Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hillary assassinates Biden's Presidential candidacy

I don't think many people thought Biden was going to run. I wasn't even going to cover it, but Freepers couldn't stop posting different ways they fit this little tidbit into their narrative of Hillary's sinister machinations.

ground_fog knows what this must mean!
this pretty much guarantees Hillary will get off Scott free with her crimes
fwdude may not have heard of this Bernie Sanders guy:
He’s the “wrong” race, “wrong” sex and “wrong” “sexual orientation.” What chance does he have as a DemonicRat?
Carl Vehse doesn't even bother to come up with much of a story:
HiLIARy made Crazy Joe a deal he couldn’t refuse.
Argus knows the FBI is in on it:
The fix is in - Clinton will be whitewashed by the FBI et al. If she really screws the pooch in the meantime, the convention can always turn to Biden by acclamation.
Zathras weaves a tale:
An agreement was made.
Hillary takes VJ on her staff. (OMG did I just type that)
Obama buries the FBI report.
Witness JLAGRAYFOX, using only '!!!' tries to switch from disappointment to enthusiasm in less then a sentence!
I was pushing Biden...because, he is the dumbest man in the universe.....but, at the end of the day, Hillary Clinton, will be crowned Queen of the life low, traitor Democrat Party!!! In fact, she will be much easier to beat then Biden and the Obama Democrat vermin that would have pushed him!!!

Clinton, now has no competition, and she will get lazy, evil, hateful, listless, dull & boring as time moves on!!! If Donald Trump gets the GOP nod...he will slaughter Clinton politically as well as devastate and destroy the current Democrat Party vermin!!!
GrandJediMasterYoda is one of a dozen of Freepers who posted short sentences with one word:
He was reminded of Arkancide.
GrandJediMasterYoda doesn't get how his brother can make a sober assessment of the election devoid of cheerleader:
My brother is betting she will win the Presidency, not because he likes her, he hates her guts, but he knows the fix is in.
Hehe, JustaCowgirl thinks Trump drove Biden out:
He doesn’t want to spar against Trump, knowing he would be ripped to shreds.
Vigilanteman thinks Biden is playing the long game:
He's doing a Paul Ryan thing. Ryan really doesn't want to be Speaker of the House, but he will accept it under certain conditions.

And Br'er Rabbit really didn't want to get thrown into the brier patch.
allendale is stretching real hard to get his preferred villain into the race:
The departure of the grinning dunce leaves only the corrupt, alcoholic lesbian and the old socialist commissar in the field. still time for the pompous narcissist Kerry or the not of this planet, weird Brown to jump in. Actually would not be surprised to see Hillary drop out, Sanders to withdraw for “health reasons” and Kerry drafted by desperate Democrats.
seawolf101 thinks the Democrats are on the way down, but on the way they're probably going to win the Presidency:
The democrats are on a downward spiral and they don’t realize it. Eventually it will catch up with them. Unfortunately they will have such a devastating impact on the USA that it will take a long time to recover if ever. The level of corruption of the Obozo administration has reached epic proportions. The top criminal will win their nomination and possibly the presidency. May God help us all.
cuspofcommonsense is still banking on martial law:
Hillary goes to prison.
Trump & Sanders are only candidates for election.
False flag event occurs, all elections put on hold and
“O” & Crazy Uncle Joe rule forever . . .
Wolfie has about the right attitude re: Benghazi:
Benghazi will haunt Hillary for the rest of the campaign.

Her Presidency too. Both terms.


  1. Just like when Hillary killed Tim Russert. And before that when she killed Vince Foster.

    1. and hillary killed cecil -- that one's unforgivable!

    2. Was that a "parkancide"?