Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ohio for Kasich; contested convention likely.

We'll see, because Trump seems to have momentum. But for someone for whom politics is his sports, a brokered convention would be nigh-infinite fun! It's funny to watch the GOP work so hard to be even more screwed than they are now.

Freepers already bringing the impotent rage:

And Rubio dropped out or something. As expected. Freepers are still putting up cartoons of him; they really hate him so much!

Windy City Conservative refuses to believe:
This is baloney. Kasich has not won Ohio. He did well in early voting, but they are just starting to count today’s vote. The vote from after Kasich came out and said he’ll legalize everyone. Of course Fox quickly calls it, since they have TDS.
ObamahatesPACoal tries to ice that burn:
Kasich, Cruz Record Weakest Home State GOP Primary Victory in 100 years
Mamzelle knows what it means when an election doesn't go as she wants:
I smell a stolen election.
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run doesn't even bother with calling fraud; he just cries NO FAIR:
Plus the GOP machine in Ohio endorsed KSick in Ohio and handed him the party apparatus. CHEATER RINO JOHNNY KSICK!
twister881 argues nuance is for suckers:
“Hothead John” Kasich is little better than Hillary...a RINO’s RINO.
The rarely actually charitable faithhopecharity similarly lacks any perspective:
Hillary’s much uglier .. so we can tell them apart
PhiloBedo bags on Ohio generally:
I didn’t want to sound negative, but honestly, I live next door to Ohio and every buckeye I’ve met comes across as semi-retarded. It must be the water.
dfwgator wants Ohio to suffer!
Ok illegals and jihadists, You can go to Ohio, they obviously love you there.
Rome2000 gloats about what Trump is gonna do to Kasich:
Listening to this retard on CNN, he has no idea how effed he is.

New York style.
Florida native Rome2000 just heard someone sound happy and speak Spanish:
Im listening to illegals in the street right now celebrating.
Viennacon is whistling past the graveyard so hard, I worry for his lips!
Best result possible. Kasich being in stops Cruz from consolidating anti trump vote. Its over. Trump is the nominee. Sorry Glenn Beck!


  1. Haters gotta freep.
    Freepers gotta hate.

    Such a short time ago that Cruz's win in Texas and Rubio's win in FLorida were hailed as such great victories for "tea party" politics and "proof" that the GOP was winning over the brown skinned people.

    And Ohio was hailed as an economic model for the nation under a Republican governor!

    But now, freepers are incapable of remembering the good feelings they ever had for anyone besides Trump ...
    I'm not so keen on Hillary but the deliciousness of the freeper tears if she wins will sustain me for a lifetime.

    1. I can already see the cry's of voter fraud.