Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday

About a month ago, there was a movement against Ted Cruz. But now even Lindsey Graham, straight off of saying you could shoot Cruz and no Senator would convict you, is arguing for an alliance with Cruz.

Because Trump is gonna win, and it's going to be a crisis of conscience for conservatives.

But on Free Republic, movement conservatives are increasingly as unwelcome as the much maligned GOPe (more on that this afternoon).

Indeed, Freepers post-super Tuesday analysis is largely focused on the general election. And kicking Rubio while he's down. Poor Cruz doesn't even get Freeper hate.

Seruzawa is already unskewing the polls:
Those polls that claim Hillary easily beats Trump are hogwash. The RATs fear Trump. He’s the last one Hillary wants to face.
Disgust is not the same as fear, dude.

Making the common Freeper mistake of confusing civil war for civic engagement, VerySadAmerican is stoked about turnout:
I’ve been counting up votes and it looks like there were more republican voters in every state.
orangeTank makes a crack about the epidemic of invisible Democratic voter fraud:
Does “lack of enthusiasm” mean they are only voting once?

Only once per precinct. They are really depressed. They can’t find the energy to get back in line again.
Rubio had an awful night, and is probably mortally wounded. orangeTank, though, focuses on Rubio's one win:
It doesn’t matter that the Foam Queen won in Minnesota. They will vote for the Democrat in November anyway.
This one victory so enrages military coup enthusiast LeoWindhorse that declares only white Presidents are legit:
I can’t believe Minnesotans would deluded by this dude .

maybe they didn’t hear about his Miami foam party forays ....

Don’t know about you but I am not ready for a Cubano C&C

Nough of this ethic minority leadership BS . Our forefathers fought for and built this nation. Not theirs
I think SunStar's family is screwing with him:
Every Democrat I know (most of my family and lots of friends - hey, I live in California) privately agrees, Trump is who they fear running against.
Trump's unpredictability is a campaign headache for Hillary, but most of his chaos so far has been directed at the GOP.

TontoKowalski thinks the GOP would be more motivated against Hillary than Bernie:
One of two things will happen before the general election:

1. Hillary will be indicted. Her candidacy is over.

2. Hillary will NOT be indicted, and Republican rage (and turnout) will soar.

The D's only have one option, which they are too stupid to grasp. They have to go with Bernie, which is most likely a losing proposition as well. But at least he's not despised like Hillary is.
Ya can't soar when you're already in Outer Space, dude.


  1. "movement conservatives are increasingly as unwelcome as the much maligned GOPe"

    Looking forward to your post later on this issue, Ozy.

  2. So what's this guy's FR handle?

  3. Man...things have gotten so crazy over there that even butterdezillion is becoming a voice of reason!