Friday, October 2, 2015

Spotlight Friday: Windflier

A black Freeper from Texas. His profile is pretty standard Freep - 'I hate Islam and love Texas and guns.' He's only been a Freeper since 2007, but he's very active. He had a brief period of trying to encourage protests and action, but has since lapsed into the usual keyboard commando style.

He's a big Trump fan, but before that he's always had a great white hope for the GOP - Cruz, Palin. And Allen West.

His racial politics are, of course, interesting. He's pretty quiet on the usual feral monkey lynchfests (though he'll show up for the anti-Muslim ones!), but he did decide Trayvon Martin was an evil soon-to-be murderer with the rest of them. He tries to post about how some blacks are good conservatives, which Freepers generally ignore.

His family life is also of note. His wife seems to agree with him, but the rest of his family seems less willing to join a movement of people who contemplate racial holy war against them.

Blacks vote for Democrats because of the herd mentality:
It's a long road back to political independence for most black people. I made my own escape during the Clinton years, but then I've always been the type who seeks my own way. I suppose those with the herd mentality just have to be let down and abused for decades before they clearly see they've been had.

Perhaps now is that time.
March, 2015: Hillary Clinton's political career ended.
Did you see the latest bombshell from the NY Times? They dropped a scandalous story about Chelsea Clinton just yesterday. There's no doubt that that was done to communicate to the Clintons in no uncertain terms, that they are to immediately cease and desist all thoughts of running Hillary in 2016.

And now Hillary meets Ubambo in the White House without any reporters present. The meeting wasn't on Dear Reader's published schedule. All hush hush. Um-hmm...

If you ask me, I think he's finally telling her to her face, that her career in politics is over.
Indeed, since that time her seeming run for the Presidency is really just a scam:
A real candidate would spend $30,000,000 to boost her image. Hillary isn’t doing that. Why?

Because her run for office is a complete sham, meant to fool all the despots and globalist kingpins who gave millions to her 'foundation'.

She needs to make them believe they had a chance at getting something for their money. She's known all along that 2008 was her one and only shot at the White House.
Anyhow, she'll die for real soon:
Hillary is quite literally running for her life. I'd be surprised if she doesn't drop dead from stress over the coming months.

Her dirty dealing, deceitful life, has finally caught up to her.
If she's not killed by unnamed evil people she works with:
I hope she is worried that some very nasty people are thinking about wanting their money back.

I have a strong suspicion that many of them have already realized they're being double-crossed by the Clintons.

Note that Bubba has ceased being a frequent flyer, and is no longer giving million dollar speeches, while Hillary's sparse public appearances are more tightly controlled than an audience with the Pope.

I think they're laying low behind S.S. protection for now.
Civil War 2 will destroy the liberals at last:
When this all goes down, many of the 47% may not survive. Then it is up to us to have leaders ready to establish a Constitutional Republic that can withstand the onslaught of time and the onslaught of ‘democracy’.

GGpa, I believe your glimpse into the crystal ball of our future to be completely accurate. Unless the treasonous left is (somehow) forced to relent and retreat, it will come to a second revolution. That's a battle that they cannot win.

If they had a lick of sense, they'd go back to the device of slow motion incrementalism that served them so well throughout the twentieth century. In the new century, they've thrown caution to the wind, and are sprinting toward what they think is the finish line.

But they fail to see that, by putting the pedal to the metal, they've awakened and alarmed The People, who are now on full alert and preparing for the ultimate confrontation.

Should that confrontation come, the left as we've known it will not survive.
Our military sucks now, so Civil War 2 is sure to go awesome:
The American military has been tied down in Afghanistan for over a decade by a bunch of 7th century towelheads with AKs and IEDs. Can you even imagine the level of difficulty with prosecuting a shooting war against a culturally advanced, heavily armed, and educated patriot population?

Unless George Soros becomes Emperor of The World sometime soon, nothing remotely like that scenario is even possible. Conquer the American people by force? It's a leftist pipe dream, nothing more.
He accepts that his fellow Freepers will kill him for being black, when the revolution comes!
Well, Ol Buddy if it ever comes to an actual shoot ‘em up I do not believe I will ask if they are the good 12% or the bad 1%. Or if they drop their weapon and walk away they will not get a free pass.

