Friday, October 16, 2015

Spotlight Friday: WTFOVR

A frustrated 55-year-old tax evader from Nebraska with a Peruvian wife, when not demanding or fantasizing about his enemies getting killed, this Freeper is complaining about how he lives paycheck to paycheck because of the government and inflation. He's the definition of someone whose hate of others has blinded him to ways to help himself.

Because the Other is the cause of all his problems. Muslims, Spanish Speakers, the Pope, Washington DC, bad judges; they are all out to ruin his life, and they should all be killed.

Wait, Peruvian wife...Bilingual means disloyal....Hmmmmm. And that is not the only contradiction he evinces in the heat of the moment.

He's also passionately against contraception and non procreative sex, so his marriage is probably a bit interesting.

Trump will save us from judges we disagree with!
To hell with this judge.
To hell with those he is protecting.
To hell with those who are paying him off.
And to hell with this corrupt federal government.

I can barely wait for Donald Trump to become POTUS - and kick the living crap out of these treasonous bastards!
Not that he's settled on a candidate, you moron!
Earth to moron? Right back at you ... WTF makes you think I have settled on a candidate? Did I not assert the exact opposite?
Marco Rubio's bilingual nature reveals his evil plan!
He has an immigration plan - we all leave, they all come ...

He has a tax plan too - we all pay for them coming here.

Bilingual really means divided-allegiance ... Or in his case, one allegiance - to “the Race,” La Raza.
Though his wife is bilingual...and probably WTFOVR too.
Or as my Peruvian wife used to say (until I corrected her poor translation) “Are supposed to put the flag at half-assed?”
The Popes are all Freemasons!
Or Pope Saint Pius X, who fought the modernist heretics all the way to the mat. Cleaned the filthy bastards out of the Church ... Then along came Vatican II, John the XXII (a Freemason) and Paul VI (a Freemason AND a raging sodomite) - and everything when downhill from that point onward.
Washington DC created ISIS because they're all part of the Caliphate:
The District of Corruption is responsible, for reason that the elitist establishment, in both its corporate and political agencies, are a cabal of treasonous infiltrators, whose treachery includes:

Creating ISIS

Funding ISIS

Providing weapons and equipment to ISIS

Failing to take substantial military action against ISIS

Allowing agents of ISIS to secure various key positions within American government and industry

Bringing ISIS “refugees” into the U.S. so to wage jihad against this Republic, murder its citizens, and institute Sharia Law in the U.S.

Conclusion: The leaders, cronies, henchmen and sycophants ensconced within the District of Corruption, and its corporate subsidiaries, are owned and directed by the rapidly coalescing global Islamic caliphate; and therefore these agents should be terminated with extreme prejudice, so to preserve America’s existence.
Terminate with Extreme badass!
The phrase “Terminate With Extreme Prejudice” is looking the more plausible circumstance with each passing day. Perhaps the leaf shall turn - or not.
Also, lets all kill Obama:
Impeachment is the LAST thing you want to be inflicted upon the treacherous cocaine-snorting, Marxist, Muslim sodomite bastard ... Such an act would legitimize his presidency, and every legislative or executive action he signed into law or policy.


What we need is his forcible removal from office, preferably by civil authorities - but a military intervention would not be out of the question at this point. Barrack (Barry) Hussein Soetoro must be arrested, tried for treason; and, upon conviction, PUBLICLY EXECUTED by firing squad (or hanging) - and his body strung up for public display, as a warning to his enablers, accomplices, and admirers.
Soon, everyone will want to kill Obama!
Secret Service is gonna be REALLY busy ... They best learn how to drive a tank - because that is what they’re gonna need to get this treasonous, cocaine-snorting, Marxist, sodomite Muslim asshole to his next “event.”
Also kill McCain while we're at it:
Somebody needs to “shoo ... er uhm - “shut down” McCain.
And Soros!
So, are you saying it is impossible to assassinate Soros? Has anyone even made the attempt? ANYONE can be assassinated, no matter where they hide, no matter how many body guards they have - If somebody is determined to kill you, you will eventually catch a bullet. That is just the historical reality.

If George Soros, and his allies, are still breathing, it is only because others want the status quo to remain. Otherwise, Soros - and a host of other fools - would all be rotting corpses.
The Civil War Train:
I predict there will be a lot of dead Americans very, very soon. The Civil war train has left the station, and there is no power on Earth that can now stop it from reaching its destination.
So here is how Freepers might take out the army that will soon come for them:
An MRAP is easily defeated with a bucket of latex paint dropped on its windshield ... They cannot drive the thing if they cannot see out the bullet proof plexiglass. Similar use of “paint bombs” against the side windows ... And the crew of thugs inside is totally useless ... If they venture out of their steel box ... well, I should not need to tell you what you do next.
Doctors Without Borders? Glad you're dead!
Doctors Without Borders - the same bunch of clueless assholes that brought the Ebola virus over here ... Well, here’s my response to them that got wasted:

Glass parking lots...meh
We should have nuked Saudi Arabia off the map the day after 9/11 ... The House of Saud funded the attacks, and its Wahhabi theocratic government is as much behind global terrorism as is Iran. Both countries should be reduced to smoldering glass parking lots.
The usual tired Obama fanfiction:
This will make Obama very unhappy - so, he’ll probably snort a few extra lines of cocaine, have a few more trysts with some young boy prostitute, and then he’ll do a televise press conference so to express his displeasure that one of his musloid idols has been sent to that great camel dung pile in the sky.
Also not a fan of Mormons:
Mormons have minds?
The romance of the A-bomb:
Next time, dumbfks, use a nuclear bomb! If you want a group of terrorist ass-wipes D-E-A-D, then you gotta use nukes. That’s the only way to end the argument decisively.
If only we had a police state...
End welfare - ALL welfare ... Boot out the illegals at the muzzle of a rifle or the point of a bayonet ... Then tell the welfare queens,and their impregnators, to “go work in the fields, or go stave - we really don’t give a FK either way.”

