Thursday, March 10, 2016

Any stories of Obama buyer's remorse?

An Anon posted a choice post, but I found the whole thread amusing.

A Freeper asks for stories of liberals apologizing for voting for Obama. Freepers' constant use of the storyteller's license combine with their misunderstanding of liberals and make for some amusing stories, even as other, sadder, Freepers wallow in spite.

I have received apologies from 2 friends for voting for Obama. That never happened before...
SaveFerris blames the Obama tax hike:
A friend filed her taxes yesterday. She gets $300 less this year because of (take a wild guess).
Chauncey Uppercrust resents any attempts to get him to stop hating Obama voters:
I do not think their apology should be accepted...We knew about Rev Wright, we knew about him voting against not giving aid to a baby that survived an abortion..

And we knew about the Democrat party before we ever heard of Obama, and Clinton was every bit as bad.
left that other site keeps it classy with an 8-year-old going through some difficult times.
One of my voice students is a very loquacious and precocious 8 year old Black Child. The family are big O supporters.

Yesterday, she confided to me that her mother’s business is failing, and that Mom will have to find a job, and things are looking very bad.

I told her to think carefully about why this has happened, and what has become of our Nation in the last six years.
Mr. K has a totally true story:
I saw a black man coming out of a GOP meeting being interviewed by a libtard reporter.

The reporters questions were along the lines of “How dare you as a black man go to a GOP meeting! How could you do that?”

The man calmly said “Maybe we should stop thinking we need to vote Democrat because we’re poor and start thinking maybe we’re poor because we vote Democrat”

The reporter looked like he was going to faint
Kickass Conservative cannot forgive liberals for voting to steal from Freepers specifically:
They thought only people like US would be the only ones to get screwed over when they Voted for Obama and now they cry. Boo friggin hoo.
Nevadan understands Obama voters:
When it comes to Obama, it is a case of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. Obama is more pure in their eyes than the pope for devout Catholics, the Mormon prophet for Mormons, or Mohammad for Muslims. Obama can do no wrong. It is not even possible. If Obama is for something, they will change their view to conform to his.

It is not worth discussing anything political with them. They are true believers who wouldn't see the truth if it slapped them in the face.
ilgipper blames Obama for cynical Democrats:
I do know one person who has hard core Obama in 2008 in the primary (strong Obama, anti-war, etc), who is expressed overall hatred for the whole thing. They became cynical that no one is actually going to do what’s right. 100% that person will pull the lever for Clinton, Warren or anyone else on the ticket in 2016, so it’s no progress.
TADSLOS neighborhood sounds pretty poisonous.
The silence is deafening in our neighborhood. Most of us are conservatives, but there are a handful of diehard libs who proudly displayed Obama signs in their yards during both elections. We all interact socially, and politics is rarely brought up in those settings but the Obama cloud hangs out there like a pregnant whale. We know who they are and they know we know who they are- Outwardly nice people stricken with a terrible self inflicted mental disease.
Windflier knows the signs of regret are subtle:
Most members of my Democrat family are quietly devastated about Obama, but won’t say it out loud. He’s a huge embarrassment to them now.
tinyowl also perceived some small changes in his liberal co-workers, which only proves them narcissists.
I am surrounded by well educated (whatever that means today - I mean 'capable of thought' whether they are encumbered by it or not) ... liberals. One, worked in DC all her life in PR and media, so is an intellectual. Another is a hippy type with money so can afford patently unworkable views since the consequences never affect him - he's a lifestyle liberal. His wife is a Buddha Liberal. I'm a Buddhist generally in my thought. That is NOT Buddhism, but it is cliche Buddhism.

All of them - their remorse is expressed (or should I say unexpressed but implicity) by:

They don't blame his failure on the evil republicans anymore.
They don't defend anything he's doing anymore, including OCare.
They look away and change the subject on anything political.
No longer any cockiness when speaking of politics.

It's mostly characterized by what an ashamed narcissist looks like. Too proud to admit anything, but clearly can't believe he could be wrong. So ... just sort of hides in the corner when the subject comes up. Since they can't literally hide in the corner - you see it in their eyes. Almost pleading with you not to pick a fight with them. True intellectual cowards, are they.

There is more - but I would say their silence is the sole expression of remorse. It's not really remorse. They don't yet regret or repent, they merely, like a confused man in purgatory, wander around with a zombie look, sure that there is an explanation, and yet neither their intellect nor hopey-changey hearts seem to find one

. No more cocky responses unbacked by facts. No more sneers. People diagnosed as delusional ... the are most at risk when reality forces its way in. This is a mild version of that. They are lost ... but still cling by a thread of hopeandchange.


  1. I'm betting that what Freepers interpret as "deafening silence," "quietly devastated" or "implicit remorse" is just people who refuse to discuss politics with Freeper types in the interest of keeping the peace at work, at home and with the neighbors.

    1. They may not even be the least bit unhappy. All this "haunted look in their eyes" nonsense is probably mostly just more projection!

    2. Freepers love to analyze "the eyes". I love how they declare that some criminal or Democrat has the cold, dead eyes of a sociopath, when all they're doing is projecting their own prejudices onto people they don't like.

  2. "...we knew about him voting against not giving aid to a baby that survived an abortion.. "
    Wait, wouldn't that be a good thing? Voting against NOT giving aid?

    1. I picked up on that too ... when freepers aren't out and out lying, they're being stupid.

  3. That story of the voice teacher telling her 8 year old black child to "think about what's happened" ie: Obama is the reason your mommy's store is failing is just so goddamn creepy. That's exactly the kind of shit these weirdos do in real life. They paint themselves as rebel heroes ready for a revolution but all they are doing is whispering creepy political shit into kid's ears when the parents aren't around.

    1. I meant 8 year old black student... I realize the way I wrote it sounds like she's her daughter. I wonder if there is even a single black freeper??

    2. But I'm betting "BlackFemaleArmyCaptain" is none of those.