That is just the way it is going to be.

If it ever comes to an actual shoot 'em up, melanin enriched conservatives like me, will all get the old double tap. Guaranteed, because no one will bother to ask us which side we're on.

That is just the way it is going to be.
His daughter will be a slut now that the morning after pill exists:
As if it isn’t already hard enough to keep a fifteen year old girl child on the straight and narrow path her parents have raised her on.

As soon as this stuff goes on sale, all the teenage girls will be sharing them like candy. Grrrr....
If her uncle doesn't pollute her mind with liberal Facebook posts!
My husband unfriended his radically liberal sister.

I did the same thing with my radical progressive brother, after he got on my daughter's Facebook page and began trying to fill her head with Obama worshiping nonsense.
And his son became an OBAMA VOTER!!!
My 28 year old son spent 7 years working with me and listening to conservative talk radio all day, every day in his late teens and early twenties. He got a very good education in politics and culture during that time, and voted R when he went to the polls.

But, after getting out from under my wing, and moving to a solid liberal environment, he went soft. Some time back, he confessed to me that he voted for Obama, and went so far as to vigorously defend that vote.

To say I'm disappointed in him is a gross understatement. It feels more like a great loss to me.
Sarah Palin in 2011 was his wife's last hope:
My wife hardly follows politics at all, and gets her news from Yahoo, yet when Sarah Palin announced that she wasn't going to seek the GOP nomination, my wife fell into a blue funk that was so severe, it surprised me.

It was so deep, that the mere mention of the 2012 race could put her on an emotional roller coaster that brought actual tears. That's how invested she was in Sarah's potential candidacy.

A few days back, she asked me about the news she was seeing about a possible brokered Republican convention. She wanted to know how it worked, and whether that meant that Palin could possibly nominated that way. I quickly brought her up to speed on that, and the whole 'Palin earthquake movement'.

As I talked, I could see her skipping over all of the details and snagging the high points, but I'll tell you what. That blue funk she had has disappeared. The woman actually has some hope again.
President Palin, 2012 is inevitable
The Sarah Palin machine is working, without any real expenditures, and all the money all the grassroots are sitting on is still sitting there, awaiting her announcement, whenever that will be.

I sensed that that would be the case, even before the primary circus began. I've said for a long time, that millions of Americans chose Sarah Palin as their president on November 4th, 2008. I certainly did.

As far as I, and millions of others are concerned, the 2012 race is a mere formality. She became the 45th President a long time ago.
Palin has already been acting President since 2008:
PDSers often crow that some have already 'coronated' Palin as president. It's not a coronation. It's a simple acknowledgment that the lady is already shouldering the responsibility of national leadership. The real coronation will come later.
Obama comes from fake America:
People call him an alien, and that's what he is. He's never been an American, even though he's mastered the art of sounding like one when it suits him.

He comes from a place that is utterly alien to you and I. A place so radically different from our America, that it might as well be a foreign country.

This is why everything that comes out of his mouth rubs us the wrong way. This is why his foreign relations are so bizarrely ass-backwards. This is why he demonizes mainstream America the way he does. We're completely alien to him.
Speaking of sluts, Hillary was totally a college whore!
Wish I could remember their handle now, but there's at least one Freeper who attended college with the Clintons, and he recalls Hillary being a skank of the first order.

According to him, Bubba shared her 'liberally' with his frat brothers.
2012: Hillary never had a soul:
Hillary never has had a soul. At least not the type that most ordinary humans are familiar with. It's why Bubba's been 'off the leash' for the last thirty years.

Look at any recent photos of Hillary. She appears to have aged ten years or more since the 2008 election. There's no question that she's now certifiably elderly, and in my opinion, it's because a lifetime of evil intent and deed, has finally eaten its way to the surface of her body.

In another four years, she's going to look like a corpse on life support.
Blacks can be good!
With all the attention lately on feral black teens, here's a story about one who's just a normal, upstanding kid.
Really, it's only those insane blacks that want to kill whitey:
Considering that black people are only 13% of the population and want to mass murder the other 87% I would say they are biting off more than they can chew!

