Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

boycott explains that Trump is running without ego, unlike that maniac Hillary:
I feel like Hillary is running for Hillary — first woman president and that sort of stuff. Most everything about her campaign so far is about her.

Trump is running for people like me — Make America Great Again.
Terry L Smith seems to be trying to re-purpose racist slurs to be broad-spectrum...
All the porch monkeys, in all the colors of the rainbow, are sucking this country dry, slowly.
originalbuckeye thinks every single American is being blackmailed, I guess?
I guess the Democrats have dirt on EVERYBODY in the whole country. Maybe we should figure out a way to destroy that big facility in Nevada, where all that dirt is stored. Or maybe we could just raid it and get the dirt on the Democrats. how does Taxman know they LIE?
NOTHING the LIEberals have to say interests me.


I’ll pass — not worth wasting my time.
The almost manic HarleyLady27 explains her committed singleness by relating how a friend of hers once saw a hot dude kiss another guy!!
There are so many ‘girly men’ around a friend of mine told me of a ‘bar night’ she had...a good looking male was sitting at the bar, she with her friends, flirting, he bought her a drink, never approached her, and in walks another male and up to this guy and they kiss, she said she just about threw up right there...she hasn’t went to that bar since...

I been married twice, had a boy friend for 17 years, that ‘s enough for me ... living my life by myself now....
lapsus calami relates the Democratic debate, though Freeper eyes:
5 outlaws publicly discussing how they're going to pull off a heist.
Shhh! GraceG is a secret Freeper...
I’ve been careful enough to plant enough plausible deniability in my the minds of my family member they think i am undecided learning towards liberalism.

The moment they start pointing fingers at people for being conservative they will get a knife in their own backs figuratively speaking.
At first I thought batterycommander was joking. But then he went on...
Grissom was slamming the Apollo capsule as a lemon. They never landed on the moon. It was a hoax. It was filmed at a sound stage at Area 51 by Hollywood producers. Werner von Braun knew that THEY WOULD NOT SUCCEED. He went to Antarctica to fetch some “moon rocks” before the moon mission
Does everyone have a favorite Freeper? Diogenesis's persistent oddly formatted delusions makes him mine, I think. Here, he thinks Obama is sabotaging our carriers so their anti-missile tech sucks:
When the carrier group jets finally have insufficient range
to take out the Silkworms, the Iranian navy and the
White Mosque may die laughing as the American carriers sink.

For the White Mosque, the laughs will be the same
as when the World Trade towers went down.
Thunder90 is pretty sure every bad guy ever is in Syria right now:
Chinese PLA special forces are also now in Syria, according to many reports. Venezuelan and Nicaraguan forces are likely attached to the Cubans, and CIS troops (Belarus and Kazakh) to the Russian force.
Sioux-san explains how the hard left's plans protocols are well hidden, because they're centuries long:
The Clintons have always been on the hard Left ideologically, but that group is very patient, taking about 100 years to get where we are today. Bill has never been made to account for his time in the USSR while a student at Oxford. Who paid for that trip? A po’ boy from Arkansas? The Clintons are willing tools, bought and paid for by the NWO/Globalist/Leftie Oligarchs.
Mariner seems to unironically love Hitler's philosophy:
I had to read Mein Kampf in College.

I don't know who actually wrote it, but heard that Hitler dictated to one of his cronies in prison.

It was actually brilliant.
I read some parts of Mein Kampf in high school, and found it unimpressive. Maybe Mariner got a better translation...

lentulusgracchus explains that Obama is one of those agents of both Putin and Allah:
Obama must be an agent of Putin’s.

O was raised in a communist circle in Hawaii and Indonesia, and came to power through the Communists in Chicago.

His handler, Valerie Jarrett is a Communist.

Putin plays O like a puppet—now we know why O will not confront Putin on Syria.

Instead he deflects on the subject in a way that is totally disconnected from reality.

Disagree slightly.

Obama is VERY connected to reality -- Putin's reality, and Obama's reality of damaging America and (he hopes) destroying Israel while leaving no fingerprints on the deed.

No, Obama's deflections and fronting-off are not "disconnected".
Logical me thinks the vast majority of Americans are mentally ill:
Impeach should happened during his first term. He always was mentally ill and two thirds of Americans are equally sick to not see what he is. A complete sick nitwit.
Teacher317 reveals that America is already a Muslim state!
Ummm, the Lefties are already taking down monuments and statues, just like ISIS does... we are starting to get Muslim rape gangs (RI and Michigan)... Muslim facilities are being installed on every university campus and airport... exactly what else needs to happen?
CivilWarBrewing's clearly a master tactician:
Russia will defeat ISIS, thus dominating the Middle East and thereby replace the United States as world’s #1 superpower. 0dungo says ‘Mission Accomplished’!
So, according to TBP, I guess we're currently experiencing some sorta double Holocaust?
Obamacare, of course, is proving to be as bad as predicted.

kearnyirish2 is teaching her sons racism:
One of my sons asked me, when feral blacks were looting on TV in Baltimore or Ferguson (all the same to me), why they did it; I responded that they did it because they knew white people would clean everything up and fix everything. The next morning, as if on cue, a white guy was flat-bedding a burned car out of the war zone.


  1. HarleyLady27 is the rule rather than the exception on FR ... long history of failed relationships.

    1. sounds like #3 knew better than to buy the cow when the milk was free ...

  2. You would think if God's plan of heterosex and procreation was as perfect as they go on and on about, these paragons of conservative virtue would have figured out how to get it right without blaming something or somebody else for their failures.