised my hand. I explained to them that categorically if we were in weight watchers the medical term was “morbidly obese” so their doctor was actually doing them a favor.

People need to relax.
Obama is begging Iran for a war:
He is saying to the Iranian,

“Look, we need another war right now. Unless you want to be on the receiving end, you will get Assad to use those chemical weapons again. I really, really need a war.”
He's furious at US hacking Iran's nuclear program:
When did it become OK for the US to attack another country without he bullshit war powers act authorization?

This has me beyond angry.

This clown is goingbtonhave us all sitting around a campfire with our thumbs up our butts.

People will die because of his incompetence.
Zimmerman was acting like a fool?!
Zimmerman was acting like a fool.

Had he done as he was told, the kid would be alive and he would confine driving around the neighborhood thinking he was the protector of the world.

The fact that he was following this guy and not backing off as told, could have been perceived as intimidating to Travis. It could be perceived that HE was acting in self defense.

Zimmerman gets no pass in this thing. I hate how this is blowing up. But it is his fault.
Revenge for World War II:
I kicked a Toyota today in a parking lot.

Did not leave a mark, but I did it for my Uncle.

I have forgiven, but the japs owe my family, one full uncle, the leg of another uncle, the eye of a third uncle, and the mental state of a couple more.

When I get that package in the mail, I will forget.
Bristol Palin is not a great abstinence advocate?!
SHE keep making it our business. At least Bristol does. She spouts out about abstinence and then goes out and gets knocked up again.

She is old enough that she is not her “mother’s” problem. But Bristol should shut up, raise her kids, and stay home with her legs crossed.

I know after our second kid, we did not have enough energy to do anything else. That will be good for Bristol.
Liberal strawmen keep defining racism down:
Lets just condense this down to its most basic: Any criticism of Obama is racist. And it should be avoided at all costs.

Obama - Revolution is in the air:
He will be remembered alright. Just as we recall Czar Nicholas and Marie Antoinette. The last of their kind.

There is revolution in the air.
Keeping his own counsel on Trump or Cruz?
I don’t know who I will vote for in the Presidential race, but I am voting against everyone else on the slate. If they are in, vote them out.
Though he thinks he knows who will win:
I cannot wait to see Trump wreck this hag.
What the hell website does he think he's on?
Excluding information from a source just because you don’t agree with it is a bad plan.


  1. "I kicked a Toyota today in a parking lot.
    Did not leave a mark, but I did it for my Uncle.

    And this, in a nutshell, shows the typical infantile freeper intellect at work.

    1. I don't get it.

      That vehicle is another person's private property.

      You know that God given inalienable right that someone purchased with their own sweat and hard to work that the barely managed to scrape together because the government is taking nearly everything they rightfully earn.

      And he goes and assaults it.

      Isn't he lucky the owner didn't exorcise his second amendment rights to defend his property.

      The levels of cognitive dissonants is astounding.

  2. "Freepers" do not agree. IF they did; they'd
    be "Dhimmicrats". - A lot of 'em ya'll cite
    I have never encountered; and I've spent a
    lot of time on FR. - IF your intellect is
    infantile; you either don't know it, or you
    don't admit it. Most of us "Freepers" have
    to work to keep the wolf away from the door,
    AND to support all the "baby mamas" out
    there & pay for their $200 dreadlock hairdos.
    - OK. I go back to the suggestion that ya'll
    get yourselves a pair of BALLET SLIPPERS
    for padding about the house & STAY AT HOME
    & quit the demonstrating! Remember, the word
    "demonstrating" begins with DEMON! TWINKIE

    1. Glad you got the ballet slippers in there!

      Because we all work and pay taxes too - we just focus on the poor folks who deserve a bit of help rather than constantly conjuring some dusky sort who is gaming the system. I leave to you whether optimism or spite is more mature.

      And kicking a Toyota in revenge for World War 2? That's kid's stuff, no?

    2. This is the problem with word-salad wingnuts like Freepers. Is this real? Is this satire? It's hard to tell.

    3. "A lot of 'em ya'll cite
      I have never encountered; and I've spent a
      lot of time on FR.

      Almost all of the freepers cited are fairly prolific and active on FR, thus attracting attention for their kooky-loon commentary.

      But yes, not ALL freepers agree.
      However, over time, many of the more reasonable and pragmatic freepers have been zotted, either by running afoul of the harpies or catching JimRob when he's woken up constipated (again), thus increasing the kooky-loon ratio.

      Heck, it wasn't even that long ago that one could get zotted for bringing up Cruz's Canadian birth, back when Cruz was in FR's canon of conservative saints.

    4. ozy's highlights don't count if twinkie hasn't hooked up with them.

  3. Oz; I don't damage other people's property &
    I don't know all these "Freepers" ya'll are
    quoting & dissing. Except for that
    dpsomethingorother; I never heard of most
    of them. True; some "Freepers" stay up all
    night & hang out on FR. Not Twinkie! If I
    don't get some sleep at night & maybe a nap
    in the daytime; I am not worth a plug
    nickel the next day. - Oh; and I am totally
    serious about the BALLET SLIPPERS - for men
    & women alike. . and this thing makes me go
    through hoops & pirouettes to prove I'm not
    a robot . . and some of the stuff asking
    which pics have grass in them . . it's hard