Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Mr Apple has an odd description for asking tough questions:
Megan, with her line of questions to Trump right showing her whorish side.
Biggirl is, as always, optimistic:
I sense that the Clinton campaign is starting to fall apart at the seams.
Biggirl is also, as always, looking forward to rebellion!
If Trump or even Cruz does not win, mark my words, there will be a rebellion coming and it will not be peaceful.
Regardless of how he seems, Awgie knows Trump's patriotic heart:
Trump is a crude blustery NY tycoon on the outside, but a loyal red whit and blue American on the inside.
Kit cat is well beyond caring about evidence:
Trump doesn’t NEED to release his taxes, he doesn’t NEED to back step on ONE DAMN THING!!!! We have a fighter and we have a WINNER!!!! Screw EVERYONE trying to take him down!!!!
MNJohnnie: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, secret Democrats.
Most people don’t even know that these neo-cons are actually leftists who moved from the democrat party when that party became more of a peace at any price party. They still support all the leftist social causes, open borders, abortion, gay marriage, affirmative action, political correctness, and whatever else all liberals support. Their only goal is to drag the US into every war they can in the Middle East.
Questions remain for jch10!
I want to know Gen. Petraeus’ role in Benghazi.
Baladas makes some conclusions about the author of an article urging liberals to vote for Rubio:

probably a Hillbot, seeing that Peter is a Jew. This is like Operation Chaos but in Spanish. Rubio needs to take my luggage up to my suite or I will not tip him.
Netz tries to tamp down on some Freepers' anti-Israel sentiment:
Well at least we know who Israel is pulling for.
And Trump scares the heck out of them.

Israel wants a Republican but knows that America NEEDS Trump right now...
As Freepers have been predicting since 2009, livius thinks Obama's about to go really wild now!!
Trump effect. Bambi was bad before, but look for him to really go wild now that Trump has lowered the bar even more. Gross, disgusting and insulting. He’s seen that this is what plays with US voters, so brace yourselves.
TigersEye's still barely coherent in his hatred of Obama:

That’s right. Hey POS Obama, go eff yourself.

Eleven more months of this douchebag. I want a general anesthetic!
Tucker39 would kind of approve of Trump summarily executing the press:
It has almost gotten to the point where Trump COULD shoot somebody in Times Square, and I’d still vote for him. If the person he shot was a NYT scumbag reporter, I’d send his campaign $100 as a Bounty, like they have on some predator animals.
lentulusgracchus smugly explains that Nixon diluted the black vote in order to maintain the rights of white people to be heard:
Bern's white-liberal voters are starting to "get schooled". What's it like, guys, coexisting with a bloc-voting minority trained from birth to pull a straight ticket on command?

Michigan State poli-sci profs did a major paper on bloc voting and its effects on "democracy" (constitutional republicanism) back in 1994. They studied communities with ID'd voting blocs and how their voting behavior affected the issues-voting behavior of the communities' elected officials from local to federal levels.

At 10%, a coherent voting bloc begins to affect representative behavior. At 15%, the influence is pronounced. At 20-25%, the bloc takes total control of all the representatives on all issues of interest to the bloc, and everyone else is disenfranchised.

That's why Dick Nixon instituted "minority-majority" gerrymanders, to reduce the influence of black bloc-voters and keep them from disenfranchising other voters. The result has been minoritarian horror shows like Maxine Waters, Carrie Meeks, and Sheila Jackson Lee; but at least other people outside those districts enjoy representation, whether Dem or GOP.
GOP Establishment is determined to punish Trump and Cruz supporters, and they could even tacitly get behind Hillary Clinton as someone “they can do business with

If that were to happen , they should be visited in their homes . There needs to be a cost for treason . Nipped in the bud it would not continue .
I don't call many pervert, but Mr Apple has a long story about punishment by eternal zebra rape...
Cut off a young girls head and walked the streets holding the head. What!! Good God!!

After reading this just now, I reflected back on the life and the heinous tortures inflicted upon people by Marquis de Sade. In this woman's trail, by her Russian judge -she should recieve the penality of immediately being flown France and taken to the Château de Lacoste castle.... one of three residences of the Marquis de Sade in Vaucluse in the 1760's!

There, she should be imprisoned in the courtyard for the rest of her life -
and be forced to have sex with a Zebra -day and night! Period!

