Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Pix

Mitch McConnell - tyrannical villian.
Mitch McConnell - feckless weakling.
If I didn't see it daily, I wouldn't believe this is something people believed.
A Union general?!
Smart money's on this guy to get the nod. Will be awesome.
The falsest prophets don't even claim to be prophets.
The Putin boner is back, guys!
In defending guns, Freepers disproved all laws again!


  1. If small penis syndrome wasn't real, there would be no guns

  2. This is why I read Freeper Madness. Things like this are so funny.

    "Will conservative web sites like Free Republic be the TARGET of US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell?"

    Freepers, breathe easy. You are safe. Nobody cares about your little web site.

    1. Romney guy here!

      I met exactly ONE Freeper during the 2012 race.

      I bounced him quicker than you can say "liability."

      He's probably still bitching about how we could have won would it not been for people like me. (ie: sane people).

  3. Nobody cares, except the half dozen of us who post about them here daily. And we don't want their little web site to go away. It's too amusing!

    1. Agreed. If I ever genuinely thought the griftathon was going so badly that FR was in danger of shutting down I might even consider contributing myself[1]. Comedy gold like FR would be tough to replace in my browsing habits.

      [1] But probably not really since I know griftathons finance Olive Garden lunches, not servers.

  4. If small penis syndrome wasn't real, there would be no guns

  5. Freepers don't like the new Colbert show -

    "The last time I watched 'The Late Show' Steve Allen was the host."

    "He’s a greasy, smirking little four-eyed ****.
    If/when the SHTF, before I lend a hand to anyone in trouble I’m going to make time to first ask,
    'So. What do you think of Steve Colbert?'
    Think fast pilgrim."

  6. Bitter clingers. Bitter talentless, humorless clingers.

  7. Greenfield: It's Time to Treat Doctors Without Borders as a Terrorist Organization

    1. So a Doctors Without Borders hospital is bombed by America and they're terrorists because they were upset that they were bombed and turned to the media?!

      That's bizarre!