Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Canada, noooooo!

Canada voted in a liberal majority on Monday. Freepers have never been ones to see other countries as anything other than ways to further their own narrative. So they don't much care about Harpers' lack of charisma, or Canada's own political cycles. And Canadian Freepers have mostly long ago given up on their home country anyhow. So really, this is just an excuse to explain America's 2008 all over again. With bonus Michigan border vigilante fantasies!

Darksheare is sure Canada is just imitating America:
Cascade failure.
A terrible election outcome in America spills over to other nations.
Putting the false causality in reverse, polymuser thinks this election has destroyed America:
So now America is sandwiched north and south.
And China is owning the seas and South America trade.
And recent treaties will overrule COTUS.
And we are socially and morally cancerous within.

I’m glad I knew a mostly free America for a while. I feel bad for my kids.
wbarmy drags out the usual greedy explanation for why people vote for liberals:
They are thinking, at least the ones who voted for Justin, that they will be the recipient of some type of largesse from the government, if they are thinking at all.
bkopto blames the old standbys of public schools and welfare:
The take-home message is that the Canadians are just as gullible and stupid as the Americans. Both populations have been dumbed down by government schools and corrupted by government handouts.

The social welfare state marches on, and waiting in the not-too-distant future is the day of reckoning, where the laws of economic, physics, and mathematics will reassert themselves, much to the dismay of the bread-and-circus masses.
knarf worries about our northern border:
Canadians will regret this election very soon I suppose.

So will we .....

we can control a desert a lot easier than thousands of miles of northwoods country
Maybe Scott Walker was right, and we need a northern wall!

jmaroneps37 agrees - soon Canada will become snowy ISIS-land!
This makes a what three thousand mile open border with a country well on its way to being under Sharia law. The rodents will be able to sneak in here after they hollow out what’s left of Canada. Their monopoly money is worth only about .70 cents versus our Obama scared dollar now. When Trump fixes our economy it will be worthless.
sergeantdave comforts everyone that the Upper Peninsula rural folk are full of steely-eyed anti-Muslim assassins:
I know a number of good ‘ol boys in the Michigan northwoods. If the cedar swamps and mosquitoes don’t kill the invading jihadists, than Michigan riflemen will. There will be scalps hanging on trees. People who aren’t familiar with the Lake Superior watershed enter it and never leave.
grania wonders if this is another case of conservativism not failing, but being failed:
What I’d like to know is if Canada’s more conservative party didn’t make the same mistake mainstream Republicans have in the US. That would be abandoning their voting base. Sometime voters vote out of disgust and decide that the party in power doesn’t deserve re-election.
skeeter knows this is exactly the style-over-substance that happened with Obama:
Hey, he's black handsome. Thats more than enough for a good chunk of the electorate.
A CA Guy agrees - women always vote for the liberal stud:
Leftists always take things from makers and grow takers.
They bring their country down and if they look like models get IMO especially women to vote for them.
Like every election, texas booster just yells about election fraud and media lies:
Trudeau was elected with millions of out-of-country money and a massive database of lies put forth by the fifth column.
With ironic blinders, bmwcyle thinks the problem is that voters keep looking for Jesus in the ballot box...
The trouble is the deceptive information makes if hard for people to know truth. They are also looking for a one man savior and only one exists. He has not returned again. Now the elite is flooding the voter pool and our vote is weak.
free_life has some knowledge of Canada, but kinda falls into the current Freeper Bush narrative:
Trudeau is not as popular as Harper is unpopular. Canadians threw out a tyrant who built a police state Trudeau will use now. Harper destroyed conservatism in Canada and turned the conservative party into a pro-abortion big spending big big big debt party that was hated by majority of Canadians.

Trudeau success and the death of conservatism can be rightly placed at the feet of Stephen Harper.
Sam Gamgee has given up:
I lived in denial for a very long time, but there is just no changing the liberal leftist culture and mindset of Canadians.
steve86 agrees - Canada is communist:
I do not recall meeting one single individual I considered an actual conservative (especially social conservative) during the three years I lived in B.C.
Looks like these days Lazamataz is cutting his bitter nihilism with a bit of wit!
I’m of the opinion that artificial intelligence must be created, and it must destroy all of mankind.

We must not be allowed to spread through the galaxy.
Note - if you prefer less crazy ideology, and more delusional paranoid crazy, there is another thread full of Alberta secession, anti-Muslim paranoia, and Obama blaming.


  1. I can imagine nothing more terrifying than a strong AI that posts to Freep.

  2. Zero risk. No form of intelligence posts to FR.

  3. I've noticed quite a bit of FR posts source Canada Free Press (among other blogs...the supposed bastion of well-resourced news). For a lark, I visited the CFP website. Very creepy. It's as if a single mom without any computing education used an old AOL Geosites website to write concocted news stories for mouth-breathing hicks.

    I'll stick to those liberal sites like NYTimes and Washington Post. At least I know they live off salaries and not from "Grow your penis 3 inches" ads to the right of the story.

    1. I just noticed long time poster "ansel12" has not posted since July 10th. He ruffelled feathers but he was a true conservative

      Onyx told him to stop stalking her on a thread a day before. He has not been banned but I guess rimjob pulled his ability to post as onyx is a close friend.

    2. And why are those links nearly always posted by Sean_Anthony?

  4. It's official: Laz is on drugs again!