Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kentucky Legislature Approves Bible Class In Public Schools

Freeper are not terribly ideologically diverse on politics - the only real debates they have is on what to do, not what to belive. But they do have some variation when it comes to religion - atheists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, the occasional Buddhist (?).

But Freepers are generally assholes who cannot abide someone disagreeing with them without consequence. So the main way they get along when confronted with such diversity is to not talk to one another much (or at least keeping it to arcane and awful threads on the religion forum.) This keeps Freepers in their secure bubbles of continued agreement.

Thus you will see nary an Atheist on this thread about Kentucky taking the Constitutionally questionable step of adding the Bible to Public School curriculum. It's theocrats versus slightly more realistic theocrats, and like one timid secularist.

BlackFemaleArmyCaptain is back, and as enthusiastic as ever!
Great!!! Thank You, Jesus!
patriot08 is all for some establishment of Christianity:
I believe driving the Lord from America is causing most of our troubles.
America has always been the greatest country the world has ever known because it was founded on Christian/Judeo principals.
apoliticalone jumps on the Christians are oppressed cross:
According to the left anybody but hetero white or Christian deserves special status, respect and an edge. We are tired of being discriminated against and turned into an unrepresented underclass by the left.
major-pelham is spiteful, and also assumes Kentucky teaches the Koran:
Heads exploding across lefty America! So awesome ! If the Koran is a historical document certainly the Bible is too.
As is true for all good things these days, knarf knows why this happened:
And I'm gonn'a say it again ... Trump Affect

Not that Donald Trump is some kind of religious influence, but he HAS influenced everyday Americans to stand up and speak out in a way that, the politicians are REALLY listening and acting upon "we, the people"
knarf handles the issue of equality for Muslims with similar deep thought:
But, if you are going to allow the bible, someone will demand they include the Koran.

Unless the people demand the politicians to NOT include it
Remember ... we ARE a nation of laws and laws are made every day
Finally, knarf denies that Christianity has any variation:
No, Christians do NOT have different meanings to what is in the Bible

Antagonists and provocateurs find small inconsequential variances, blow it up as it is a violation of dogma and attempt to disunite and separate the Christian from Christ .... and that just ain't gonn'a happen
Jacquerie is also quite dismissive of Islam, and then dismisses the Founders to boot, explaining that Christianity is Truth, so it belongs in public school:
Sure, some will demand the Koran.

Screw ‘em. The Koran is the field manual of our enemy.

To those who have perhaps forgotten, recall the Founders’ phrase “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God . . . “

Islam commands its slaves to do evil. It stands athwart the Law of Nature.

OTOH, the Bible is the Law of Nature’s God, and therefore belongs in the classroom.
lakecumberlandvet is fine with teaching the Koran, so long as you teach only hate:
A proper understanding of the koran would cause reasonable people to reject its “teachings” and islam.
Foundahardheadedwoman wants to let everyone know he's like a Bible master!
I went to a Bible class and there were about 10 of us and we had to read aloud different verses, pretty much all of the guys read at a 4th or 5th grade level.

I ended up having to read all of the verses other wise we would had to listen to them stumble thru any word with more than 2 syllables. They could not tell you what a verse meant and so I had to answer and tell what they meant. It got so bad I stopped answering.

When I told them what verse meant they would ask the preacher if I was right, he agreed with me every time.

I finally stopped going because the jealousy got so bad I was making enemies.
TribalPrincess2U maybe pretty crazy, but she's secular! Also segregate Muslims: religion of any kind in schools!

Schools should stick to the old R,W. and A only, so to speak.

Educational Bible schools could be taught (BY CHOICE) at other locations, such as Trade schools are now.

AND Muslims should stick to their own schools period, because of their obstructive ways in others lives. Trade schools for Muslims should also be for muslims only and visa versa.
ilovesarah2012 explains that we're a theocracy to the only other secular on the thread:
That is why most churches have parochial schools for their members along with Sunday school and bible study. You want your kid to learn the bible, get your ass up an extra hour on sunday morning and get him to bible class before church.

A lot of us grew up where the Bible was read in school and we survived. Don’t want to live in a Christian nation, there are plenty of alternatives. Bye Felicia.


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