Of course, it's not the entire 13% of blacks who are advocating this. Probably not even 1% of blacks, altogether. These people are quite literally insane.
But not those Trayvon supporters:
Trayvon’s homies will be there shortly to burn down the good Reverend’s church. Bet on it.
And his music tastes are Texas approved:
I think it’s a characteristic of aging that one can get pop-culturally “stuck”

Too true. Never thought I'd see the day, but I've become my dad in that regard.

About the only new music I can stand these days, is country. Being an old metal head, I would have never predicted that, either .. LOL
And Muslims should all be deported:
If I had my way, every muzzie in this country would be packed up and moved to an Islamic country of their choice.
Is Europe man enough to genocide the Muslims?
European men are going to have to dig deep and resurrect their inner barbarian, if they hope to save themselves, their families, and their countries.

Let us hope they still can.
He never really trusted Herman Cain:
I'm glad I never placed my complete trust in Herman Cain. What a traitor.
aCruz is the new Palin!
To be attacking him so soon in the cycle, the libs must truly be afraid of Cruz.

It's Palin Redux.

Remember how the left reacted to her acceptance speech? They're doing it all over again, and for the exact same reason.

Ted Cruz has the power to exterminate their entire movement. They know this, and like demons, they're shrieking to the rafters in terror.
Ted Cruz's logo is full of deep meaning:
Love Ted’s symbol/logo. It looks like an American flag in the shape of a flame, which very much communicates to me in these perilous times.

I think it represents many things about us and our country - the eternal flame of our founding principles, the torch of liberty being carried forward by each generation, the fire of longing within our hearts for the restoration of this magnificent land.

Brilliant positioning.
Allen West!
Although I'd like to see Allen West get a lot more seasoning under his belt before running for president, I'm afraid the desperation of the times calls more for character, than experience. He's precisely the sort of strong-willed patriot that we need in the White House now.

If one million patriots could all agree on going to Tampa and forcing West's nomination at the convention, I believe it could work. Nothing less than something of that magnitude will bring it about.
Only Trump can save us!
I am sincerely convinced that he's the only chance we've got to save the republic.

What a world. Not even a year ago, I would have laughed in your face if you'd told me I'd be saying that today.
Glenn Beck is now an un-person:
Un-frikken-real. Glenn Beck always was a bit half cocked, but he’s now gone full-blown nutjob. Won’t be long til he’s openly supporting Hillary Clinton.

I vote for banning all further articles or links to Glenn Beck content on Free Republic.
Putting Freepers who criticize Trump in their place:
Trump keeps running his mouth, people are really going to go after him. He needs to just shut up.

As a newbie, you might want to clarify what you mean by "shut up". A lot of regulars might finger you for some kind of paid disruptor with that sort of comment.

Especially during a presidential primary.
Civility on Free Republic is really just censorship!
No flaming others on this thread. Thanks.

Yes, I'm sure you'd like very much for us Freepers to sit quiet while you systematically abuse JimRob's website to tear down the front-running, outsider, Republican candidate for president.

Just like the libs, the muzzies, the leftmedia, and the GOP-e -- you want us silenced.

Ain't gonna happen, troll.
Free Republic kinda sucks now. Thanks, GOPe!
I’ve been here for years and have noticed the slow decline in the quality of the postings.

You're not alone.

In my opinion, it's a direct result of the stultifying presence of GOP-e bots and the doom and gloom brigade. Folks with better minds get turned off and stay away.

If it continues too much longer, this place will become unrecognizable.


  1. I'm surprised Freepers don't have a hassle about is white wife..though I bet they hate it

  2. They use the word newbie like my parents did on AOL in the mid nineties.

    Maybe that's what Geronl is all about, he only likes newbies?

    1. That's funny that they would have used the word newbie on AOL in the mid-90s, because according to the rest of the internet, they were the newbies.

  3. "If one million patriots could all ..."

    if wingnuts could actually produce a so-called patriot every time a freep fantasized a public show of force, they'd have won cw2 already.

    1. Imagine the day Donald Trump either loses the GOP nomination or general election...

      'Its as if one million patriots screamed out....'

    2. Imagine the day Donald Trump either loses the GOP nomination or general election...

      'Its as if one million patriots screamed out....'

  4. Wow. A real life Uncle Ruckus.