Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday Pix

Fear of black cocks in TYoOL 2015 is hilarious to me.
Fear the totally real Young Communist League!
I'm not sure why either.
The New York Post would have a much better headline.
Man, if only the Presidency had a pissy sitcom dad...wait, what? 
It's not cultish when we do it!
Needs more eagles.
Red-bating in service of a populist authoritarian...when has that ever ended badly?


  1. Tragedy in Stillwater OK. Driver crashes into homecoming crowd at a high rate of speed, being charged with DUI.

    Driver was a white 20something female. Freepers try very very hard to decide how she could be a mooselimb, jihadist, illegal alien, etc....

    I like re-nortex's comment #105 "Looks a lot like a light-skinned mooselimb to me. They're not all necessarily swarthy. The eyes are very much like those of a satanist. And, of course, allah is just another name for satan."

    Interesting a couple of freepers try to be rational about everyone immediately blaming muslims, they are shushed;page=1

  2. They certainly are having trouble whipping up a lynch mob for a po' white gal from Oklahoma. Dare I say perhaps they have discovered pity or empathy, when she could have been one of their own? You know, like "Obama's sons"?

  3. Even beyond the usual off hand racism found all over FR ...
    in this thread, wardaddy (among others) delves into straight out calls for white supremacy.

    1. Good ol' Southern boy wardaddy, eh?

      I'm not the least bit surprised.

      I always suspected he was a KKK member. This at the very least proves that he sympathizes with them.

    2. Classy Laz:

      To: SaveFerris

      Note to future generations: Never leave your old obsolete farm tools lying around.

      32 posted on 10/25/2015, 8:05:35 AM by Lazamataz (Ok. We won't call them 'Anchor Babies'. From now on, we shall call them 'Fetal Grappling Hooks'.)
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  5. "It is very interesting that evidence of written human records goes back as far as about 5000 years but no further. This says a lot about the Biblical truth of the Noah flood that wiped everything out except for Noah and his family and the animals. Doesn’t really directly point to Adam but does verify Biblical accuracy."