Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

caww does not believe in nature or nurture, there is only God. So fuck the poor!
The truth is there are “evil’ parents who raise children just like them. But those children do know the difference..and at some point choose the dark side...they “learn” how to shoot, they “learn” how to do drugs. These are choices they are making well aware there are consequences but willing to risk those. Then when caught they whine and carry on about how their life is.

Frankly I don’t care how their life is because I know the Lord and he does reach out to those who “want” to change the path before them....they have to want a better life....most don’t.
lodi90 is arguing that Carly Fiorina is super duper establishment:
Carly Fiorina isn’t establishment. Not even close.

I suppose you’ll also want to tell us Neil BUSH isn’t establishment either? ROFLMAO.
sparklite2 is still dramatically angry about gay marriage:
his husband

The most disgusting phrase of the millennium.
dragnet2 on government employees:
Government hires the strangest people. They go out of their way to stack their ranks with mentally ill deviates, liars, the unqualified and the corrupt.
Ouderkirk's 'predictions' do not hide that he wants lots and lots of death:
We are well overdue for a mass killing event like a WW1 or WW2.

Plagues and wars are how the population is controlled. I don’t mean that as some sort of nutcase, but as an observer of history.

It has been 70 years since the end of WW2 and really WW2 was just the second half of WW1.

If one examines history the average interval for a mass killing event seems to be about 70 - 80 years.

Since science has reduced the biological killing events, we are left to wars. WW2 killed 4% of the population, and WW1 surprisingly killed....4%.

Projecting forward with improved technologies, I suspect that figure in the coming war will be 20% or more. That makes it about 1 billion people will die in the next major war, which will be against islam and the communists/left.
Speaking of mass death, WENDLE continues to advocate nuking North Korea:
We need a “preemptive strike “ . Let’s invade and Nuke them before China preemptively strikes us for preemptively striking their client. Or let’s NUKE THE HELL UP!! and close our borders!! GO TRUMP!!
ScottinVA would like to add a cartoon version of Hillary supporters to the cartoon version of Hillary:
Her public persona is a mean, angry scold who has contempt for everyone in the audience she’s addressing.

That's what her supporters find to be her best trait.
Publius22 straight up says that even if Trump explicitly sells out, Trump is still the best:
If Trump, as the nominee, sits with the RNC and accepts nfrastructure, personnel and donations for the general election from them, and takes on GOPe seasoned DC advisors, ••in your estimate••, will Trump have remained pure, or will HE, TO, HAVE SOLD OUT?

Trump would have leverage in that scenario. He's literally written the book on how to use it effectively.
Unsatisfied with outrage over Obama not going to Nancy Reagan's funeral, ShivaFan makes up a whole thing where Obama is mocking Nancy Reagan:
He will go to an event where there will be open mocking and jokes about Nancy Reagan, jokes about her corpse and jokes about seances and remember he said IN HIS VERY FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE when a reporter asked Obama in 2008 if he had spoken with any ex-presidents since his election on Tuesday, he responded that he had spoken to all former presidents “that are living.”
freedomjusticeruleoflaw has a new one:
Obama has declared war on the soul of America.
Crucial has another doozy:
Everyone has rights but it’s as if whites won’t acknowledge theirs.
onyx gives a breathless report that Mississippi Democrats include black!:
I voted for TRUMP earlier this afternoon at my polling place in Mississippi!

The place has two long tables for the signing-in; ... one for democrats - one for Republicans and the Republican table is in the back of the room, but at least, it faces the entrance!

The democrat table is totally staffed by African-Americans. The Republican table is staffed by three older Caucasians and one younger, very friendly, black lady. Make of THAT as you wish.
Also, African-American versus black.

PA Engineer thinks Ted Cruz is turning gay now:
I guess Ted is now carrying their torch. Probably is a Rainbow, SJT torch too.
Flavious_Maximus has taken a theological dislike to Kasich:
I utterly despise Kasich. When he says that Jesus Christ would support and promote ObamaCare it proves that Kasich is not fit for office. The creep should be wearing a straight jacket.

If Trump picks him for VP that would be a deal breaker for me.
sagar explicitly endorses ISIS's views of Islam, before veering off to hate on some random Indian Islamic sect:
It is funny that these heretics that are considered worst than dogs by real muslims are always lecturing what real Islam and Muslims are.

The Shites are bad, but the Ahamadiyas are the worst. They can legally be killed in most Islamic countries, but they run a couple of Islamic Apologist PR firms in the US. Just ironic.
I mean there's optimism, and then there's Sacajaweau explaining that Hillary's scandals are totally fresh and largely unknown, while Trump's background has been exhaustively examined:
I think the Dems will simply attack....but everything has been said about Donald so nothing will be new.

On the other hand, Sanders has been simply policy...No Benghazi, No panty bomber, no cattle futures, no Foster, No Brown....

Then there's the Nixon Trap...where Hillary was reprimanded royally for her submittal on taking down Nixon.

And Bubbs's list of victims and his perjury.

Then there's the Clinton Library...and how they got the land through eminent domain. ;-)

I think 100 girls with long black hair in a blue dress and wearing a beret...would make a great shot at a Hillary rally.
Kudsman is sick of debates, and wants some violence at the Republican convention!
Citizens dying at the hands of the illegals. Fed Gov holds another debate.

Citizens dying at the hands of Islamists. Fed Gov holds another debate.

Citizens dying at the hands of Abortionists. Fed Gov holds another debate.

Citizens dying at the hands of compromised Fed Gov emails. Fed Gov holds another debate.

Citizens dying at the hands of Fed Gov. Fed Gov holds another debate.

I’m noticing a pattern here. High time the lawyers quit debating each other and act. If that does not happen a lot of people may take some time off work or play and vacation in Cleveland this summer. Always wanted to visit the Rock & Roll HOF. I hear the sunset over Lake Erie is stunning on balmy evenings.
Mr Apple is pretty into the fact that Rachel Maddow is a lesbian:
Lesbian Rachel Maddow on msnbc now stating that Trump "....incites violence"

So, I emphatically state that this Rachel Maddow is a lying sleazy lesbian. Maddow needs to stfu.
Yeah, Mr Apple has issues...
Now a Carly Fiorina endorsement is about as useful as used toilet paper.

I understand she got her ugly face when she was standing at a curb in the red light district and someone hit her in the face with a golf club.