Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Muslims are coming for your daughters

Ain't much to this. Freepers try to figure out how the canard that all the refugees from Libya and Iraq are men with the idea that they will outbreed us all. You can tell they've not thought it out too hard.

Logical me fears that Obama will soon give Order 66, and the American Muslims will rise!
King Obama is a Muslim and right from before President he wanted to destroy America. He is bringing these ISIS radicals in to the US. He will spread this destructive force throughout America. I fear at a given command they will kill. King Obama is a communists black Muslim terrorists.
Roman_War_Criminal has been seeing a suspicious number of swarthy folks lately...
BTW, I think the ‘official’ numbers of ‘refugees’ is a load of horse poop. We might well have 30M+ next year.

Who knows.

I’ve noticed A LOT more ME types in my area over the past year or so. I’m not talking a few——more like hundreds.

We were about as diverse as rural Iowa too.

You are probably right.
Dilbert San Diego posits a seduction plan:
is the plan to seduce/indoctrinate native females in the countries they send these men to??? I’m taking for granted that any children born to them would of course be raised to be good Muslims. But wondered where do you get the willing females to do that job???
alloysteel knows our women will fall for Islamic charms. Or rape:
The females, being of weak convictions and without any internal moral guidance, shall succumb quickly to the charm and courtly behavior of these Noble Islamic Gentlemen, who so gallantly offer to protect them and secure their futures.

Or submit to rape and literal enslavement, whichever occurs first.
JEDI4S has an odd theory:
They are going to convert our “lesbian” women to straightism as well as mohamheadism or else.

Simple plan for simple folks.
Jim 0216 hopes that Texas will resist this inevitable tide of rape and seduction:
There must be a state that will not be bribed into slavery and overthrow. There’s got to be one. Maybe those who are willing to fight the feds, our #1 enemy, and the Muslim invaders, our #2 enemy, need to collect in a state like Texas and recall all Texas officials who are traitors, elect those who stand by the Constitution and state sovereignty, reject the bribes and stand and fight.


  1. News for Jim0216 ...
    More muslims live in Texas than any other state, ha ha.

  2. si, si! only los teyas can repel the gringo invaders ...

  3. be afraid, google ... be very afraid!

    "After getting another attack site warning subsequent to telling Firefox to allow Free Republic, I went to the "Submit Badware" page and attempted to post the below wake up call. The site refused to let me post, saying my Captcha spam filter entry was incorrect a dozen times after I typed it in correctly a dozen times. This attack on Free Republic may be an illegitimate or Google rogue operation and should be looked into.

    ===== There is NO malware at this site. Take it off your badware list. Your miscategorizing of this conservative news site can be construed as political suppression and will result in an investigation by the same demographic that is suing the IRS for similar types of suppression."

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    2. That one is deserving of the Neil deGrasse Tyson "we've got a badass" reaction meme. Ironically, of course.

    3. Which demographic is going to 'investigate'? Old white wrinklebag xenophobic racists?

  4. Huckabee is pandering to the FReeper types. Sorry, Mike, you lost a long time ago. Still got (some) hope for VP!

  5. Knarf on chips in credit cards.

    Come quickly, Jesus