Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump Chief of Staff arrested.

Well, I for one am sick of the primary. The Freeper infighting is fun in principle, but in practice really repetitive, and reduces every issue to 'Cruz/Trump would be worse.' 'U TAKE THAT BACK' blah blah.

This robbed the Cruz affair of a lot of it's potential for fun and crazy. No straw-grasping apologies from Cruz folks, just attacks at Trump.

A little bit better is the story of a former Breitbart reporter who was grabbed by Trump's chief of staff. (BTW, I first knew Trump was serious back in November when he hired Lewandowski, an actual political pro, away from the Kotch brothers. Well, so much for pro...).
First this blew up over loyalty to her or Trump; that was fun. Then Trump campaign called her delusional, and recently a tape came out that shows that their blanket denial was a straight-up intentional lie. Nothing doing for Freepers.
But now she's pressing charges. Petty charges that the media will run extra hard with because this is one of their own. Trump is not helping himself by standing by his man and doubling down on everything from the bruises aren't real to she was gonna assault him to nothing happened shut up.

It's a cliche to say that it's not the crime it's the coverup, but this does seem like the first time something's checked Trump's momentum in a while.

From Lewandowski to Trump to Breitbart to this reporter, no one is covering themselves in glory here. But Freepers can always be counted on the be the worst. In this case, they top Trump by only a hair, though. Trump's upping his crazy game but the real issue is that Trump v. Cruz is really sapping their crazy mojo.

20yearsofinternet knows this ain't no story. Plus Cruz would have done worse!
Hey look, Cory turned himself in to face the BS charges and is loudly proclaiming his innocence.

Contrast that with how Ted Cruz acts in the face of allegations. If this were Cruz, he’d be blaming Trump. LOL
Jane Long also goes with the "Look over there, it's strawman Cruz!"
It’s cRuz’s fault.


You’re exactly spot on....if this were ANYTHING negative to do with the cRuz camp....they’d be blaming Trump.

The stark difference between men and whiny boys. Take responsibility - even if it’s an absurd ham sandwich allegation - or blame, blame, blame (ala the Dems).
LS deflects an accusation of deflection with an accusation of deflection:
Nice try. Nice attempt to ••deflect•• on this uncomfortable and embarrassing issue of Trump’s top man getting booked right in the middle of the frikkin campaign. Really special.

What’s “really special” is THE CANDIDATE HIMSELF diddling several women. Did you read the sexy song lyric back and forth on Twitter?

Cruz should be ashamed. THAT, my friend, is total deflection.
Williams is sure this is politically motivated:
Absolutely crazy and ridiculous. Purely political.

no prosecutor in their honest mind would pursue a crime here.
Wen the law is posted, Williams is reduced to arguing that the prosecutor abused their discretion:
Excuse me, but you are citing a statue. You are not recognizing that there are defenses to statutes, also there is common sense discretion by prosecutors.

Obviously by relying on a statue that refers to ANY touching you are introducing an element of absurdity into a political campaign.

The reporters get bumped, jostled, grabbed, shoved, pushed a dozen times a day.
Ann Archy knows who the real villain is!!!
Michelle Fields needs to be SHUNNED for this!!

She is the RUDEST person on those Sat, morning FOX business shows!!!
marktwain smells political correctness:
They must of found a police department ready to push political correctness to the limit.

Maybe I should not be surprised, considering the political work that prosecutors did against Republicans in Texas, such as Tom Delay.
Uber racist The Toll has decided the nonviolent black protestors are always battering people, and two wrongs make a right:
He was just protestin!
originalbuckeye knows chiefs of staff often double as bodyguards:
All I see is the ‘perp’ grabing her arm to keep her away from harassing Trump. Does she have photos of bruising or something? No assault, just an operative trying to protect his charge.
Stentor loves him some vexatious litigation:
If Lewandowski hadn’t denied it so loudly and had just said “Sorry - I got carried away” it wouldn’t have come to this. But Trump and his people don’t believe in apologizing.

If I were he, I'd keep her in court until she was eating beefaroni 3 times a day.
JayGalt cries false flag:
This is garbage, she bruised her own arm, there is less than a second of contact and she moved into his path.
JayGalt also cries...flanking maneuver?
In military tactics, a flanking maneuver, or flanking manoeuvre is a movement of an armed force around a flank to achieve an advantageous position over an enemy. Flanking is useful because a force’s offensive power is concentrated in its front. Therefore, to circumvent a force’s front and attack a flank is to concentrate offense in the area when the enemy is least able to concentrate offense.
little jeremiah is posting again! She's in the false flag camp as well:
Do people have to apologize for nonsense? This is so stupid and no professional reporter would even consider bringing a criminal complaint. It’s obvious from any video that this was a complete non incident.

And probably pre-planned.
Cementjungle thinks this was the Democrats warning Trump about a future indictment:
This is a warning shot across the bow. If Trump wins the nomination and becomes a serious threat to Hillary, Justice will charge him with something. Going through tax returns and claiming fraud for various deductions would be an easy target, or perhaps they could charge him with attempted bribery for buying lunch for some mayor he may have met with while discussing a hotel project or something. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Ah the false flag, it truly is the flag Freepers love the most

    1. little jeremiah is the epitome of the new "social conservatism" on FR.
      Multi-marriages, trophy wives, decadent lifestyle, etc., etc. would have been anathema to the old little jeremiah.

      But she sees a potential American Putin in the making and she goes weak in the knees.

      Its funny to watch the wrinkliest of the FR wrinkle bags (JimRob included) all of a sudden turning their backs on everything FR supposedly stands for.

      All except for DJMacWoW, surprisingly enough.
      DJ used to be the head cheerleader for FR group-think, but no more ...
      she comes by every few days to yell at the Trumpsters, then goes back under her rock.

  2. "If Lewandowski hadn’t denied it so loudly and had just said “Sorry - I got carried away” it wouldn’t have come to this. But Trump and his people don’t believe in apologizing."

    all quite true -- but that's not the trump wingnuts are buying. "!!!HULK SMASH!!!" has become the hardened heart and withered soul of the brand.

  3. and trump pinches off another floater into the conservative pool. predictably, some appreciate the added warmth ...

    "Trump Says Abortion Ban Should Carry Punishment for Women"

    Arthur McGowan: "All abortion methods except one should be outlawed—lethal injection in the arm of the mother. With a 24-hour period for the mother to think about it."

  4. Greetings_Puny_Humans: So if a woman gets an illegal partial birth abortion, pulls the out 90 percent of the way and pays a doctor to suck the brains out, it’s outrageous to go with the logical position: she should be punished?

    I can't even.