When it comes to Cruz's eligibility, Catsrus will only listen to the Supreme Court, and then only if they agree with him!
Well, at least two courts have already ruled Cruz is qualified, including one in Chicago.

This needs to go to the Supreme Court. Most of these judges aren’t qualified to rule on this issue. IF they think they are - they sure don’t’ know the Constitution, or the intent of the founding fathers.
SubMareener also derides the validity of any courts, since they often disagrees with him:
Whether that qualifies him to be “natural born” is the debate. However, there have been two state lawsuits filed against Cruz on this issue, BOTH ruled IN FAVOR of Cruz. The states are New Hampshire and Illinois.

Whatever. If you want to rely on “living Constitution” Judges to defend your “original intent” Constitution candidate, be my guest.
Samwell Tarly has decided Trump is Sci-Fi Jesus:
I've got it. I finally figured it out. I know exactly what Donald Trump is.

Donald Trump is Muad'Dib.

In Frank Herbert's Dune, the Spacing Guild and the Bene Gesserit and the Emperor have had a stranglehold on all humanity for ten thousand years. They basically hate each other but they've no choice but to cooperate to keep the status quo. Their system has grown stagnant and decadent. The Guild especially, it keeps looking for the "safe" way through things.

Then comes Paul Muad'Dib and he throws EVERYTHING into disarray. The Emperor and the Guild and the Bene Gesserit have to throw aside all their rivalries and unite to destroy Muad'Dib.

I'm not a Trump supporter and I never will be, but I most certainly do appreciate the role he is playing as the destroyer of stagnation.
Jim Robinson explains that Trump will do big things and make the trains run on time:
It’s as simple as the nose on your face. Trump builds things. Big things. Creates jobs. Lots of jobs. Writes payroll checks. Buys things from vendors. Lots of things. Creates commerce and promotes the economy. And is successful about it. He proves daily by his own actions that capitalism works! Something working people can relate to and are starving for. Success breeds success.

Also is big on cutting taxes, cutting regulations, cutting the EPA, cutting government waste, corruption and fraud. Making education local. Making trade deals that actually benefit American workers for a change. Wants to strengthen social security and medicare which working people have paid into all their lives. Wants to straighten out the health care disaster that politicians have screwed up.

Is big on securing the borders against illegal aliens and Muslims and rebuilding our military. And bombing the crap out of ISIS. And is not P/C about any of it. Talks their language because he’s worked among working people all his life. It is his native tongue. He’s not a glib, smooth talking lawyer or phony politician. Working people love America, love success, love security and love Trump’s positive message about making america great again! Bold strokes! Bold leadership! Man of action!

And it’s NOT Uni-Party all talk, no action, business as usual. It’s a rebellion of, for and by the people. It’s about the people, stupid.

Screw the politicians. They’ve FUBAR’d our country long enough.

Am I coming around to like Trump? You can bet your sweet bippy I am. And if he gets it, I’m all in for Trump!


  1. I get that these Conservatives don't want someone who has experience in government because it might mean that they're tainted, but in what world could they possibly think that someone without any bureaucratic experience whatsoever could be the ultimate manager of said bureaucracy and make 'trains run on time'?

    Even their patron saint Ronald Reagan was a governor before he became president.

    I wonder if they're ever able to step back objectively and think about how galactically stupid this whole idea is.

    1. It's the idea that a forceful enough personality can cut through bureaucracy by using extreme methods.

      Hey, Mussolini actually did make the trains run on time!

    2. no, in fact he didn't.

    3. Haha, wow, my uber-liberal high school even managed to get that wrong!

    4. Spice mélange?

  2. I really appreciate how relentless Baladas's post is. Just three sentences long and it keeps ratcheting up the awful with each one

  3. Biggirl has been dreaming of Civil War II (TM) for years.....too manny late night snacks causing her to have screwed up dreams I guess. She'll be commanding the armored cavalary McDonalds drive thru regiment.

  4. It's interesting to see JimRob silently sweep the "gay agenda" under the rug, considering he usually zots people for even supporting the idea that gays are people at all, with any rights. Now, he'll vote for a guy who hasn't said he'll do anything specifically to repeal marriage/job security/military rights passed on recent years.

    1. Now the grift-a-thon is over, expect zots by the dozens and hundreds.

    2. The important thing is he's gonna build the big beautiful wall and make Mexico pay for it don't cha know.