Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Spotlight: grey_whiskers

Had my eye on him for months, and when the Ted Cruz affair rumors hit, I knew this was the week.
A Freeper since 2004, grey_whiskers lives in Minnesota with his wife and a boatload of resentment about women. He's Freepers' resident Men's Rights activist. Not like Old Sarge, who just thinks women shouldn't vote, grey_whiskers is full on Vox Day-citing women are entitled sluts red pill misogyny. He's also perhaps the horniest Freeper, always the first to make a dirty joke or speculate about a politicians' sex life.
Did I mention he's married? He posted about his wife liking the bawdy ballad "The Scottsman" less than a month ago. Love is a crazy thing

While women and sex are what make him stand out, he's been quite active for quite a while. Thus you can see him smugly predict how Romney's going to win up through the date of Obama's reelection.
He fancies himself a bit of a pundit, and he's saved all his vanities though the years on his profile.
I'm a sucker for a crazy vanity, but I found the sampling of his I read to be remarkably uncompelling. They read like a high school English paper, with a broad and obvious theses upon which he hangs a bunch of anodyne digressions and lame Lord of the Rings analogies. Except for the one about Sandra Fluke, which has some impressive contempt.

A lame, lame joke he's posted at least three times:
Is it true that Viagra just gave a $1 million contribution to a merger of the ¿Jeb? super-PAC and the Cruz super PAC?

It's called "Ready to Rise..." :-P
You can spot the Muslim moles on Free Republic because they think Muslims may not all be terrorists:
I had an office mate for 5-6 years who was of Syrian extraction. He was Muslim through and through. Best way to describe him was as an Arab nationalist. 5-6 years of hell.

Even he didn’t support acts like this.

Again, I ask you, who do you say is naïve?

You, for not realizing that the so-called "moderate" Muslims provide perfect PR cover for the importation of the others. Incidentally, on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog. Do you know their online identities, or to whom they have given money?

For that matter, how do we know you're not a deep cover mole? Srsly.
Hey, I wonder if Hillary just got laid in this photo?
I think she had just got off of a plane where she had been drinking; and possibly the wind tousled her hair as she walked away from the plane. She *does* kind of give the impression of being three-sheets-to-the-wind, doesn't she? Or -- though I hesitate to bring it up -- there is always the possibility that she ran across some fresh batteries (*shudder*).
I'll bet Trump got laid after that debate!
Prediction: After the way tonight turned out, Melania is going to jump The Donald's bones so hard tonight, he will be the now who has trouble walking tomorrow...
I wonder if this other Freeper has masturbated to Trump's wife:
Pictures of Melania Trump in various states of undress are available for free on the internet.

And in a totally unrelated question, have you washed your socks recently?
More speculation about Trump's sex life:
I’m sure Mrs. Trump only has an icky look on her face when Donnie takes his clothes off.

Maybe they do it in the dark. Lots of women reportedly prefer it that way because they are so self-conscious over (even non-existent!) cellulite.
The Freeper meme that Megyn Kelly has issues with Trump because she can't resist his manly charms:
Megyn herself looks moonstruck over Trump -- after he completely PWNED her over the calling Rosie O'Donnell names flap, she went on an unscheduled vacation and came back with a completely different, distinctly less feminine hair style, and a *lot* of anger in her eyes.

in the preliminaries before one of the later debates, he complimented her looks, and she all but flushed and cast her eyes down, murmuring something -- another female FReeper said that it was "Be still my heart."
Cruz's horny wang:
I did not see the latter comment,but I did see Cruz pushing out his groin while he was on camera. It looked bizarre and I thought maybe the ugly cowboy boots made his back hurt and he was stretching his back,but he looked to be bumping and grinding,not stretching . It grossed me out at the time,but it fits his horny pattern of behavior.

Why were you staring at his crotch, you perv? You’re just like dirty old man Trump. /Cruzbot mode>
Kasich S&M rumors
DIdn't I read elsewhere on FR, that Kasich and Gary Condit were into S&M stuff until that intern got killed under unknown circumstances, upon which Kasich suddenly left DC and got married?

In other words, *many* GOP-e types have affairs.
Ted Cruz affair analysis:
"Senator Cruz, what is your position on the unfolding mistress scandal?
Missionary or Reverse Cowgirl?"
More of the same:
If the allegations turn out to be true, I can hear Ted and his mistresses quoting Psalm 23:

Mistresses: "Thy rod"
Cruz: "and *my* staff"
Together: "...they comfort me" (laughter)
I'll bet millennials will prefer Trump over Cruz because his hot wife shows he's great in bed:
Younger folks never show up to vote.

And this time, after "feeling the BERN" of losing because of unelected super delegates, do you really think they'll turn out for Hillary?

I mean, they might show up to stop that (as they see it) Hick Texan Bible Thumper Cruz. Who (War on Women) had affairs witirrh staffers.

But Trump is from New York, and well, yes, he's had affairs, but ...(eyes glaze) look at that hottie he married...he must have something.)

Don't look at what women *say*. Watch what they *do*.
There is a Christian subset of the manosphere (e.g. Vox Day, Donal Graeme, Dalrock, Robert Stacy McCain...).

