Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Potpourri

annieokie think Hillary's hand gestures are very Hitlerian:
She strikes the same pose and hand gestures as Hitler. Her face shows the same disdain for people as Hitler showed.
Did I say Hitlerian? clearcarbon corrects me:
Future generations of Americans will refer to the obamian character of their native villains.
Donated to Obama? DiogenesLamp thinks you need to go to jail:
I predict that when this nightmare of corruption and idiocy is out of office, revenge minded law enforcement officials are going to launch investigations out the wazoo in an effort to give Obama and cronies some much needed payback.

I predict once again that the only way the entire Obama cabinet stays out of Prison is if the next President deliberately lets them get away with their crimes.

I think Obama needs to go to prison. I think his staff needs to go to prison. Everyone who received his government funded kickbacks need to go to prison. (Solyndra, etc.) Everyone who donated money to his campaign needs to go to prison. Everyone who supported him in the media needs to go to prison.

We just need to throw a whole lot of human garbage into the Prison system.
HomerBohn heard Hillary had a beer after the Benghazi hearing, and went off:
She is so evil, words are not yet invented that would describe her.

After guzzling her bloated self sick and in a profuse sweat, she crawled under the sheets with Huma for a well deserved period of sack time.
HomerBohn again, laying out a political cartoon
How about one with Hitlery and Billy Goat sitting atop a pile of dead bodies with the caption: ‘We’d never made it to the top if y’all had lived.’

Have Vince Foster’s corpse sitting between them with his dead arms around their shoulders.
Lazamataz seems to have found apocalyptic meaning in religion:
With the muzzle in chief about to vacate the Oval Office, NASA will now return to it’s original intent, planetary exploration and launching crews into the the Great Out There.

You seem to not understand what has happened, and what will happen.

This is way bigger than Obama.

In fact, the powers and principalities are the struggle between God and the Enemy.
WENDLE was on fire this week, finding the super important detail in the 11 hour Benghazi hearing:
I want a complete and independent physical examination of this woman who would be PRESIDENT. She fell down “for no reason” and suffered what her rapist husband called “SEVERE BRAIN CONCUSSION” . We need a warrior for president not a sick old woman!! Yesterday she almost went into shock coughing . They had to break 10 minutes to allow her to recover. HILLARY IS A SICK OLD WOMAN!!
WENDLE on the scientists' hoax that Mars has flowing water, and gravity:
Total fantasy like “flowing water on Mars” I heard today the Mars has no gravity ( No IRON CORE )and that solar winds blow everything off. The “flowing water” scam is to make work for NASA. It was timed to come out just before the star wars fantasy movie that was made from this fantasy book.
Secret Agent Man is pretty sure Obama's high all the time:
i wonder what its like to be president and baked all the time. hell i dont even blame him, hes married to mooch and her fricking mother is always there.
RetiredTexasVet makes an odd accusation of secular Jews:
secular Jews are as bad as the anti-Semites in many cases.
867V309 is really excited Trump gave a speech from a place he owned:
It is so cool Trump owns the venue for his own event! Total control, keep out the South Florida riff-raff. Uniperversion never got its video bite. HA!
11th_VA is concerned by Obama's dictatorship by veto:
He really has become a dictator, and the Democrats are fine with that. Rather than compromise, they can sit back and let Obama veto everything, and never extend a hand to overturn his vetos. And all the while "claim" the GOP will not compromise. The media will 'run interference' for the Rats and never call it what it is. A pure and simple Dictatorship ...
ZULU has gone deep into the FOX News middle school rumors:
Brit Hume’s opinion demonstrates what kind of mental damage comes from an affair with Megan Kelly. He is a RINO. Hates Sarah Palin, who could beat Kelly in a personality or beauty contest any day. But I guess when you look like Hume you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel is Kelly was down there, plastered to the floor.
Rome2000 knows no investigation is truly over, if you believe:
A closed investigation means NOTHING.

As long as no charges were filed and no indictments rendered, ALL of these left wing marxist conspirators are subject to CRIMINAL PROSECUTION WHEN THE DOJ IS NOT RUN BY THE THE CPUSA.

Lois Lerner and her fellow travelers might be popping champagne corks tonight, but the TRUMP regime will put hemm BEHIND BARS where they belong.
Bob434 remains hopeful about the Benghazi circus:
11 hours wasted time with NO outcome!!!

Don’t write it off so quick- the republicans ALLOWED her to ramble on and on and on for a purpose- so that she would be caught in lie after lie, and so that the FBI would have more e3vidence against her when she lied- the investigation isn’t over- and she opened herself up to even more serious charges against her
annieokie is pretty excited about that time when Hillary didn't have a tab in her notes:
That was a great discovery moment, NO TAB (funny). She was not prepared for this and it stunned her into reality, which of course unnerved her for a bit.

Very telling moment and one I'm sure did not go unnoticed by the Committee. It hit a nerve. Every time they hit a nerve SHE got very testy with them.