If any farmer or rancher hires an illegal - fine him his entire worth, confiscate his property and auction it off to help pay for “THE WALL” - then strip him of his citizenship and throw him out of the country.

No mercy, no quarter. That is how you stop this crap.
The case against contraception:
A.) It takes two to tango

B.) It is the women who claim sovereign rights over their body - AFTER they have given themselves to the PROCREATIVE ACT of intercourse

C.) Condoms DO NOT PREVENT PREGNANCY, NOR STDs That is a very dangerous myth!

D.) Divorcing sex from the natural and INTENDED consequence of sex is THE reason why we now have “same-sex marriage” ... Once you separate the act from its natural and intended purpose, there is no longer any reason to hold that marriage is exclusive to a man and woman - Contraception reduces sex to nothing but selfish gratification, and act of mutual masturbation, where the arrangement of performers no longer matters.

Your wise not to “go there” with me ... You’d loose the argument - badly.
More anti-contraception trolling:
Oh, let me guess - I touched a nerve, eh - your conscience stinging a bit? It’s the “contraception” thing, right? Your “pro-life” as long as you always have recourse and access to birth control, in whatever convenient form.

Oh, no, you’d never consent to, or advise another to have, and “abortion.” No, because that would rip the mask off your pretense. You want to keep up that farcical front of being “pro-life” - as it gets you a big medal on your chest. Well, I hate to deflate your balloon (and your puffed up chest), but most forms of contraception prevent a FERTILIZED egg (newly created human life, that is) from implanting in the uterine wall ... And that is abortion by any other name. Sorry to break that reality to you - palsy.
There is no such thing as a peaceful illegal immigrant:
Peaceful illegal aliens - sort of like “peaceful Islam” ...

Another POS from one of the dung heap “nations” south of the border. These freaks will even kill you over a ice cream.

Yeah, sure - so bring in more of these Mexitrash retards and their like-minded worthless scum buckets from the rest of the South American sh*t hole ... And then augment the toxic flow with 200,000 Syrian “refugees” - aka ISIS recruits.

Self preservation and justice demand we put an end to this maniacal federal government, before they get us all killed.
And so long as we're generalizing, Muslim men are all gay pedophiles:
Muslim “men” are all homosexual predators - pederasts, in fact, who rape little boys and copulate with goats. That is the true face of Islam ... Mohamed was both a pederast and a pedophile. These people are sick beyond repair.
Makes you wonder how Muslims reproduce!

Anyhow, lets invade Mexico!
[T]he government of Mexitrash has been committing acts of subversion and war against the U.S. - w/o us firing a shot. I think it is time we invade Mexitrash - so to “take out” the trash, with “extreme prejudice.” Hey, El Presidente - I’ll wager you’re neither bullet proof nor immortal ... Let’s put it to the test, shall we? I’ll bet our Marines are better shots than your government-funded drug lords.
Only Putin nuking us will save America!
Possible Scenario:

1. Obama goes to aide of fellow Muslim Turkish prez and retaliates against Russia ...

2.) Russia nukes Washington, using 2 100 MT bombs, detonated at 3000’ above WH ...

3.) Washington reduced to smoldering 1400’ deep crater, 3 miles across ...

4.) Rest of America declares a national holiday in celebration.
I tell you true, the first response from me upon this decision was to refuse to further file a federal tax return - I held off my 2014 return until the decision was handed down - after which, I tore up the return. I can not stop my employer from deducting federal taxes - but I can take the maximum exemptions allowed by law, and then refuse to file a return.

I took the same action with the State of Nebraska ... That cowardly little surrender-monkey turd that we now have for a governor, Pete Ricketts - a supposed Catholic - gave the same spiel as Kasich. I suspected from the beginning of his candidacy that Ricketts was just a pompous and loud-mouthed empty suit, who spewed well-rehearsed talking points just like a “pull-string’ doll. My gut told me he was a complete phony .... His roll-over submissive puppy response to the black-robed oligarchs proved my suspicions correct.

To hell with all of them!

I'm so poor, thanks Obama!
When a dress shirt cost what you used to pay for a good watch, or a dinner for two ...

When a dinner for two now costs $70, plus tip ...

When a pair of Mexican made “Levis” jeans cost you $60, on sale! ...

When even a fkg cup of coffee and a donut now cost you nearly 5 bucks ...

When - after paying the cost of auto insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, property insurance, medical-dental insurance and the now insanely high deductibles, co-pay maximums (which you’ll now NEVER meet) ...

When you get your property tax bill, and then try to figure out whether you’ll need to take a bank loan to pay what you expect the IRS is going to allege you owe ...

YOU DON’T HAVE ANY SPARE CASH LEFT TO “SAVE” - b/c you are working to make sure your monthly income will at least be equal to your monthly expenses - and we ain’t talking about “living the life of Riley!”

There’s only so many ways you can dress up hamburger!
Well, I guess his protest ends at property taxes...


  1. Savagesusie is on a tear the last week or so...maybe she has not received her meds??

    1. It doesn't take a psychiatrist to see savagesusie is bipolar and/or manic depressive, among her many other mental problems.

    2. She said at one time her own kids thinks she is nuts

  2. If this tool were thrown into federal PMITA prison, I'd be soooo happy..

  3. He lets the government keep his tax refund, then is surprised that he has no money. Way to stiggit to 'em, dude!