Secondly, there are a number of Red Pillers who are not PUAs: (Rollo Tomassi, Social Pathologist, Glenn Reynolds aka "Instapundit") and even some PUAs (RooshV) are beginning to publicly question whether sexual libertinism coupled with nihilism is satisfying. Return of Kings has had a number of guest posts by Catholic contributors.
Trump's philandering shows he's a red-pilled alpha male:
Trump has also said: “I have too much respect for women in general, but if I did [write about my love life], the world would take serious notice. Beautiful, famous, successful, married — I’ve had them all, secretly, the world’s biggest names...”

Definitely a red-pill alpha male, then.

No wonder the cucks fear him.
Women need to stop going to college and having sex before marriage:
Studies have shown the risk of divorce rises significantly if the woman has had more than one sexual partner prior to marriage.

Getting married to one of these women, with the attendant risk of divorce, and owing alimony for an indefinite period, is not a winning move. Nor even an intelligent one.

The women should stop being entitled sluts.
I'll bet Michelle Obama is the real villain and dominating metrosexual Obama:
1. This proves that it's really Michele running everything.

2. Which in turn proves that -- as I said in August of 2008, before the election -- Obama is whipped, and a scrawny metrosexual.

Anti-Obama Sarcasm Torpedo ARMED. FIRE!!
I'll bet Ted Cruz doesn't wear the pants either:
Cruz has a definite whipped-dog look to him in that picture.
Roll back women's suffrage
Let’s repeal several amendments, and only allow male property holders to vote.

And remove the income tax.

And go back to election of US Senators by their respective state houses.

And resume punishing treason with death.
Why women marry
Well we know that Trump didn't marry his wives for their brains.

Few men do.

Women marry up.

You know the problem with America? Violent music!
We need to start holding record company executives personally liable (financially and by imprisonment) for any crimes instigated by this stuff.

Freedom of speech does not include the right to shout "FIRE" in a crowded theater; nor "KILL" in a crowded group of unstable fatherless teenagers with access to weapons and no base of morality.

And if someone retorts in reply "you can't PROVE ANYTHING and start autofellating over 'censorship' " -- look how the left reacts to anything promulgating traditional morality, or rejecting gay marriage, etc. etc. Censorship exponentiated, with a helping of supercilious self-righteousness on the side.

Pretending spoof sites are true is actually super clever
Spoof site I think? I had that suspicion.

But so what? It's time we use Alinsky's tactics against the left.

They are defenseless.
Genocide of Muslims is okay because there are no civilians:
“Infants, infirm, diseased, handicapped, ALL OF THEM.

NOT ONE REMAINING ALIVE, for it is an insult to the Earth.”
Evil cannot be defeated with evil. Do not be a advocate for the satan...

Hey, didja notice when the soldiers came to Jesus asking for advice, he didn't tell them to stop being soldiers? He told them to be content with their wages and not oppress civilians.
Even less subtle calling for a Muslim Holocaust:
I remember an anecdote from a few years back (I couldn't find it after looking on Google for half an hour...)

It was on a German train, and the young Muslim was ranting to the Germans in the compartment with him , going on and on about how the Muslims were going to take over Germany -- "We are young, and you are all getting OLD! What can you do against five million Muslims?"

As he paused for breath, an old woman in the corner murmured at him "Seems to me we used to have six million JEWS too..."

The Muslim went absolutely silent and left at the next stop.

Don't know if the original source was apocryphal, but still...

you really don't want to p*ss off the Germans.

(Incidentally, speaking of World War II references, do the jihadists realize that the U.S. is the only country that has ever nuked civilians?)

NO cheers, unfortunately.
Lots of optimism about the 2012 election:
Look at the 2010 elections and Scott Brown taking "Kennedy's Seat" ; and yet Obama-Pelosi *STILL* strongarmed through Obamacare, and Benedict Roberts still contorted all legal reasoning, in sophistry worthy of Blackmun in Roe v. Wade, to uphold it by any means necessary.

Now look at the number of Tea Partiers gaining upsets.

And then add a dash of Chick-Fil-A.

And note how few of Obaama's Chicago-Thug Personal Destruction Memes ever get even a mere foothold in the public mind.

This may be a GOP *landslide* -- and Romney will be savvy enough to distribute some credit to Ryan.

To a pessimist the night of the 2012 election:
Which must be why Drudge within the last 5 minutes showed Florida as a literal *exact* tie.

Nice try, troll-boy.
Turns out schadenfreude keeps pretty well after 4 years!

Vanity post-Obama reelection analysis - we didn't have enough faith in capitalism:
In the aftermath of President Obama's unexpected re-election, and the even more unexpected further erosion of GOP power in both the House and Senate, the usual GOP firing squad has swung into action.
With Denethor, they have become crazed through looking in the palantir presented to them by the Power in Barack-Dûr, seeing only those items which that power wanted them to see, and giving in to despair. And so they cry, "Abandon your posts! Flee for your lives!"
Let us join together to explain why the hidden hand of the market, falsely called "Greed," is far superior to the hidden black hole of the State, falsely called "Compassion."
His vanity posts use such subtle language!
Thanks for picking up on that; I use "Obaama" a lot to indicate the sheep-like herd behaviour among those voting him into the White House.


  1. but I’m all for corporal or even capital punishment for deviant sex. That means all sex outside of marriage.

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    Geronl was banned some time ago this guy is a new poster..I'm betting it's geronl

  2. Freepers on the abortion flip flopping of their billionaire Messiah.

    1. Sounds like the bloom is starting to come off the Trump rose. Unfortunately for the right, it's already halfway through the primaries and he has the most delegates. I knew they would regret supporting a con man for the nomination, I just didn't know when they would realize it.