Thursday, October 8, 2015

Whose next for the meat grinder?

Welp, so much for McCarthy

In 1855 the Whigs' dissolution lead to a bunch of parties, and no one could gather a majority for any of the Speaker of the House candidates. In the end the House had to change the rules to allow a plurality, and the Republicans' candidate got in.

Such seem to be the times we're in now. Boehner's out. Then the second in command suddenly withdrew presumably due to Tea Party intransigence. I saw an amusing ad:
Speaker of the House

Pros: 3rd in Line for the Presidency
Cons: Everything else. 

Freepers, whose only victories seem to be over their own party lately, celebrated very briefly. But as is always the case, blood calls for blood, and they are now howling for another scalp - McConnell, for Boehner to be forced out sooner, and most of all for Paul Ryan, Boehner's latest choice, who has turned it down twice now but seems the last hope... Best. Soap Opera. Ever.

conservativegranny is not a fan of Ryan:
Paul Ryan would be like John Boehner without the spray tan.
Mamzelle is seeking the humility of a Cruz or Trump:
I sense.a lot of vanity in Ryan. He’s probably fooling around, too
Secret Agent Man remembers Ryan worked with the hated Romney!
Fuch paul ryan.

I am done with him. Fricking romney ass kissing clone.
Amusingly, DannyTN laments that Ryan tried to cut social security and Medicare.
Ryan’s whole attitude on the budget was wrong.

He was determined to cut the budget until it was balanced, when the problem is that the economy is in the doldrums and there are way too many people unemployed.

Fix the economy and you don’t have to go after the commitments we’ve made in social security and Medicare.
Ohhhh, fix the economy. Why didn't I think of that??

griswold3 wants a speaker more willing to disrespect Obama and look like a loon:
Sorry, but when Obama put Ryan in the front row of his budget speech, bitch slapped him and Ryan did not respond, that shows lack of leadership. He Shoulda turned the tables on the Chump in Chief full bore!
ncalburt - "Paul La Raza Ryan"
Ryan may be worse.

That Paul La Raza Ryan is a Huge Liar mocked everyone who stated that TPP was a cheap foreign labor Scheme.
As it turns out TPP is a cheap foreign labor scheme.

Ryan needs to be tar and feathered and drag thru Potomac .

He is fully owned by Adelson , the Las Vegas cheap labor Lib billionaire !
bestintxas only trusts Southerners:

Have enough of Hasterts and Boehners.
RushIsMyTeddyBear has the Freeper consensus, along with Allen West:
Bring back Newt.
But leave it to Yosemitest to be crazier than your average Freeper:
Time for a Louie Gohmert takeover !
Is EternalVigilance the latest to go nihilist?
The red pill, the blue don’t matter much. Same poison in all of ‘em.
Boehner's going to stay on until a choice is made. lapsus calami will not have that!
Vacate the Chair and force a vote.

DITTO - begone Corrupt Crying Cheeto - stop gumming up the works, bedeviling our system. That needs to be the next task for the House - get that bum out, NOW
And so the Freeper types' latest victory has damaged the GOP, and lead only to more targets for their anti GOP rage. With friends like these...Hehe.


  1. Freepers, whose only victories seem to be over their own party lately

    I'm fine with this!

  2. 2015 has been a great year for fans of FR's insanity. It's been getting better and better. And next year is 2016.

  3. Me, I am the next. :) In search for the new one.