Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shutdown pouting

Boehner's departure means he had nothing keeping him from getting Dems on board to avoid a shutdown that would probably not have gone well for the GOP. We'll see in December, though Boehner may have other 'FUTP' plans this month - he's rumored to be talking about a 2 year budget, which would put a shutdown thread beyond the 2016 election.

Freepers are already caterwauling at their party once again giving in to political reality. So the polls say even Republicans were against a shutdown over Planned Parenthood? Freepers got a spleen, and they gotta vent it, consequences bedamned!

pgkdan thinks America just isn't angry enough:
The country has lost it’s moral compass and it’s ability to be outraged...
norwaypinesavage is sure the shutdown over PP would be blamed on Obama by more than Sean Hannity:
This says to me that we have a winning issue here. If Obama were to shut down the government over PP funding, two thirds of the country would disapprove. The issue is not strategy, it’s messaging. When done properly, we win.
llmc1 wants the real facts to come out:
I’m curious what percentage of Americans actually know the truth about Planned Parenthood.
Buckeye McFrog is pretty sure that the reason his daughter isn't super outraged about abortion is Nazi-esque propaganda:
My millennial daughter, who consumes nearly all of her news via social media, not only had not seen the videos, she DID NOT EVEN KNOW THIS WAS A STORY until I told her.

Joseph Goebbels got nothing on Facebook and Yahoo.
mythenjoseph is sure laws were broken, and if they aren't he'll call everyone cunts until they are!
The simple fact that selling aborted fetuses is illegal doesn’t even prompt any prosecutions....nothing is illegal apparently when you are shuffling the trillions around and are an exempted from law as these C__t’s think they are. Souless animals....THIS IS WHY I pay NO taxes anywhere except for point of sale IF I even purchase from a store....I truly despise these F’kin animals in washington.
Maris Crane just unskews the polls in her head:
I don’t believe this.

How was the question asked? And when they tell us that...
I still will not believe this.

This country is pro-life.
fruser1 is sure that the key to shutdown success is to be even more stubborn this time:
They still should shut it down over commie care.

Run it though with one of those 50% majority votes for spending measures - the same way commie care was passed.

When O vetoes, kick back and let the shutdown actually occur, except this time, let the dems cave first.
ActresponsiblyinVA is pretty sure the last shutdown was awesome for the GOP:
The media does not want a shutdown, After the 2013 shutdown the Republicans increased their majority in the house, took over the senate and substantially increased their representation in state and local governments. Why should the current leaders want to do it again?
marron reiterates that a government shutdown isn't really a thing, and has a pretty neat analogy to back it up:
When the government “shuts down”, nothing really shuts down. So saying people don’t want a shutdown when nothing really shuts down is just dimwitted.

They are turning government into a talisman, into a cargo cult. Aztecs had to sacrifice virgins to keep the sun coming up. Americans slaughter babies and don’t dare stop lest the White House tour guides be furloughed with back pay.
dp0622 is amazed conservatives are even a thing, with the media being so universally liberal:
Plus conservatives own almost NO major media so like the article said, the majority of people haven’t even seen or heard about the video. Nor do they know that NO PP clinics have mammograms. I didn’t know that until this article.

It’s amazing we win any elections with almost the entire press against us.
mbarker12474 wants to shut down the AP, somehow...
The Media. The Media. The Media.

Topple the Associated Press and things will change. Until then, bitching about Obama, Congress, Boehner, etc., is a waste of time.

Middle America’s worldview is that of the AP. Replace the AP.
TexasFreeper2009 takes the idea that a shutdown is needed as the only check on Obama to it's logical extreme:
Obama should threaten to shut the government down if congress doens’t pass a law forcing Trump to personally drive buses of illegal across the border. Or how about 100 billion being transfered to the Hillary for president campaign or he shuts the government down?

Why not? what’s to stop him? The RINO’s have already said they wont shut the government down no matter what, so why not just start asking for bat shit crazy stuff ?
Yeah, why hasn't Obama gone full Bond villain yet???

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  1. "If Obama were to shut down the government over PP funding, two thirds of the country would disapprove. The issue is not strategy, it’s messaging."

    note to wingnuts: jedi mind tricks work only in movies, as explained in 2013 by sickoflibs:

    "One problem with trying blame a shutdown on Dems is that Dems have archives of tapes of GOP members saying that they want the GOP to shutdown the government, and ya got freepers here posting the same themes.

    Dems tend not to go on record saying stuff like that."