What I saw with this testimony was DISCOVERY, nothing more and nothing more was intended. They got plenty, she won nothing.
caww thinks America has been replaced by Dracula or something:
Looks like America’s pretty much walked out the door and ‘something” else altogether has taken over to suck the life out of what’s left.........(sigh)
Mamzelle is trying hard to make a gay cake something real:
Christian bakers have to bake cakes with homosexual decorations.
Art in Idaho seems to have skipped every President since the first:
I'm an American, I'm still Free and I shall Resist.

My leader is this guy, not Obama:

[George Washington.jpg]

Keep pushing, keep Abusing, C'mon, Bring it On!
HarleyLady27's been reading World Net Daily again...
So what I have been reading here means that anyone who voices objection to obuma and what he is and has done and is going to do is a ‘terrorist’ and will be dealt with...

Meaning that he is going to enact martial law before the election to keep himself in power and become the Dictator of America...the whole purpose of living the life he was brought up by his mentors to be...

Taking away the second amendment is just the thing to crush our Constitution and America will be no longer what we have enjoyed in the will become another ‘Hilter’ state...

I didn't ever think I would live to see this day come, knowing what I have been taught and knowing what the Bible has told me...I have no words at this time except God please bless America and all the people that love her...
dfwgator endorses an actual political assassination:
Mr. Weiss did a great service to this country, I think Long may very well have become POTUS.
Bulwyf thinks the Canadian bill of rights is the worst thing:
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms was the single worst thing to happen to Canadians. It’s an illegal document in all honesty.

I wonder if the Americans will be upset if I borrow their original Constitution for the forming of a new country in the west?
pallis thinks politics is where you get the women:
Wanna’ be a rock star...? Play politics; make the groupies swoon. It’s all about pop, not substance.
Dilbert San Diego isn't racist, but he wants segregated schools:
Some will call us racist. But the fact is, when you get too many blacks in a school, a “tipping point” of sorts is reached, and quality of education suffers.

Teachers in such schools tell us that they spend more time on discipline, which takes time away from instruction, that they have to spend extra time with students who have lagged behind, or deal with things such as kids who don’t do homework. And just fall behind grade level.

I read somewhere, don’t remember where, but an older black man wrote, that he feels he got a better education in the Jim Crow segregated schools of the south, than the education in these mostly black schools today.
Yaelle thinks Hillary will come out of the closet soon:
Can’t you imagine Hillary sobbing on camera in the touching interview where maybe they bring out the other old fossil Barbara Walters, smear the lens with Vaseline, and have Hillary tell the story of how she was forced to marry a good friend, Bill Clinton, because back in the dark ages it was not accepted to be a Member of the LGBT community. Talk about Must See TV. Bombshell. Shocking News. Hillary tells all about her Rainbow Struggle and why she has kept it secret after all these years. And now in 2015 finally she can Be Who She Was Meant To Be.

Bernie can’t top that even if he scrubs his skin on national TV and the white color is shown to be paint. No one can trump the Gay card.
Even after the disastrous hearing, CivilWarBrewing is still dwelling on Benghazi:
I want the unvarnished TRUTH as to WHAT WAS THE U.S. DOING IN BENGHAZI??? After 3 YEARS, we STILL don't know the answer to that question!!!

Also, WHO were the attackers and WHY did 0bama fail to actively go after them? Were the attackers the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD assigned by Morsi/Hillary to take Stevens hostage to be later used by Morsi to gain the release of the Blind Sheik before the election?

Truth29 equates two evils that only Freepers can see:
I will never understand two things - how Democrats can lie so easily and how the media can cover for them WHEN SHE IS ON TAPE DOING THAT EXACT THING! They must think the American people are totally stupid!

Sorta like Muslims.
XenaLee explains that the Freeper majority is being kept down by Satan:
We are NOT the minority. You have allowed yourself to be fooled. Make no mistake....these leftist cretins are the minority.....somehow ruling and over-ruling us, the majority. The only question is...why are we letting them get away with it? It would be so easy for us to exert our influence and defeat them. America is still, despite all the propaganda, mostly Christian. So the question is...why don’t we stop them?

The answer to that pertinent question is the same as the question is....supernatural is the answer. Only God knows why, at this point. Well...maybe, God and his nemesis.
Sweet jesus, Psalm 144's attacks on Jeb are at maximum racism:
Columba Boosh - “¿Que? ¡Mi no haf las ropas! ¡Ees all mine, ai chinga—! ¿Ah, yo no se? No hablar Inglees... ¿Donde es mi esposo?”

Jorge Pee Boosh - “¿Papi, he ees like un padrone, si? He make the federales hees beech, man. I climb in dat beeches window, si? Ju KNOW what I’m gonna do, vato, so just speedos an’ attitude man, that is what I take wit me. No charge, no nutteenk, an’ now I take back the Alamo, piece at a time, ¿si? ¡Smoke eet, gringo peones!”

Noelle Boosh - “¿Hunnhh....? Unh.... ¿Huhhhh?”

Yebbi Boosh - “¡Unh! ¡Unh! ¡Unh! Mi papi... he ¡Unh! weel feex eet... ¡Unh!¡Unh!¡UNHHH!”

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