Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

ProtectOurFreedom finds it super significant that Hillary called it 'Indianoplace' in an e-mail once.
Fox wrote “Oops” in the headline? This was no typo or goofy autocorrect. It’s the arrogant beltway intelligentsia intentionally belittling the true America. She’s of a mind with Obama making belittling bitter clingers.
Qiviut hates his friends:
What I am waiting for is the day when my liberal acquaintances, who are RABIDLY (capitalized on purpose) opposed to anyone owning a gun & have told me to my face they want to confiscate mine & those of everyone else, come face to face with the ferals and cannot defend themselves. Talking about “feelings” is not going to save them & frankly, neither will I.
arthurus thinks the 2nd Amendment allows no exceptions, even for crazy people:
Actually, the 2nd Amd, being absolute does not make exceptions for mentally unstable people so long as unstable people are people. The only exceptions could be under the involuntary servitude provision of the 13th amendment, in other words incarcerated prisoners, maybe.
The Sons of Liberty loves him some Russian special forces, and indiscriminate killing:
End of ISIS? Putin sends in his most ruthless special forces killers to finish off jihadis

THAT's how you put an end to ISIS! Not with a bunch of lawyers and punishing soldiers who stop child rapists!

To the russkies: "Kill 'em all and let GOD sort 'em out!
kjam22 has at least figured out Obama's Muslim motivations:
Clearly the United States got NOTHING out of this deal. There has to be a reason Obammy did this. His take away was that the Shiites working with Russia would leave his Sunni buddies ISIS alone while they worked to gain control of Syria and Iraq. In return he gave Iran the bomb and agreed to help them if they are attacked. Guaranteeing their safety as SHIA in an expanding SUNNI region. What he didn't count on was being double crossed by Putin and Iran who took the US concessions and then went after ISIS anyway. And what is Obama gonna say about it?? There's nothing he can say.

That's my take on it....

Understanding Obama is Sunni, like most of the middle east.
tillacum wonders which Marxist invented seperation of church and state??
Something is haywire in our country, when we use the phase “separation of church and state” That is a phrase straight out of the Communist Manifesto.
I think DungeonMaster's daughter was just screwing with him:
13ish years ago my daughter got her first job at Red Lobster. She was really surprised at how many people identified themselves as socialists and communists. So was I actually. There were also a lot of Sodomites.
Romans Nine thinks racism is over:
I never hear “nigger” anymore except by blacks.

Sorry to tell the race baiters but cultural racism on behalf of whites towards blacks has been dead for many years. Now black on white racism is getting ginned up since the Obama administration has decided it needed a distraction for other nefarious actions.
the_individual2014 gets his reality from video games:
Forgive me but this sound like something out of Deus Ex, which some of what happened in that game is happening now, scary.
Trump likes eminent domain, so goldstategop explains why big government taking over property rights is awesome:
The developer is paying market value for the property.

Eminent domain is often used to acquire property for public improvements.

In the long run, every one benefits.
Liz explains how Trump's genius messed up the Clintons evil money making scheme:
The Clintons are pretty cunning and figured they had the future sewn-up .....w/ their nefarious plan to hijack the US Treasury for themselves and their cronies.....but they could not have foreseen:

<><>Donald Trump who knows where a lot of bodies are buried---who is not afraid to say anything about anybody (God only knows what he's got stored-up for Hillary).

<><> Beau Biden's (/snix) "death wish" to have his Dad run for president. Joe knows he gets a lot of mileage w/ that phony story.

<><> Revelations from Schweizer's "Clinton Cash."
DrDude on the Hillary-Obama shadow war
Obama wants the money. He will not stop until he gets it. He would love to shut down the Gov’t. He would love for the Clinton foundations to fold. He just can’t do anything until he takes his money. Hillary won’t pay up. If she wins the election, Obama is toast. Hillary has no shame. Obama can’t shut down the elections. Je needs Hillary gone. The way to do that would be to charge her. Seize all the Clinton Foundations accounts and business records(includes emails). There is no way Hillary could proceed. This is easier said than done. Obama may be Chicago Politicas but the Clinton Machine would run him over.

Stock Market is artificial. There is 45% real unemployment. Everything will collapse if Hillary has to bail at the last minute. We will be a third world country. If Hillary leaves now with a big chcunk of her hidden money the rest of of may have a chance to survive.
4Runner is sure every single country knows all Hillary's secrets by now:
Every foreign spy agency on earth already has in its possession the content of all of this idiot bitch’s emails and has already acted upon that information to the detriment of the security of the U.S. and possibly costing the lives of countless agents in place. We are the last ones to know the extent of the damage done and as far as I am concerned that’s just the way she wanted it. Why isn’t she in jail?
VanDeKoik does not care much about Biden's multiple personal tragedies:
Biden can go run for governor of Delaware then.

The world is in too much trouble to vote for a guy because he has dead family members.

SJSAMPLE straight up blames Biden's first wife for getting herself killed:
Joe’s wife was a SHITTY driver and killed herself and their newborn. Joe continues to blame the helpless truck driver who had to live with Mrs. Biden’s mistake. Even claimed that the driver “drank his lunch” during the 2008 campaign, even though that was proven FALSE.
Arthur McGowan's comment has a bunch of problems...
This notion that ISIS fighters could get into the U.S. is preposterous. These conspiracy theorists probably have dreamed up all sort of wacko scenarios, like a Muslim shooting people on a college campus or something. Maybe even killing people specifically because they’re Christian.

These Alex Jones wacko conspiracy theorists really ought to be locked up.
Zionist Conspirator is not optimistic about the future:
By the time 1/20/’17 comes around, Barack Obama will be Emperor. And no one will do a d@mn thing about it.


  1. "The only exceptions [to the right to bear arms] could be under the involuntary servitude provision of the 13th amendment, in other words incarcerated prisoners, maybe."

    1. This tyrannical Obama regime is keeping incarcerated prisoners away from their God-given guns.

  2. mmm ... hamburgers

    fieldmarshaldj: "Dent should stop with the pretense and switch parties. He already votes like a Democrat and is big on hamburgerizing the unborn."

  3. freepers need to make up their minds ...

    drdude: "Obama can’t shut down the elections."

    zionist conspirator: "By the time 1/20/’17 comes around, Barack Obama will be Emperor."

    1. And then, when the elections happen on time, they'll tell us it was because President Obama was top afraid of Freepers to cancel them.