Thursday, March 31, 2016

And Now This Word from Outer Space edition
Cruz has not changed. He’s the same guy he’s always been.

Those who support Trump are the ones who have changed. Before Trump came along, Cruz has the majority of support from most conservatives and he was praised and hailed as a hero for fighting the establishment and doing what he was elected to do.

Since Trump came on scene however, the lies and misinformation and out of context slandering has been non-stop. Trump says it, and his supporters repeat it, no facts, no logic, no validity to what is being said, just repeating it over and over.

Cruz is NOT the problem. He is part of the solution. Trump however, is the problem, at least he is when it comes to truly fixing America. Anger, hate, sniping, being rude and generally crass to strangers, all because of having differing beliefs or opinions, is NOT what America is. That is what Trump is. And it’s wrong. Trumps angry, vitriolic rhetoric, is going to take this country and our culture over the edge. You don’t treat cancer by feeding it more cancer.

I do not agree.

Trump seems genuinely motivated to return America to greatness.

Maybe he is full of it, but everything he is saying, to me rings true.

And everyone else, is sold out. Every single person.

I’m ready to elect Donald Trump. He is for our country, our manufacturing, and our people.

Nobody else, seems to care one bit.

Frankly their is a massive “sell-out” operation, and both of our political parties are completely sold out.

Trump is not, because Trump is very wealthy. The wealthiest American ever to run for the presidency, I believe.

Trump is strong in that sense.

America needs that strength. Big time.

Cruz stand down.

Work things out with Trump, and become a part of a real solution, which we can all be proud of, and all be a part of.

Thanks for listening.
Ipse dixit Trump rules Cruz drools provided by cba123 (Currently posting from Vietnam).


  1. "Maybe he is full of it, but everything he is saying, to me rings true."
    I could be wrong, but I'm utterly convinced that I'm right, for reasons

  2. There're more than a few recent signups (cba123 for one) that seem to be nothing but Trump cheerleaders.

    Me thinks JimRob has either let them in knowingly in return for some Trump grift, or allowed some sock puppet accounts and/or retreads.

    1. Or maybe they're liberal agents provocateurs.