Thursday, October 8, 2015

Poor Kevin McCarthy

I may be the only one, but I have some hope for the new speaker candidate. He may not be a legislative eagle, but he seems to be really good at forming a personal rapport with people. And he recruited a lot of the Freedom Caucus tea party folks. Such ego-stroking may be just what the Freedom Caucus needs to be a bit flexible. Of course, one the other side, it looks like the Freedom Caucus folks are going to refuse to give him the 218 he needs to become speaker.

So I think his odds are higher than anyone else in the house, but I think he's still screwed. Especially given how he accidentally noted that the Benghazi Committee's main accomplishment to date has been throwing a bunch of unsubstantiated mud at Hillary.

Freepers eagerly condemn the new heretic.

oldbrowser explains that the real purpose of the Benghazi committee is to show the truth about that evil, evil Hillary:
“The core Republican goal in establishing the Benghazi committee was always to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and never to conduct an evenhanded search for the facts.”

That and the idle curiosity about how and why four Americans including an ambassador were slaughtered like animals while our government watched.
Chgogal wishes McCarthy would have completely thrown any patina of objectivity aside and begun a frothing rage against Hillary. That woulda worked!
If I was McCarthy I would have double down.

“Damn right this is political. This is DC. Hillary got the Ambassador, a State Department staffer and two Navy SEALs killed. She lied about a video starting the terrorist attack, she and Obama arrested and jailed the video maker, she used an unsecured server, she emailed classified material over the unsecured server and she illegally deleted emails instead of turning the emails over to the State Department. Now this incompetent woman wants to be POTUS. Are you kidding me? The Republican Party is trying to save this country from the most inept, incompetent former Secretary of State to ever soil the threshold of the Department of State. And you can quote me on this.”

Now Hillary, Obama, Pelosi and Ried may not like the truth, but dammit, the families of the slain deserve to know the truth. The families deserve to know where Hillary and Obama were the night of 9/11/12. The families deserve to know why Obama did not lift a finger to rescue them or even attempt to rescue them. The American people deserve to know how truly inept and incompetent Hillary and Obama are. They deserve the truth. The Benghazi Select Committee is getting to the bottom of this tragic 9/11 event. If Truth is Political than so be it.”

Unfortunately, the weenie did not double down,
DannyTN wonders if McCarthy is actually working for Hillary:
Did McCarthy tell the truth? Or is he trying to help Hillary since it is clear none of the GOPe candidates will win?
John 3_19-21 is sure the Benghazi truth is gonna come out real soon...
My gut tells me Gowdy is getting to close to the truth. This smells of a kill the committee action to me.

First; rumours of Gowdy retiring next year, then McCarthy "fumbles" the ball on the one yard line.

Me thinks Gowdy is being warned to STFU.
newfreep weakly attacks the article's author:
EJD is THE MOST insanely stupid journolista...and that’s saying something.
huldah1776 just piles up the conspiracy theories:
Well, then bring down the White Hut by finding out about what really happened with Extortion 17. Did Hillary’s e-mails and server give their mission away?
Rome2000 takes issue with McCarthy's often...offbeat vocabulary:

Does not compute.


WASHINGTONIANS RAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rome2000 again, because no one captures Freepers' rage like he can:

You are AFRAID to fight the RNC and declare that DOUCHEBAG MCCARTHY UNFIT TO BE SPEAKER.

Don’t you have enough cash?

Stop being a pussy.


  1. McCarthy just dropped out. I guess he couldn't stomach the nutjobs

    1. Saw that.

      Looks a lot like the Freedom Caucus are refusing to vite for anyone not of their own.

      So if you're not one of the crazy folks, do ya give in? Hold out?

      Expect a pretty awesome post tonight!

    2. old curmudgeon: "I have been disgusted with Renee Ellmers, but she has done a great service to our nation. She screwed McCarthy out of the speaker ship."

    3. Oof, oh man!

  2. Here's a good one Oz.

    So the hero of the French terror attack is stabbed in California. Of course it's a "Mudslime" because Freepers like to jump to conclusions.

    Of course if it's not a Muzzy, it's okay if he's a black too.

    1. Or they'll just say he is a Gay Liberal on Anti-Depressant drugs called into action via microwave transmissions

    2. ...and of course we need Knife Control.

  3. Oh dear,

    Boehner to Stay On as Speaker Until Election

  4. Replies
    1. It just goes to show that no matter how ridiculous an anti-Obama rumor is, some on the right will uncritically believe it. Looks like Pammycakes took the article down in embarrassment. I wonder if Dim Jim Hoft fell for it, too.

    2. To: Nachum

      I don’t believe this claim.

      4 posted on 10/8/2015, 4:15:16 PM by DiogenesLamp ("of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty.") you know how fucked up something has to be for DiogenesLamp to say he doesn't believe it?!?

    3. "Well yeah, when the shooter is either black, half black, muslim, democrat, a crack head or Obama supporter it makes the cause look bad.

      23 posted on 10/8/2015, 4:26:02 PM by Slyfox (Will no one rid us of this meddlesome president?) "

      That should be the Freeper Madness quote!

    4. Lol. Freepers are so stupid!

    5. "From one of the commentators @ Geller's site:

      "This is why it is important to always include links to your sources, Pamela. This came from a joke site, NBC.COM.CO <-- See that .CO part?? FFS, the bottom of the site mentions "Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin". Propagating this kind of stuff makes "our side" look foolish."

      Yes, but please never stop doing it!

    6. what persona non grata such as we easily recognize as ridicule or satire, wingnuts already take as gospel. the more a story validates our biases (esp. our fears), the more likely it will slip past our skeptical filters. see: "truthiness".

  5. So they bitch about Congress being sold out to corporations, then they decide that corporations pay too much in taxes and have too much regulations, and that they should be able to donate as much money to elections as they want.

    How fucking stupid are freepers?

    1. In the dictionary under "cognitive dissonance" there's a link to Free Republic.